Map. History of Iraq conflict

20 September 2018
Turkish artillery shells village in Kurdistan Region36 minute ago
Turkish artillery shells village in Kurdistan Region
Reports of an IED blast in eastern Baghdad.
1 person wounded in blast that targeted Shia pilgrims in Kirkuk
An explosion hits Kirkuk. No more information .
Iraqi Federal Police deny they have arrested and tortured innocent residents in Daquq district of Kirkuk Province. Rather they arrested 3 militants who had committed many crimes. There was no torture.
Iraqi court sentences a senior Islamic State (IS) leader to death: spokesman
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) nominated Barham Saleh for the presidency of the Republic in Iraq
1 day ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: I asked Iraq's Integrity Commission to investigate the delays in infrastructure projects in Basra and other southern provinces which have impacted delivery of public services
ISOF carried out a raid in the Anbar desert near the Jordanian border which led to the killing of dozens of militants and destruction of several tunnels.
Turkish strikes on Kurdistan Region 'may break laws of war': @HRW
During his visit to Sulaymaniyah , US Special Presidential Envoy, @brett_mcgurk asked @MalaBakhtiar to withdraw from Iraqi president race and Support @BarhamSalih to this position. while Iran asked PUK to not candidate Barham salih till he'll dissolve the CDJ.
Iraqi Anbar Police arrest sorcerer in Ramadi who was spreading discord among the people, leading to divorce and insanity.
Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halabousi directs the Basra police chief to release the detained demonstrators who did not cause damage or burning of public property
1 day ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: While efforts to form the next government are underway, I urge political parties not to resort to negative attacks in order to undermine each other. There are many social media accounts dedicated to doing this. It is dangerous and harms our democracy
1 day ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: I reiterate my congratulations to the newly elected Speaker of Parliament. Political blocs must move forward so that a new government is formed
1 day ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: The Iraqi people expect their political representatives to cooperate and reach a broad consensus on an effective programme for government that meets their expectations for better public services and a strong economy
1 day ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: I ordered the army to remove all unauthorised, makeshift dams and end other transgressions affecting the flow of water to Basra from the Badaa Canal
1 day ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: I also asked the Integrity Commission to launch an investigation into the delays that have affected a number of infrastructure projects in Basra and other southern provinces. We need to establish if corruption played a role in such delays
1 day ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: The senior ministerial team deployed by the Cabinet to Basra remains in the province. We have given the team wide-ranging powers to deliver tangible improvement in the quality of water and other services to the people of Basra
IS attacked village in Diyala's Khanaqin dist in northeast burned homes occupied town for short period
Pentagon: Rocket attack on U.S. Embassy in Baghdad last week an 'isolated incident' spokesman says; rockets landed well short into 'open field.' Secretary of State Pompeo blamed Iran for the attack last Friday
Pentagon: Iranian-backed forces firing rockets at U.S. Embassy in Baghdad 'don't have very good aim,' spokesman says
Deir ez-Zur: Iraqi helicopters were involved in providing air support to SDF militia, which was able to move towards in alBaghooz Fokani village in alBokamal countryside and reached the wooden bridge.
Iraqi PMF (Hashd) 29th Brigade prevents ISIS from infiltrating into village west of Mosul.
Turkish security forces have arrested Abdulkhaliq al-Kurdi, former ISIS commander in Sinjar and Talafar and his son Mahdi al-Kurdi in a raid on their home in the Turkish city of Kayseri.1 day ago
Turkish security forces have arrested Abdulkhaliq al-Kurdi, former ISIS commander in Sinjar and Talafar and his son Mahdi al-Kurdi in a raid on their home in the Turkish city of Kayseri.
Two killed and 14 injured, mostly members of the federal police, by a roadside bomb on the Kirkuk-Baghdad road, police said.
Hadi al-Amiri announced the withdrawal of his candidacy for the post of Iraqi prime minister
Iraqi PMF (Hashd) Hezbollah militia says it will overthrow new Iraqi government if PMF are not respected.
Iraqi Health Ministry calls for protection of doctors and medical personnel after doctor attacked after death of patient in hospital in Maysan Province.
Two suspected terrorists have been neutralized in an air-assisted operation in the Zap area in northern Iraq.
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