17 July 2024
Initial assessments indicate more than 40 militants associated with Iranian proxy groups were killed in U.S. strikes in Iraq and Syria, says @PentagonPresSec
Advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq: The American strikes are an unjustified violation of Iraqi sovereignty
Advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq: We will submit a complaint to the Security Council regarding the American strikes
The International Coalition: We look forward to continuing military talks with our Iraqi partners on Sunday and discussing the transitional phase of our mission
"We have been reassured by United States officials.that there's not going to be any withdrawal [from Syria] anytime soon" SDF commander @MazloumAbdi tells reporters
Iran strongly condemned the assassination of the senior Kataib Hezbollah commander by the US in Baghdad, saying that Abu Baqer Al-Saedi was a senior commander in the fight against ISIS in Iraq. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman condemned US’ killing of Iraqi resistance members as “a clear example of American state terrorism” and its “support for Israeli crimes against Palestinians”.
Turkish intel ‘neutralizes’ Yunus Demir, senior PKK terrorist in northern Iraq's Gara region, wanted by top category red notice5 month ago
Turkish intel ‘neutralizes’ Yunus Demir, senior PKK terrorist in northern Iraq's Gara region, wanted by top category red notice
An Iraqi military spokesman: What the international coalition is doing is pushing the government more than ever before to finish its mission
An Iraqi military spokesman: The international coalition threatens to drag the country into the conflict
An Iraqi military spokesman: The international coalition completely exceeds the reasons and purposes for which it was found on our land
An Iraqi military spokesman: U.S. forces irresponsibly repeatedly commit everything that might undermine the understandings
The Iraqi Prime Minister: The repeated "irresponsible" US strikes threaten civil peace and violate Iraq's sovereignty
USCENTCOM Conducts Strike Killing Kata’ib Hezbollah Senior Leader. At 9:30 p.m. (Baghdad Time) February 7, U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) forces conducted a unilateral strike in Iraq in response to the attacks on U.S. service members, killing a Kata’ib Hezbollah commander responsible for directly planning and participating in attacks on U.S. forces in the region. There are no indications of collateral damage or civilian casualties at this time. The United States will continue to take necessary action to protect our people. We will not hesitate to hold responsible all those who threaten our forces’ safety
Calls by Iran-backed telegram channels to gather in Jadiriyah and head to the US embassy in Baghdad
Iraqi media: The leaders of the Iraqi Hezbollah, Arkan Al-Olayawi and Abu Baqir Al-Saadi, were killed as a result of the bombing in Baghdad.
US official has just confirmed that the US was involved in an airstrike in Baghdad Iraq that hit a high-value individual target (HVI) or (HVT)
Abu Baqir al-Saadi, the head of Kataib Hezbollah's foreign relations, was allegedly killed in the drone strike in Baghdad
4 powerful explosions sounded east of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.
3 successive explosions sounded in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad
Drone airstrike targeted a vehicle in Mashtal neighborhood, eastern Baghdad
3 explosions reported in Baladiyat, east of Baghdad. Smoke poll rising
US State Department: Stopping US strikes depends on Iran stopping its support and financing of the militias
Head of the UN mission in Iraq: Attacks from inside and outside Iraq may lead to a decline in the country's stability
Head of the UN mission in Iraq: Sending messages through strikes only leads to escalation of tension
US assessing that it destroyed 80 of the 85 targets it hit during Friday's wave of airstrikes against Iran-backed militias in Iraq & Syria, per @PentagonPresSec MajGen Pat Ryder. No US estimate on casualties
Syrian Democratic Forces: We affirm our right to an appropriate military response to the source of the attack on the Al-Omar field
The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announces that six of its fighters were killed in a drone strike on a US base at al-Omar oilfield in eastern Syria - Statement
Iraqi armed factions: Targeting the American Al-Omar oil field base in Syria with drones
The Pentagon: An evaluation of the strikes in Iraq and Syria showed that 84 out of 85 targets were destroyed or functionally damaged.
An Iraqi security source told Al-Sharq: The leader of Asaib Ahl al-Haq, Naji al-Kaabi, was assassinated by fire from unknown gunmen in Maysan Governorate.