17 July 2024
Advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister: The strategic framework agreement will benefit our economy
Advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister: Operations targeting diplomatic missions in Iraq have decreased
Advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister: Al-Sudani stressed the need to restore stability to the region
Advisor to the Iraqi Prime Minister to Al-Sharq: Iraq was able to regain its balance
Iraq denies agreement with Tehran on opening airspace during attack on Israel
Several Iranian drones flying toward Israel were intercepted over the sky in Erbil, likely by U.S. air defense system
Iranian drone was intercepted in Soran, Kurdistan Region
Sound of explosions in Erbil
Flightradar24: Situation at 22:00 UTC. Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and Israel airspace closed
3 month ago
Reports of missiles observed in the sky over Wasit province, Iraq
Syrian TV: Intense flight of warplanes likely belonging to the International Coalition on the Syrian-Iraqi border
Rocket launchers were used to attack the PMF security headquarters in Najaf, Iraq (PMF is the umbrella for various militias in including the Iranian backed ones in Iraq). The attack took place roughly 15 mins after the start of the Iranian attack
Iraq closes its airspace as dozens of Iranian are passing in its territory in their way to Israel
3 month ago
Iranian drones are now being spotted over Jurf al-Sakhar, southern Baghdad
3 month ago
More iranian drones are currently crossing the Iraqi borders
Several drones sighted over the district of Kalar in Sulaymaniyah Governorate, Iraq
Drones reported over Nasiriyah Governorate, southern Iraq. Unknown drones flying low altitude
Reports of swarm of drones flying over Sulemaniyah, in Kurdistan region, northern Iraq
Iraqi PM Sudani leaves for Washington for meeting with US President Biden - Statement
Turkish forces on Friday conducted strikes on alleged PKK bases at the Mateen mountain range of Duhok’s Amedi district
The Iranian ambassador to Iraq: The response to the Israeli attack in Damascus will preserve "the privacy of the countries of the region"
TSK airstrikes in Hakurk
3 month ago
4 PKK militants detected in the Metina region in northern Iraq were neutralized by an air operation.
The Islamic Resistance in Iraq: We targeted with drones the Yardun base in the occupied Golan on Sunday morning
3 month ago
Turkish Ministry of National Defense: 6 PKK militants were neutralized in Metina and Gara regions in northern Iraq
Following his meetings with President Nechirvan Barzani and US ambassador in Baghdad, PUK Leader Bafel Talabani told Rudaw that Kurdistan Region’s June 10 elections will DEFINITELY be held on time, adding that there have been no requests to postpone it
TSK airstrikes in Akre and Metina and Hakurk and Qandil and Amadiya
3 month ago
Turkish warplanes hit PKK targets in Bole and Berbazin regions in northern Iraq
The Turkish government bombed a citizen's house in Serdeşt, Mount Shengal3 month ago
The Turkish government bombed a citizen's house in Serdeşt, Mount Shengal
The "Islamic Resistance in Iraq" (a coalition of Iran-backed terror groups) has threatened to arm 12,000 militants to topple the government in Jordan