Map. History of Iraq conflict

23 April 2018
New electronic system to speed up Iraqi election results: elections chief
600,000 names of dead and duplicate voters removed ahead of Iraqi elections #iraqielections2018
[email protected] says that relations between the US and Kurdistan are developing, "within the framework of a federal Iraq," stressing the ties are decades-strong.
ISIS threatens to target polling stations in Iraqi elections
Iraqi Counter-terrorism service 2nd ISOF Brigade: no units have withdrawn from Kirkuk province. News that Peshmerga is in Kirkuk province is false.
Three people killed, wounded in bomb blast, southwest of Kirkuk
In Kirkuk province, Iraqi Security Forces detonate 12 improvised explosive devices, remove another 250, and arrest 3 militants.
Islamic State claims the killing of an Iraqi army soldier (#ISF) through an improvised explosive device in Al-Asiyoud near #Muqdadiyah northeast of #Baquba in the province of #Diyala #Iraq
Islamic State claims to have killed and wounded several Iraqi #ISF federal police officers during fighting in Al-Khadrah village in western Al-Qaraj in #Makhmur district in the province of #Erbil #Iraq
ISIS militants attack Iraqi army in Hawija, Khanaqin
ISIS wounds four people including two Iraqi police in Khanaqin Iraq
@CJTFOIR: Zwischen dem 13. April und dem 19. April haben USA angeführten Streitkräfte der Koalition 30 Angriffe auf den IS in Syrien (23) und im Irak (7) durchgeführt.
ISIS Militants attack Iraqi Army in Hawija, Khanaqin
Die Aufnahmen der irakischen Luftwaffe, die heute ein Gebäude der Da'ish in Syrien verflachen
Irak, Iran und Russland: das gemeinsame Hauptquartier der Geheimdienste in Bagdad.
Irakische Jets bombardierten ISIS außerhalb von al-Shaddi, Syrien nahe der irakisch-syrischen Grenze am Donnerstag. Der Streik wurde vom irakischen Ministerpräsidenten Haider Al Abadi gebilligt: ​​Erklärung der US-geführten Koalition
Irakische F-16 schögen ISIS Ziele in Syrien im Unterstützung von Regierungs Kräfte.
Die Luftangriffe auf ISIS-Stellungen in Syrien wurden in Abstimmung mit der irakischen Armee durchgeführt
Die Irakische Kampfflugzeuge bombardieren ISIS Positionen in Syrien
Secretary General of Arab Tribes in Tuz district, Saladin province, Iraq: some entities (unnamed) are cooperating with ISIS. PMU (Hashd) do not perform duties professionally. The atmosphere is not correct for elections. Security bad since Peshmerga left.
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Thousands of Iraqis moved to oil-rich Basra in the hope of finding work in the energy industry. Instead they live in cramped and chaotic shanty towns
ISIS/Daesh militants Claims Killing/Wounding 10 ISF Soldiers In North Of Baghdad Iraq
1st meeting of Iran-Iraq Security Cooperation Committee occurs in Baghdad. Iraqi Defense Minister meets with his Iranian counterpart and praises Iranian role in helping to defeat ISIS in Iraq.
Turkish forces in Kani Rash in northern Iraq
Iranian defence minister Amir Hatami arrives in Baghdad on an unannounced visit.
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PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Our forces continue to pursue Daesh cells in Al-Jazirah desert and upper areas of the Euphrates
Iraq - Australia confirms Australian detained in Iraq
Bomb hidden in ambulance wounds five in Kirkuk province Iraq
Barzani: there are no official talks between Baghdad and Erbil about return of Peshmerga to disputed areas. We worry about the situation in the disputed areas and Peshmerga is prepared to return. There are no plans for a Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad.
Improvised explosive device injures 5 Iraqi soldiers south of Baqubah in Diyala province. 2 in serious condition.
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