11 December 2023
1 year ago
Unidentified drone on Wednesday night carried out airstrikes in Nallparez town, in Penjwen district, east of Sulaimaniya province. Possible casualties or material damage were immediately known
A suspected Turkish drone again hit a vehicle allegedly carrying PKK fighters in a village in the Sharbazher area of northeastern Sulaimani province of the Kurdistan Region
Al-Sadr: We look forward to the assistance of the United Nations in its efforts towards reform
Another drone attack on Tuesday evening targeted Sharbazher area in northeast of Sulaymaniyah province where three PKK members were either killed or injured in a similar airstrike earlier today
Kurdistan Region's Counter-Terrorism Service has confirmed that two PKK members were killed and another was injured in today's drone attack in Sulaymaniyah
United Nations representative in Iraq: Clashes in Basra confirm the fragility of the security situation
A women's rights activist from Turkey with ideological ties to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) was shot multiple times and killed in Sulaimani, raising alarm amongst the Kurdish community from Turkey about the increasing number of such assassinations
Clashes between riot police and protesters on Sinak bridge now
Iraqi President Barham Salih says Iranian attacks inside Kurdistan Region are a violation of the country's sovereignty, and "unacceptable" in a meeting with national security adviser Qassem Al-Araji - press release
The European Union condemns Iran's bombing of northern Iraq and considers it a violation of Baghdad's sovereignty
In the video, the security forces cut off one of the two tracks of Abu Nawas Street in the center of the capital, Baghdad, and prepared concrete blocks in anticipation of its complete closure, in conjunction with preparations for the launch of a demonstration tomorrow, Saturday
Turkey renews its aerial bombardment of Soran's sub-district of Sidekan, north of Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan's capital city
Rocket attack targeting the house of Peshmerga commander near Chamchamal between Kirkuk and Silemani, northeast Iraq
1 year ago
Multiple Iranian drones continuously flew over Kurdistan Region's Zrgwez village early morning, but did not engage with any targets — Komala member tells Rudaw
The US Consulate in Erbil on Thursday issued a security alert advising its nationals to refrain from traveling to Iraq following heavy Iranian drone and missile operations that killed at least nine people in the Kurdistan Region on Wednesday
The attack came a day after the intense drone and missile strike fired by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), in which at least 13 were killed and 57 others were wounded
Iran Sepah (IRGC) confirm firing 72 missiles & drones to target terrorist Kurdish separatist groups based in 'Kurdistan' region north of Iraq after multiple 'warnings' to KRG authorities to stop hosting these militants accused of instigating riots & killing Iranians1 year ago
Iran Sepah (IRGC) confirm firing 72 missiles & drones to target terrorist Kurdish separatist groups based in 'Kurdistan' region north of Iraq after multiple 'warnings' to KRG authorities to stop hosting these militants accused of instigating riots & killing Iranians
Three more members of the Komala have been injured in fresh Iranian bombardments in the Bradost area of Erbil province
US Consulate General in Erbil issued a security alert as it continues to receive "reports of ongoing drone and rocket attacks by Iranian military forces" against Iranian-Kurdish opposition groups in the Kurdistan Region – statement
Iranian attacks are an "unprovoked violation" of the Iraqi sovereignty, the German Consulate General in Erbil said in a tweet
Germany calling on Iran to "immediately cease" the attacks
Explosion in Koysanjaq district of Erbil district
Two people were killed and 7 wounded in Koya. Koya hospital calling blood donors to visit the hospital as the wounded are in need of it
Civilians leave refugees camps after Iran's attacks against opposition sites near Koya in Erbil, Iraq
The footage below released by Iraq-based Kurdistan 24 shows "missiles targeting the KDPI headquarters in Koya district of Erbil"
Demonstrators flock to Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, and the authorities place concrete blocks on Al-Jumhuriya Bridge
Iranian drones bombard the headquarters of a Kurdish association in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq
Iran's artillery shells @KDPIenglish headquarters near Koya, Erbil northern Iraq
In Iraq, Coordination Framework: the 1st priority of the new government will be to expel US forces. Other priorities include closing the Haul refugee camp in Syria, eliminating ISIS sleeper cells, & closing security vacuums
Turkish warplanes bombard Duhok Governorate in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and cause power outage to about 20 villages