17 July 2024
Iraqi militias aligned with Iran declared that they used a drone to strike a strategic sir in Haifa on Friday
Three people were killed when Khor Mor gas field in Sulaimani province came under a drone attack on Friday evening. The attack also affected power generation in the Kurdistan Region
Turkish Ministry of National Defense: 6 PKK militants were neutralized with the air operation carried out in the Hakurk region
The Pentagon urges Iraq government to take measures to protect US forces in the country
Pentagon spox @PentagonPresSec says Iran militia groups conducted two unsuccessful attacks on US forces in Iraq and Syria on April 22, the first such attacks since Feb 4
Security Media Cell announces the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) killed a number of Daesh members and destroyed their hideout in an airstrike in the Hamrin Mountains, Diyala Governorate
Erdogan stressed that they had signed a strategy security pact against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Gulen Movement with Iraq
2 month ago
Iraq mortar fire Amadiya and Metina and Akre
2 month ago
U.S. official: A drone attack targeted the Ain al-Asad base in Iraq, without any reports of injuries or damage
The Turkish President arrives in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad
Turkish, Iraqi and Kurdish flags in Iraq’s Erbil today for Erdogan’s visit first time in many years
2 month ago
Confirmed: Drone attack on Al Assad base, Al Anbar, Iraq hosting US troops
2 month ago
The airstrike on Kalsu base in Iraq was carried out by a drone, one of the wounded in Kalsu base says. He says five were wounded in the attack
2 month ago
Iraqi media: Explosions were heard in Babylon and Baghdad
Armed factions in Iraq: Today we targeted the Israeli Obda Air Base with drones
Armed factions in Iraq: We targeted an Israeli air base with drones
Prime Minister of Iraq: We will not allow Iraqi territory to be a launching pad for attacks on Türkiye
A car explosion reported in the Sarchnar, Sulaymaniyah. The cause of the blast is currently unknown. At least one person has been injured
An explosion sounded in the center of the city of Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq
Explosions and overflights of fighter jets being heard in As-Suwayda in southern Syria as well as in several locations throughout Iraq, including the Baghdad area. Background is unclear as of yet
3 month ago
Hasake: A new batch of 250 Iraqi ISIS families is preparing to be deported from Al-Hawl camp towards Mosul in Iraq in coordination with AANES and Iraqi government
Prime Minister of Iraq: Iran cannot be involved in every issue related to the Iraqi situation
Prime Minister of Iraq: Today, ISIS does not represent a threat to our security, and it is natural for us to take the initiative to organize the issue of the international coalition
The Iraqi Prime Minister to the US Secretary of Defense: We are committed to a timetable to end the coalition mission
The Iraqi President: Working to strengthen balanced relations with the United States will contribute to strengthening Iraq's position and its pivotal role in solving the problems that our region suffers from.
Iraqi Prime Minister: We urge adherence to international laws that provide for the protection of diplomatic missions
Iraqi Prime Minister: We are discussing the foundations for a comprehensive and long-term partnership with the United States
Iraqi Prime Minister to Biden: We want to stop the expansion of the conflict in the Middle East
Biden to the Iraqi Prime Minister: Iraq and U.S. are working together to defeat ISIS
Reuters: The German airline Lufthansa will resume its flights to Tel Aviv, Amman and Erbil tomorrow.