17 July 2024
Hewlêr: A civilian was killed and 3 others injured, as result of Turkish attack in the vicinity of Hewlêr (Erbil) Governorate, Kurdistan Region (KRG). It was confirmed that they were residents of the Mexmûr refugee camp
An unidentified drone targets a car near Haybat Sultan mountain in Koya, resulting in one fatality and three injuries
9 month ago
The Turkish airforce has carried out an airstrike on Makhmour refugee camp in Iraq, elderly woman has been injured
Iranian Foreign Minister: Israel's war against Gaza targets all Palestinians, not just Hamas
Amid recent developments in Palestine, specifically in Gaza, Iran FM is expected to visit Iraq on Thursday, @IranNuances has learned. preparations are underway for more trips by Iranian FM to some other regional countries
Soran. Fire breaks out in gas station
According to local sources, this evening, a Turkish citizen was killed by a gunman affiliated with the PKK in the Sangasar district of Rania, within the Sulaymaniyah province. He had been working in a salon in the city of Sulaymaniyah.9 month ago
According to local sources, this evening, a Turkish citizen was killed by a gunman affiliated with the PKK in the Sangasar district of Rania, within the Sulaymaniyah province. He had been working in a salon in the city of Sulaymaniyah."
9 month ago
President of Turkey Erdoğan: "We will continue the intense air operations we have been carrying out for a while, showing that we will destroy members of the terrorist organization at any time and anywhere."
9 month ago
Putin at meeting with Iraqi PM says the conflict between Israel and Gaza shows a 'failure' in US Middle East policy. And adds: "The damage to the civilian population must be minimized and reduced to zero, and we call on all conflicting parties to do so."
9 month ago
Putin and Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed al-Sudani began negotiations
9 month ago
Turkish intelligence neutralizes the official of the PKK assassinations unit, Elias Biro Ali, in an operation in the Sinjar region in northern Iraq.
9 month ago
Turkish media: Submitting a memorandum to Parliament regarding extending the duration of the Turkish army's presence in Syria and Iraq
9 month ago
Turkish Minister of Energy: The Iraq-Turkey pipeline will operate as of Wednesday without obstacles to shipping oil to the markets
9 month ago
The Turkish Ministry of Defense announces the destruction of 22 targets in air strikes in northern Iraq today
9 month ago
Turkish Ministry of National Defense: our Air Force destroyed terrorist targets in northern Iraq last night.
9 month ago
Fidan: From now on, all infrastructure and energy facilities belonging to the terrorist PKK organization in Syria and Iraq are legitimate targets for our security forces.
Health Directorate in Nineveh Governorate, Iraq: The number of deaths in the Hamdaniya fire incident rises to 119 people
Iraqi Health ministry: The death toll from the Hamdaniya fire has risen to 104 so far
The US Ambassador to Iraq: We stand with all Iraqis in their grief for the victims and injured in the Hamdaniya tragedy.
9 month ago
Iraqi Health to Sky News Arabia: More than 90 killed in the Nineveh fire
9 month ago
Iraqi media: More than 120 killed and more than 250 injured in a fire in a wedding hall in Nineveh
Iraqi media: A fire broke out in the Al-Rashid Hotel in the Green Zone in Baghdad
Prime Minister of Iraq: The government is committed to international resolutions and the principles of good neighborliness and is keen to overcome the dispute with Kuwait
Iran's top commander: Terrorist groups have only moved away from the border. Agreement needs to be enacted fully. Armed terrorist & separatist forces in whole Kurdistan & Iraq must be disarmed & expelled. President told us to wait for a few days & then we’ll decide accordingly
Kurdistan Region PM Masrour Barzani calls on relevant authorities to conduct a "thorough investigation" into the drone strike on Arbat airport, stressing that the KRG condemns "any form of violation" against the sovereignty of Kurdistan Region and Iraq - statement
10 month ago
Unknown drones bombarding Arbat airport near Sulaymaniyah in Kurdistan region of Iraq. Several people wounded and killed in attack which targeted this agricultural airport
The Kurdistan Region Security Council has announced the capture of an ISIS Emir who has "participated" in various terrorist activities against civilians and security forces
Iran FM, in a joint presser with Iraq FM, said that they had “important discussion on full implementation of Tehran-Baghdad security agreement”, adding “Iraqi FM gave good information regarding the relocation of terrorist groups near the border with Iran”. Iran FM (in a joint presser with Iraq FM): We had important discussions on bilateral and regional issues as well as the full implementation of Tehran-Baghdad security agreement. Iraq FM today gave good information on moving terrorist groups away from the border with Iran
Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani along with his deputy Qubad Talabani will visit Baghdad tomorrow, KRG spox told Kurdistan 24
Iraq FM is expected to visit Iran tomorrow on Wednesday as the deadline on the implementation of the Baghdad-Tehran security agreement on Iraqi Kurdistan region nears. Iraq FM will visit Iran tomorrow on Wednesday. Bilateral relations, regional and int'l issues are expected to be discussed in his visit to Tehran. The visit transpires as September 19 deadline regarding Tehran-Baghdad security agreement on Iraqi Kurdistan region looms