14 July 2024
Security forces closes all roads to the U.S. embassy in Baghdad
Military spokesman for the Iraqi Prime Minister: A drone carried out an action no different from other actions
The Iraqi Prime Minister says that targeting a security headquarters in Baghdad today is a dangerous escalation and attack on Iraq
The Iraqi Armed Forces: Today's attack in Baghdad is not consistent with the spirit and letter of the mandate and the work for which the coalition was created.
Prime Minister of Iraq: The international coalition led by Washington bears responsibility for the "unprovoked" attack on Iraqi security forces
The Iraqi Prime Minister: One of the security headquarters in Baghdad was targeted with a blatant assault on sovereignty
A car carrying Mushtaq Talib Al-Saeedi (Abu Taqwa), an AlNujaba senior commander and the Assistant Commander of Baghdad Belt Operations in the Popular Mobilization Forces, was the target of the aerial attack in Baghdad
Abu Taqwa, the military commander of Nujaba militia killed in the recent strike central Baghdad
Al-Nujaba Movement: The American bombing of a headquarters belonging to the PMF killed Mushtaq Al-Saeedi, "Abu Taqi," the assistant commander of Baghdad Belt Operations.
Iraqi Al-Nujaba Movement: The Assistant Commander of Baghdad Belt Operations in the Popular Mobilization Forces, Talib Al-Saidi was killed
The Iraqi Ministerial Council for National Security holds an emergency meeting headed by Al-Sudani
Heavy security deployment in Green Zone
Iraqi factions confirm the killing of "Abu Taqwa", commander of the 12th Brigade in the Al-Nujaba Movement
Reuters, according to Iraqi police sources: At least two pro-Iranian faction fighters were killed and five others were wounded in Baghdad.
Iraqi police sources: Two dead and five injured in targeting of Iranian-backed factions in Baghdad
Unknown airstrike on PMF logistics headquarters, Central Baghdad
6 month ago
TSK airstrikes in Amadiya and Metina
“Iran provides all kinds of support but when it comes to decisions and actions on the ground, the decision is ours," said an official with Kataib Hezbollah, the biggest Iraqi group carrying out attacks.
6 month ago
Armed factions in Iraq announce targeting the Rumailan base in Syria
An explosive drone launched by an "outlawed group" was shot down at Erbil Air Base near Erbil International Airport at 9:52 PM (local time) on Tuesday, the Kurdistan Region's Directorate General of Counter Terrorism (CTD) reports
6 month ago
Initial reports of a drone attack on Ain Alasad
Iraqi armed factions announce the bombing of the Israeli "Eilat" overlooking the Red Sea with drones
Initial reports of a drone attack on Harir base in Erbil, northern Iraq
Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia' Al-Sudani ordered the launch of a "comprehensive investigation" into the "criminal attack" on Erbil's Primam town on Saturday night, the Security Media Cell said in a statement
6 month ago
Turkey to reinforce military bases in North Iraq after 12 soldiers killed, - Erdogan
The Iraqi Prime Minister: The government is moving towards ending the presence of the international coalition in Iraq
Iraqi armed factions say they targeted an American base near Erbil Airport in the north of the country with a drone
A drone attack targeting the Al-Harir base in Erbil, northern Iraq
Iraq and Iran agree to form a committee to develop the common border fields between the two countries
The aftermath of the US airstrike on Kataib Hezbollah's headquarters in Babil