17 July 2024
Yesterday evening, radar systems detected multiple low-flying drones, flying westward, originating from Iraq's eastern border region. One of the systems crashed south of Tikrit, Iraq & was recovered by Iraqi Security forces" a coalition official says “The drone is now in custody & is being analyzed by Coalition forces.” a coalition official says adding that the type have been used by “malign actors” as improvised cruise missiles against the UAE & Saudi Arabia. “It pose a significant threat to Iraq's sovereignty”
2 year ago
A UAV that was heading towards Erbil from "eastern border" [AKA Iran] has been reportedly intercepted by the coalition
The moment of detonation of an explosive device on the Baghdad Expressway in Dhi Qar Governorate, which was designed to target a convoy of the International Coalition Forces
Iraq arrested eight ISIS members in four governorates one of them was arrested in Sulaymaniyah in KGR
Iraqi security forces dismantled an IED along the Baghdad-Nasiriyah road, believed to be aimed at Iraqi logistical convoys used by the US-led coalition
Iraq's top court started its session to resolve the case of KDP's presidential candidate Hoshyar Zebari following his temporary suspension last week
Iraqi Security Media Cell: Logistic support columns targeted with two explosive devices in Al-Muthanna Governorate
Iraqi Security: Arrest of the person responsible for several assassinations and kidnappings in Maysan Governorate
2 year ago
NorthIraq: A group of PKK militants and at least 8 Syrian tunnel workers were killed in the air operation carried out by TAF warplanes in the Sinjar region as part of Operation Winter Eagle. -Iraq Resources
2 year ago
Iraqi National Security: Having large numbers of militants in SDF prisons in NE_Syria is a continuing and permanent threat in light of the poor capabilities
IED attack US logistic convoy in Al-Anbar governorate
A roadside bomb explosion in Iraq's western province of Anbar killed three Iraqi soldiers and a civilian on Wednesday. A roadside device detonated near a vehicle transporting soldiers on a highway near the town of Rutba
In Iraq, Muqtada Sadr calls for calm in Maysan Province after 2 high profile assassinations. Says his movement is a brother to Asa'ib Ahl Al-Haqq militia but the 2 groups have political differences. Member of Sayara Salam militia assassinated in Maysan
A woman was shot dead on Wednesday by unknown assailants in Erbil's Koya town, a police officer told Rudaw. The perpetrators have not been arrested yet
Per @DoD_IG, @DeptofDefense has about 2,500 troops in #Iraq, about 900 in #Syria Another 5,802 DoD contractors are also in the 2 countries
"It is a big concern" LtGen Kurilla tells SASC of Iran-backed militias in both Iraq & Syria
The Iraqi Prime Minister vows retribution and accountability for those who tamper with the security and stability of Maysan Governorate
Iraqi media: Two Iraqi soldiers were killed in an explosive device explosion in Anbar Governorate
2 year ago
Iraqi National Security Service INSS in Nineveh arrested "a terrorist cell of 3 members of Daesh working in logistical support near an exit to Salahaddin province, statement by INSS Monday. "An ambush was set up upon intelligence information & obtaining judicial approvals
At least one member of the Iraqi security forces was killed and four others were injured in a suspected Islamic State (ISIS) attack in Diyala province on Sunday night
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Qaani arrives in Baghdad and meets with the leaders of the Popular Mobilization Forces
Al-Arabiya sources: News of the arrival of the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to Erbil
Two explosions target two convoys of the international coalition forces in Al-Qadisiyah and Al-Muthanna governorates in southern Iraq.
A group of armed men on Saturday killed a judge specialized in drug cases in the southern Iraqi province of Maysan, police confirmed
The Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria has suspended the license of Rudaw Media Network to work in northeastern Syria – statement
2 year ago
An IRGC military convoy has entered IRGC influenced government areas from Al-Bukamal railway crossing, with the convoy heading towards Imam Ali base and Al-Mayadin and Deir Ez Zor Airbase
Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani has commended US forces for their "successful mission" on Thursday, which resulted in the death of ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi
ISIS attacks Peshmerga forces in Makhmur district. 2 Peshmergas were injured and there's clashes between Peshmerga and ISIS
A spokesman for Houthi-led rebels in Yemen has praised yesterday's drone attack by a shadowy Iraqi Shiite insurgent group targeting Abu Dhabi in the UAE: "We thank them for this honorable stand in solidarity with our dear people against the puppet Emirati enemy
Iraq-i Shia Muslim cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr blamed an Iraq-based militia for a drone attack on a Gulf Arab state, a day after the UAE said it had intercepted drones over their country. Al-Sadr said that "militants are working to drag Iraq intro a dangerous regional war