Map. History of Iraq conflict

20 July 2017
It's propaganda
Iraq Joint Ops Command: more than 30,000 militants killed during Mosul campaign
Briefing, July 20 - Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria and Iraq
No confirmed information on 39 missing Indians, Iraqi ambassador tells India
Iraqi forces recapture Imam Gharbi village south of Mosul from Daesh - police
Spoke to US Brig Gen Robert Sofge, says it has been first 24-hour period with no coalition strikes in Mosul for months. Nearing very end now
Chammal : 11 strikes and 26 missions of the artillery in Iraq and Syria this week.
Iraq to buy several hundred Russian-made T-90 tanks worth more than $1 billion.
ISIS attack 50 km north-west of Rutbah against PMU: weapons and ammunition seized
Pro-Ahrar al-Sham activist shares a picture of a poster reading: "We do not want a new Mosul in Idlib".
Barzani: No one can put pressure on the Kurds to regret from holding Independence referendum.
Barzani: Iraq's future is unknown.
Kurdish President Masoud Barzani has set November 1 for the parliamentary and presidential elections in the Kurdistan Region.
Iraq envoy to India Fakhri H. Al-Issa says 'Possible that 39 missing Indians moved from Mosul to Raqqa in Syria'
In a press conf. in Baghdad with his counterpart, Egypt's FM Shoukry says Cairo offered security assistance to Iraq in countering terrorism.
HRW: Execution site discovered in Mosul as Iraq PM ignores 'flood of evidence of his soldiers committing war crimes'
Foreign Minister meets with Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Abadi in Baghdad today
Egypt's FM Sameh Shokri arrived in Baghdad. Iraq
Iraqi PM: Rights violations in Mosul were 'individual acts'
Kurds are partners with us in an indivisible Iraq, says Abadi
Iraq PM rejects UN report that Iraq is applying collective punishment to families of ISIS fighters.
Iraqi Counter-terrorism Service: we killed 8,500 militants in West Mosul.
ISIS returns to 'Allas Oil Field, SW. Kirkuk; it has launched a heavy assault on multiple Iraqi posts, killing and wounding a number.
Reportedly SVBIED hit ISF in Al Dulab, north-west of Hit killing over 20 soldiers. Iraq
UN confirmed over 2 million internally displaced Iraqi civilians have returned home thanks to the Iraqi Security Forces battling ISIS
Video: Iraqi helicopters fire on alleged ISIS militants fleeing across Tigris in Mosul
Iraqi Forces take Mosque in Imam Gharbi Village South of Mosul. They have been trying to retake village for over a week.
ISIS strikes Kirkuk province, kills five people and captures five others
Kurdish Minister @FalahMustafa visited U.S. and met with anti-ISIS envoy @Brett_McGurk, discussing Kurdish referendum, military cooperation.
Kirkuk security forces have arrested five suspected militants from Hawija
German ISIS girl Linda W. (16 y/o) was apparently captured in Mosul by Iraqi security forces