14 July 2024
Elysee: A French soldier was killed in Iraq while participating in a joint anti-terror operation
The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announces the release of 3 Iraqis "kidnapped" in Iran
10 month ago
Anatolia: Turkish intelligence announces the neutralization of the so-called “Bakir Kina” In the PKK organization in Sulaymaniyah Governorate, northern Iraq, which underwent training to assassinate members of the Turkish forces
Iraqi Foreign Minister: The Turkish Foreign Minister suggested forming a permanent committee to discuss the water file between the two countries
A French military trainer was killed in Iraq on Sunday during an exercise, the French presidency said
11 month ago
Norwegian oil company DNO has partly resumed production at its Tawke field in Kurdistan Region following months of stoppage, the European company announced on Thursday
New an unidentified drone targeted a car on road in Sulaymaniyah province, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, killed three people. This is the second attack in two days
11 month ago
Mala Karim Shukr, a Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) member of the Iraqi parliament survived an assassination attempt in Tuz Khurmatu, according to a statement from his office
New An unidentified drone targeted a car on road to Sulaimaniyah province, in Kurdistan Region of Iraq
11 month ago
ISIS claims responsibility for three operations against the SDF in Deir_ez_Zor Governorate, eastern Syria, and the Iraqi Army in Saladin Governorate in Iraq. The attacks resulted in casualties
11 month ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: 3 "militants" from the "PKK" have been neutralized in the Zap region within the areas of Operation Claw in northern Iraq
1 year ago
Turkish bombardment of Metina mountain in the Kurdistan Region
Iraqi Oil Minister: Voluntary reduction in crude production will contribute to strengthening the stability of the global energy market
1 year ago
Iraq's pro-Iran armed faction Kataeb Hezbollah, accused by Israel of holding an Israeli-Russian academic, implied on Thursday that it was not involved in her disappearance
1 year ago
Liwa Ahrar Al-Iraq, a pro-Iranian militia, issues a statement clarifying that the 'final chance' offered by the Islamic resistance in Iraq to the government does not extend to the Turkish military presence in Iraq. They targeted the Turkish base in Batifa in Duhok earlier today
1 year ago
TAF warplanes hit points belonging to PKK in the Amadiya region in northern Iraq.
Iraqi forces arrest eight ISIS suspects, as a result of operations carried out based on intelligence information
Sadr supporters are trying to storm the Sweden embassy in Baghdad after allowing the Quran to be burned
1 year ago
Two Iraqi soldiers were wounded in a clash with suspected ISIS militants on Monday in Maryam Beg, southwestern Kirkuk. Attack comes hours after killing of 4 ISIS fighters in air strike & raid by Iraqi forces against IS hideouts in Tirkalan village. Soldier killed, officer injured
Warplanes belonging to Turkish air force command carried out air operations against targets belonging to PKK in the Matin mountain range in northern Iraq
1 year ago
Kurdistan Region PM @masrourbarzani today arrived in Ankara to meet with Turkey's President Erdogan and other government officials on development of bilateral relations
Five billion dollars from Qatar to Iraq, a significant figure on the results of the visit of Qatar's Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to Baghdad
Prime Minister: The government is working to establish special camps for the PMU outside the cities.
1 year ago
Anatolia Agency: Turkish intelligence neutralizes the PKK's communications official in northern Iraq
SANA correspondent: The Minister of Trade of the Republic of Iraq, Atheer Al-Ghurairy, and his accompanying delegation arrived at Damascus International Airport, within the framework of holding the meetings of the eleventh session of the Syrian-Iraqi Joint Committee
Heavy security deployment around the Green Zone, Baghdad
The Joint operations: 4 terrorists were killed in a strike by Iraqi F-16 warplanes in the Kirkuk operations sector
Patriotic Union of Kurdistan: destabilizing the security of the Kurdistan region and Sulaymaniyah is a red line
At least three civilians were injured on Thursday after a bomb, suspected to have been planted by Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) fighters, went off and targeted their vehicle in Sidakan area of Erbil province
Iraqi Interior Minister: There is serious work to fully protect the borders and prevent abuses by any party