13 July 2024
Iraqi security media: The attack on Baghdad airport caused damage to two planes that were on the runway
Air navigation returns to normal at Baghdad airport after it was targeted by a missile attack
The outcome of the daily bombing of Baghdad International Airport, which targeted the hangars of civilian aircraft at dawn today, with multiple missiles at the hands of armed groups.
In pictures. the missile launchers that targeted the US military wing at the Victoria base near Baghdad airport and the damage caused by them
Iraqi police told Reuters: The civilian plane that was hit by a missile at Baghdad airport was out of service
Severe damage to aircraft. The first pictures of the effects of the missile bombing on Baghdad airport
Confirmed: At least 6 rockets landed in Baghdad Airport this morning (4:30). All hit the runway area and/ or areas close to the civilian side. No impacts within the Baghdad Diplomatic Support Centre hosting US diplomatic personnel & troops. US anti rocket system CRAM activated
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ISIS carried out an attack on Iran-backed PMU/PMF vehicle on the road to Akashat, west of Anbar. Amaq also released a photoset from the attack
ISIS has claimed responsibility for an IED attack targeting an Iraqi army foot patrol north of Al-Azim District in Iraq's Diyala Province, allegedly wounding 3 including a lieutenant colonel
The presidency of the Iraqi parliament sets next February 7 as the date for the session to elect the president of the republic
ISIS has claimed responsibility for a clash with a joint patrol by Iraqi Federal Police and Sunni Tribal Mobilization Forces near the Rashad District in Iraq's Kirkuk Province, allegedly inflicting several casualties including a lieutenant colonel
2 year ago
Iraq. Finding 5 missiles that were intended to be launched on the Karma neighborhood, which was targeted yesterday
The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, arrives at the Iraqi-Syrian border strip area in Nineveh Governorate, accompanied by the Ministers of Defense and Interior, and a number of military and security leaders
2 year ago
The Iraqi PMF thwarted an attempt by ISIS militants to penetrate into Iraq's Shingal area adjacent to Syria's border
Iraqi intelligence: 3 ISIS members were arrested, including the one responsible for the security of Mosul, before its liberation
The United Nations Mission in Iraq: We condemn the missile attack near the residence of Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi in Anbar
Iraqi president condemns the "terrorist"attack on Parliament Speaker's guest house in Al-Anbar today. Two civilians were wounded in the rocket attack
The Iraqi President: The timing of the attack on the headquarters of the Speaker of the House of Representatives targets national and constitutional entitlements
Al-Arabiya sources: Armed militias seem to be involved in the kidnapping of Baghdad airport security director
2 year ago
Two people were injured after three rockets were fired, which may have been targeting the guesthouse of Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi in the city of al-Karmah northeast of Fallujah. Iraq
2 year ago
At least 4 Katyushas were fired in Karma, one landed near Muhammed Halbousi's residence, 1 behind Karma Mosque, 1 in a local market, and 1 in Albu Khalifa area. The launches originated from Ibrahim bin Ali area
2 year ago
The armed factions began their activity in the opposition by bombing the host of the Speaker of Parliament and its surrounding areas, including a mosque in Karmah, Anbar Governorate, western Iraq.
Effects of targeting Garma in Anbar province2 year ago
Effects of targeting Garma in Anbar province
2 year ago
Rocket attack targeting Al Karma town northern Baghdad
Iraq's supreme court has rejected the lawsuit filed to annul the outcome of the first parliamentary session, held earlier this month
The Federal Supreme Court of Iraq postpones hearing the two cases of the largest bloc until February 1
6 IS militants killed in Iraqi Army airstrike near Tarimiyah, Baghdad
Blast sound, Tarmiyah, north of Baghdad Iraq
2 year ago
The Iraqi army: The strike came as a continuation of the operation south of Hatra district, which resulted in the killing of 2 ISIS commander