11 December 2023
Demonstrations in Basra, southern Iraq due to lack of electricity
The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr: We stand with the protesters in the Green Zone, and reform will defeat corruption in Iraq
Huge explosion at Saraya Salam's weapons depot cause 7 kills and 5 injures in Najaf, Iraq
1 year ago
Iraqi Oil Minister: OPEC's agreement to raise production in September aims to cover an expected increase in demand
Leader of the Al-Fateh bloc: The importance of reaching a way out that satisfies all Iraqi parties
Protests by rival Shiite camps in Baghdad ended without significant incident, but no end to the broader crisis in sight. New & uncertain phase in which Sadr tries to dominate by excluding rivals, but to what end His base increasing disillusioned at electoral participation
Al-Kazemi: I call for a national dialogue by forming a committee that includes representatives from all parties to develop a road map for a solution
Al-Kazemi: The demonstrators must cooperate with the Iraqi security forces, respect state institutions, and evacuate them
Iraqi PM @MAKadhimi calls on the political parties to calm down, reduce escalation, and launch an initiative for a solution on regional grounds
Iraqi PM @MAKadhimi says that all security measures have been taken to control the situation and prevent bloodshed in the country
Iraqi PM @MAKadhimi warns of the political situation in Baghdad and calls on "sane" people to intervene in hopes of finding a suitable solution to the crisis
Iraqi security forces prevent demonstrators belonging to the coordination framework from storming one of the gates of the Green Zone in central Baghdad
Iraqi security forces prevent demonstrators belonging to the coordination framework from storming one of the gates of the Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq
#Iraqi riot police started using water canons to disperse the Coordination Framework protesters near 14th July Bridge in #Baghdad
Iraqi police forces hit supporters of coordination framework with batons while they tried to reach Baghdad's GreenZone
Muhammad Salih al-Iraqi, who is close to al-Sadr: We call for peaceful demonstrations in the provinces, except for Najaf, to support the demonstrators in Baghdad
1 year ago
Turkish military base in Bamarne district of Duhok, Kurdistan Region, came under an artillery shelling. Kurdistan
The commander-in-chief of the Iraq's Armed forces, @MAKadhimi declare a security alert (type-C) and call security forces to cut the vacations and join their units to deploy in Baghdad. Kadhimi also ordered security forces to protect public facilities and embassies
In Iraq, Shia Coordination Framework considers today's statement by Muqtada Sadr as a call for a coup against the constitution
Protesters storm the office of MP (Mustafa Al Sanad) in Basra southern Iraq. Earlier today , Sanad was targeted by assassination attempt
Influential Iraqi cleric @Mu_AlSadr said his supporters have "captured" Baghdad's Green Zone, and urged all Iraqis to join the "revolution" and change the political system and constitution. He said it's the last chance for reform; otherwise it'll be the end of Iraq
An official from the Sadrist Movement says "the people will determine the duration of the sit-in inside the parliament." He also rejected that the Sadrist Movement is willing for talks with the Coordination Framework
Green Zone has been breached from the Zaytoun side
Iraqi Health: 3 injuries among the protesters near the Green Zone
Iraqi security forces shoot tear gases to prevent protesters enter green zone
A number of wounded in clashes with the Iraqi police in central Baghdad
A number of suffocation cases among protesters near the Green Zone in Baghdad
Protesters storm offices of Al Da'wa party and Al Hikmah movement in Baghdad's Za'faraniyah neighborhood
Closure of the gate of the Green Zone in Baghdad and a heavy deployment of security forces
1 year ago
Turkish soldier killed in Duhok military operation: Ministry