17 July 2024
There have been 127 attacks by Iran-backed proxy groups on U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria since October, says @PentagonPresSec. Nine since Jan
6 month ago
The Syrian Observatory: American defenses shot down a drone that attempted to target the Qasrak base in the Hasakah countryside
The Iraqi Army on Thursday night raided several homes in the Newroz neighborhood of Kirkuk and arrested three Kurds in the neighborhood, according to Kurdistan24 reporter Soran Kamran
Kurdistan Counter-Terrorism Unit said in a statement that Harir military base in Northeast of Erbil was attacked with an explosive-laden drone earlier today at 16:29 (local time). Following the statement, US fighter jets can be heard hovering over Erbil
Clashes broke out between AAH and Kataib Imam Ali in Basrash, southern Iraq
On Jan. 3, Iraqi police in Babylon discovered a land attack cruise missile of Iranian design that failed to launch. The use of Iranian supplied munitions by terrorist groups within Iraq and Syria endanger Coalition forces and local residents
6 month ago
The Islamic Resistance in Iraq: We targeted, with a drone, the American Harir base near Erbil Airport in the Kurdistan Region
Initial reports of a drone attack on Harir base in Erbil
The Iraqi Foreign Minister: The Iranian side is committed not to bomb PKK bases inside Iraq
6 month ago
Reports of explosions were heard inside Ain Alasad in Anbar.
The Iraqi Foreign Minister: There is a war of assassinations and a cross-border war
The Iraqi Foreign Minister: There is great concern that the conflict will escalate in Iraq and in the region as well
The Iraqi Foreign Minister: Reducing tension in the region is an Iraqi interest
The Iraqi Foreign Minister: The government sent a delegation to Washington recently regarding the presence of the international coalition in Iraq
The Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Al-Sudani announces the formation of a bilateral committee to schedule the withdrawal of the International Coalition from Iraq
6 month ago
A missile bombardment targets the Ain al-Assad base in Anbar Governorate, Iraq
Biden administration officials are drawing up plans for the U.S. to respond to what they're increasingly concerned could expand from a war in Gaza to a wider, protracted regional conflict
Armed factions in Iraq announce targeting an American base in Syria
DOD official confirms US was behind a strike in Iraq today that killed Iran-backed militia leader Abu-Taqwa. He was actively involved in planning and carrying out attacks against American personnel
The Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq: The attack on our headquarters is a clear violation of Iraqi sovereignty
The Popular Mobilization Forces: Bombing the Mobilization Forces' headquarters constitutes a challenge to Iraqi sovereignty and undermines all international laws and norms
Al-Nujaba militia threatens to respond to the killing of two of its leaders in a raid in Baghdad
US is reducing Peshmerga funding amid Iraqi Kurdish political tensions
The U.S. is behind the strike targeting an Iraqi militia leader in Baghdad who is believed responsible for attacks on U.S. forces. A U.S. official said it was a precision strike on a vehicle targeting a Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba Shi'ite military group leader
Security forces closes all roads to the U.S. embassy in Baghdad
Military spokesman for the Iraqi Prime Minister: A drone carried out an action no different from other actions
The Iraqi Prime Minister says that targeting a security headquarters in Baghdad today is a dangerous escalation and attack on Iraq
The Iraqi Armed Forces: Today's attack in Baghdad is not consistent with the spirit and letter of the mandate and the work for which the coalition was created.
Prime Minister of Iraq: The international coalition led by Washington bears responsibility for the "unprovoked" attack on Iraqi security forces
The Iraqi Prime Minister: One of the security headquarters in Baghdad was targeted with a blatant assault on sovereignty