Map. History of Iraq conflict

24 September 2017
42 terrorists executed in prison in Nasriya, Iraq. Families of victims attend executions.
Kurdistan Islamic Group KIG will vote ‘Yes’ in the upcoming independence referendum - Statement
Barzani: From now on we are neighbors with Iraq.
Barzani is told Abadi is holding a press conference he responded "I'm a good friend with Abadi, I don't like to break his heart."
Barzani: we don’t expect any clashes between Peshmerga forces and Iraqi army.
Abadi: We will not abandon our Kurdish citizens and reject the sectarian state and racism
Barzani: Kurdistan is not a theat to Turkey's national security
Barzani: We hope Turkey does not close its border, this will not benefit either side
Al Abadi: The referendum is rejected, its results will not be recognised, we will do whatever is necessary to protect the unity of Iraq
Iraqi PM speech to nation "Kirkuk's oil does not belong to individuals or parties, why has the KRG not paid people salaries"
Abadi: Kurdistan leaders rejected the work of oversight and integrity under the pretext of independence
Abadi: Most of the problems of Kurdistan region is not with Baghdad and will worsen after the referendum
Barzani: Baghdad forced us to hold Referendum, the partnership ended with Iraq.
PM @HaiderAlAbadi will speak to the nation at 5.30pm
We tried our best to find solution with Baghdad with help of International community, but Iraq didn't accept us, Barzani says.
Kurdish President addresses press, says Iraq has violated its constitution
Kurdish President Masoud Barzani starts press release as independence referendum set to take place tomorrow
Turkish Army expands its military drill, which was started on Sept 18, in Silopi district countryside of Şırnak Province, near TR-Iraq border
Iran IRGC Commander Qassem Soulimani arrived at plains of Ninawa, NW Mosul as voting boxes are distributed for KRG referendum
Iraqi forces concluded the first phase of Hawija operation liberating Az Zab area completely this morning
The leader of the PMU in the western axis of Anbar Qassim Musleh: we will clear Anbar before Middle area of Euphrates
Iraqi Ministries and official institutions cancel holidays and ask members to boycott Erbil referendum in contested areas
Iran closes the airspace to the Kurdistan region of Iraq at the request of Baghdad
Rudaw claims that KDP, PUK and Islamic Union have decided to hold referendum in Kirkuk tomorrow as planned.
Iran's IRGC is holding drills in northwestern country, Where Iran meets Kurdistan region
Shelling on the Iraq-Iran border at Haji Omeran
Iran heavily shelling border areas in Haji Omaran area in the excuse of presence of Kurdi Iranian opposition parties there.
HDP MP criticizing Turkish PM and defending Barzani. "The Kurdish President knows 6 languages, what about you?" .
Photo of PMU 56th Brigade at Zab town center
PKK: "An attack on Southern Kurdistan (KRG) will be considered an attack on all of Kurdistan".
Turkey announced closure its consulate in Erbil on September 24 and 25 without explanation or giving any reasons
Three Kurdish fighters killed, five wounded in explosion south of Kirkuk
Officials reject rumors of excluding Kirkuk from Kurdistan referendum
In the third day of Hawija operations Iraqi Forces cleared 346km2 and over 40 villages: Tal Shair, Tal Muhamad, Shati Al Jadar, Al Nuwr, Tal Al Nuwr, Umm Al Izam, Tal Al Wird, Al Aighar, Tal Al Aighar, Al Judur, Saruat, Ar Hama, Jukis, Dawsarat Al Suflaa, Sabih Fawqani, Al Zuraria, Al Sharyet, Al Hulwa , Kirrud , Jar Bardan, Haliwat Al Suflaa, Haliwat Al Ulya, Haliwat Al Wusta, Shamit, Saridek, Al Khazir Al Ulya, Eatirat Al Inadia, Arab Salman Najam, Al Shawi, Hamd Muhamad Ali, Al Naml, Al Sadar, Hatirat, Al Khazir, Al Sabaghia, Rajm Al Wadi, Al Riwayat, Ranjy, Al Shaku, Al Qibat, Suflat, Al Namisat , Al Awin, Al Sabil, Al Enadia
Iraq foreign minister calls for assistance to build nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes: U.N. summit
PUK sends military reinforcement to Kirkuk
Last update in Hawija operations
Iraqi FM: Baghdad cannot accept the unconstitutional decisions of Kurdistan Region.
French service member killed in "combat-related incident" in Middle East today, coalition statement says. No immediate word on location.
Military reinforcement arrived in Kirkuk ahead of referendum
Video: Turkish Parliament approves motion to extend Turkey’s military mandate for Iraq and Syria for another year
French soldier killed in Iraq-Syria military zone, French presidency says
Bridge linking Kirkuk with Tikrit was cleared of ISIS by Iraqi forces
Najmadin, the governor of Kirkuk and @LahurTalabany is in a historic meeting regarding holding referendum in Kirkuk Twitterkurds
Turkey's parliament approved extending a military mandate permitting deployment of troops to Iraq and Syria
Anti-Terrorism units liberated Khanugiyah mountain range, the An Naml village and the village of Khalaf al-Ali, west of the Tigris River
Third day of Hawija operations: 40 villages freed, dozens of civilians rescued
After the third day of Hawija operations Iraqi forces controls the Northern bank of Zab river.
Baghdad considers negotiation with Kurds Erbil failed over halting the Referendum despite all attempts
Iraq Counter-terrorism service captures Khanoka Mountains and 2 villages in Hawija district.