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15 Agosto 2018
Haidar al-Abadi returns to Baghdad after concluding his visit to Turkey
10 hora atrás
Portavoz del OIR: Solo la semana pasada, las operaciones de las FSI en todo Irak han provocado el arresto de más de 50 presuntos militantes y la eliminación de más de 500 artefactos explosivos improvisados y municiones.
Alton Kupri bridge on the Erbil-Kirkuk road is being repaired Federal Police-Peshmerga coordination and should be reopened in the next few days.
12 hora atrás
Erdogan joint press conference with Abadi: Iraqi problems are our problems; We want to open a new border crossing with Iraq; We reopen our consulates in Basra and Nineveh
Big demonstration in Mosul today with people demanding that Kata'ib Sayyid Shuhada remain in the city
The army fired live bullets at the demonstrators at the West Qurna 2 field, and reported more than three casualties.12 hora atrás
The army fired live bullets at the demonstrators at the West Qurna 2 field, and reported more than three casualties.
Iraqi PM @HaiderAlAbadi meets Turkish President @RT_Erdogan in Ankara on Tuesday to discuss trade, security, and watercrisis17 hora atrás
Iraqi PM @HaiderAlAbadi meets Turkish President @RT_Erdogan in Ankara on Tuesday to discuss trade, security, and watercrisis
La fuerza de EIIL podría estar cerca de su punto máximo en 2015. En junio de 2018, se estimaba que entre 28.600 y 31.600 combatientes Daesh en Irak, según el informe del IG de Siria, según los cálculos de los servicios de inteligencia de los EE.UU., tenían 33.000 combatientes de EIIL en el punto álgido del grupo en 2015.
Sheikh of Al-Ibrahim clan killed; Rashid Jawad al-Bahloul and one of his companions were killed in an attack by armed militias in the district of Sayed Dakhil, east of Nasariah.
1 día atrás
KRG PM @PMBarzani to visit Turkey on 18 October to participate in AKP congress
1 día atrás
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Earlier I announced the dismissal of several senior officials in the Ministry of Electricity and in other ministries. We will replace officials who fail to carry out their duties, are suspected of corruption or those who waste public funds
1 día atrás
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Maintaining good relations with all our neighbours is a key pillar of our foreign policy. This is in the interest of the Iraqi people and for the peace, prosperity and security of the region
1 día atrás
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: We recently marked the fourth anniversary of the crimes committed by Daesh against our Yazidi community. Those who instigated, facilitated and carried out these crimes will be held to account. We are working with the UN to ensure there will be no impunity
1 día atrás
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: We are investing in upgrading the operational and fighting capabilities of our armed forces. We continue to face a terrorist threat, and we must ensure that our armed and security forces have the equipment and training they need
Iraqi security source: ISIS cells are active in Tarimiyya district north of Baghdad in agricultural areas and have clashed with security forces in recent days. They are a threat to civilians.
Abadi: We are committed not to use the dollar in dealing with Iran and not to apply sanctions
Construction work continue on a steel bridge and joint checkpoints on the road between Erbil and Kirkuk. According to an agreement between KRG and Iraqi Government the Road is due to reopen before the Muslim feast of Eid al-Adha on August 22
El Ministerio de Defensa iraquí dice que la Inteligencia del Comando de Operaciones del este de Anbar ha frustrado el ataque suicida con motocicletas en un callejón que se acerca a uno de los restaurantes más populares en Fallujah.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Fuente iraquí: los rumores de la muerte del líder del EIIL Baghdadi llevaron a algunos funcionarios no iraquíes del EIIL a nominar a Abu Uthman al-Tunisi como nuevo líder de EIIL.
Iranian paramilitary forces deployed members of its "Al-Sabreen Brigade," usually tasked with protecting Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, on the Iraqi-Iranian borders.
Iraqi Security Council, chaired by PM Abadi, refuses the politicization of Irag's position on new US sanctions against Iran. Iraq has deep relations with Iran but is forced to support US sanctions.
Operación a gran escala lanzada por la Policía Federal de Iraq para barrer la región desértica al oeste de Samarra hasta el lago Tharthar.
One person was killed by an attack on armed militias targeting him in the middle of Al-Amara, Maysan Province.
Fotos de temprano en el día. Hay una presencia menor de células durmientes en algunas de las islas del Tigris, por lo que estas áreas también han sido afectadas.
Iraq PM Haider al-Abadi cancels visit to sanctions-hit Iran
KRG Electoral Commission sets September 5 as official start date of election campaigns for the September 30 parliamentary elections.
Iraqi Army to take control of Mosul city and Baiji oil refinery, despite Hashd al-Shaabi objections
Chief of Staff of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces Jamal Eminki says that there's not any negotiation between KRG and Iraqi Government to redeploying the Peshmerga Forces in Kirkuk and other disputed areas.
Head of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Units orders the shutdown of all PMU political and economical offices in all provinces of Iraq. Additionally, all PMU forces will withdraw from Mosul.
Las FDS están construyendo y atendiendo puestos fronterizos en la frontera con Irak, en cooperación con las Fuerzas Iraquíes, y está buscando escondites y túneles de EIIL
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