17 July 2024
Following his meetings with President Nechirvan Barzani and US ambassador in Baghdad, PUK Leader Bafel Talabani told Rudaw that Kurdistan Region’s June 10 elections will DEFINITELY be held on time, adding that there have been no requests to postpone it
TSK airstrikes in Akre and Metina and Hakurk and Qandil and Amadiya
3 month ago
Turkish warplanes hit PKK targets in Bole and Berbazin regions in northern Iraq
The Turkish government bombed a citizen's house in Serdeşt, Mount Shengal3 month ago
The Turkish government bombed a citizen's house in Serdeşt, Mount Shengal
The "Islamic Resistance in Iraq" (a coalition of Iran-backed terror groups) has threatened to arm 12,000 militants to topple the government in Jordan
3 month ago
The Syrian Observatory: Iranian-backed groups launch an attack on the American Al-Tanf base in southeastern Syria
Israeli army Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says the drone that hit the Eilat naval base overnight was "made in Iran" and the attack was "directed by Iran." The drone was apparently launched from Iraq by an Iran-backed militia. "This is a very serious incident," Hagari says
The event in Eilat: The drone originated from Iraq, passed through Jordan, and was not intercepted, causing damage to a building in the city. The Israeli Air Force will need to verify the failure of air defense systems for the second time within two weeks. Iraq Missile or drone impact on the port of Eilat
3 month ago
Turkish Ministry of National Defense: 5 PKK militants detected in the Hakurk region in northern Iraq were neutralized by our Air Force.
Israel's Red Sea port city of Eilat came under an aerial attack that caused no casualties, the military said, and an Iranian-backed armed group in Iraq issued a claim of responsibility
Damage to the Building at the Naval Base in the Israeli Coastal City of Eilat on the Red Sea, which was Struck earlier tonight by a One-Way “Suicide” Drone launched by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq
Reports of a drone attack targeted the Leader of Al-Bayat tribe Hussein Allosh in Kifri, Diyala Governorate
Director General of the Jordanian Electricity Company: The Jordanian-Iraqi electrical interconnection line will enter service next Saturday
3 month ago
Turkish Ministry of National Defense announced that 2 PKK militants, who escaped from their shelters in the north of Iraq, surrendered to the border post in Habur.
Turkish Defense: We destroyed 27 PKK targets in air strikes in northern Iraq
IAEA invites Iraqi PM to nuclear summit, eyes roadmap for peaceful nuclear technology4 month ago
IAEA invites Iraqi PM to nuclear summit, eyes roadmap for peaceful nuclear technology
Islamic Resistance in Iraq: We attacked with drones an Israeli drone base in the occupied Golan
Protesters in Nasiriyah blocked multiple bridges in the city, southern Iraq
4 month ago
2 PKK militants, who escaped from their shelters in northern Iraq, surrendered to the border post in Habur.
4 month ago
Iraq to Set up Barbed Wire Fence to Secure Border with Iran
4 month ago
Kurilla: US attack hitting 85 targets-"our messaging matched our actions." US killed Kata'ib Hezbollah overall commander for Syria "I think that's simply a very strong deterrent message." No attack in 32 days in Iraq & Syria. "But I will tell you that deterrence is temporary"
Iraqi Foreign Minister: We assure Iran that Iraqi decision-making must be in Baghdad
Iraqi Prime Minister: ISIS does not represent any threat to state security
4 month ago
Turkish airstrikes in Amadiya and Hakurk and Akre
National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met with @masrourbarzani of Iraq’s @Kurdistan at the White House. He affirmed support for the security of the Kurdistan region and condemned attacks by Iran and Iranian-backed proxy groups against locations there
A drone targeted a location in the center of Kalar city in Sulaymaniyah Governorate in Iraq, resulting in casualties according to reports
4 month ago
The global coalition forces in northeastern Syria brought today a massive military support and bolstering military bases in northeastern Syria on a wider scale. Seven small cargo planes of the Boeing CH-47 Chinook CH47D type, belonging to the international coalition forces, landed at the American base at Kharab al-Jir Agricultural Airport in the northeastern countryside of Al-Ya'rubiyah, north of Al-Hasakah, coming from northern Iraq under the protection of helicopters.
Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) says preparations are underway for the Kurdistan Region's parliamentary elections and that a date will be set "in the next few days" - IHEC spox tells Rudaw's Sangar Abdulrahman
Iran feared that the autonomy of factions within Iraq could potentially escalate tensions into armed conflict — NY Times
Iran urged factions in Iraq to refrain from targeting US interests — New York Times