13 July 2024
A Pentagon spokesman told Sky News Arabia: Efforts to reduce tension in the Green Zone in central Baghdad, and we postpone discussing security reinforcements to protect our diplomatic mission
Al-Sadr Minister accuses Nuri al-Maliki of killing Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq
Al-Sadr's minister calls on Iran to rein in its pro-coordination framework in Iraq
1 year ago
Ümit Tarhan, the so-called academies responsible for providing sabotage training to PKK/KCK militants, was neutralized with the operation carried out by MIT in Duhok/Gara in northern Iraq.
A soldier was killed and 3 others wounded in an explosive device explosion targeting a vehicle belonging to the security forces in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad
A Commemoration ceremony for three members of the PMU that were kill in the shelling on the PMU HQ in Baghdad by the peace brigade militias
Al-Kazemi: I am in pain because of the events in Baghdad
Speech by the Iraqi Prime Minister on recent developments
Iraq's Moqtada Sadr gives followers one hour to end protests
The Green Zone in Baghdad was bombed by 4 missiles that fell this morning in the residential complex
Iraqis in Baghdad now burning Iranian flags
Head of the Iraqi Sovereignty Alliance: We call on our armed forces and security institutions to take control of matters
Peace brigade militias are firing at a surveillance UAV at the Green zone in Baghdad
Military reinforcements arrive at Green Zone
Injuries during armed confrontations in the vicinity of the Iraqi parliament inside the Green Zone in Baghdad
Rocket propelled grenades (RPG) are being shot by the Sadrist militants inside Baghdad's Green Zone, Kurdistan 24 correspondent reporting
Iraqi security forces are trying to isolate the Green Zone to prevent the spread of clashes to other areas
The security forces are trying to control the clashes and the military reinforcements continue
Iran decides to close its land borders with Iraq, and Kuwait calls on its citizens to leave due to security developments
Intense security deployment in various areas of Baghdad
Iraq's Security Media Cell says four rockets were fired at the Green Zone in Baghdad, causing material damage only
15 protesters were shot dead in Baghdad's Green Zone
Rocket bursts targeting the Green Zone
Asaib Ahl al-Haq office burned in Diwaniya Iraq1 year ago
Asaib Ahl al-Haq office burned in Diwaniya Iraq
The Iraqi government announcing a day off across all provinces, according to a statement
Iraqi security forces begin to cut off the streets of the capital, Baghdad, with cement blocks
At least 6 mortar attack struck Baghdad's GreenZone and the outskirts of the fortified GZ. The clashes are still going on between Sadrist militants and Iran-Backed Militias (PMF groups), in Baghdad. Footage: Near 2 the Iraqi parliament building.
UNAMI calls on all Iraqi parties to "refrain from violence immediately
Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi welcoming the calls from Moqtada Al-Sadr and Hadi Al-Amiri to put an end to violence ensued after renewed protests in the country, according to a statement
An attack targeting a headquarters of Asa'ib in Baghdad