Map. History of Iraq conflict

28 June 2017
Survey: Iraqis are the most angry of all Arab nations.
Iraq — Urban fighting, Old Mosul style: Grenade-range clashes in narrow alleys.
Graphic video: crowd have lynched suspected ISIS member on the street of Mosul
Celebrations in Mosul as Da'ish is pushed out of the city. People from southern Iraq came to celebrate with their northern countrymen
There were 70 ISIS infiltrators. Iraq Counter Terrorism Service had to send 2 battalions to defeat them
ISIS announces it has taken control of several positions in al-Mashada district in Western Mosul. Iraq
Iraq Federal Police units found a ISIS weapon storage in Mosul Old City, some of the IEDs had chlorine gas.
Spoils shown in new ISIS propaganda video from Anbar province, obtained during huge raid on Iraqi positions
Life is back to Mosul.
Fighting in old Mosul's tiny streets has its unique challenges. More pics from BBC embed with Iraqi Federal Police to the heart of west Mosul
Machine guns fired from the rooftops of the homes in Ain Al-Jahash village in west Mosul, the village was captured 6 months ago.
16 PMU fighters were killed and injured when they coming back to Baghdad passing through Ain Al-Jahash village in west Mosul. Iraq
Iraq Joint Operations said only eight neighborhoods left in Mosul Old city not captured yet.
Iraq Joint Operation OFFICIALLY announced 50% of Mosul Old city freed by Counter Terrorism, Federal Police and Army 16th Div.
Iraq Joint Operations will give an official statement on the number of neighborhood left in Mosul Old city in a few minutes.
Thousand are celebrating in east Mosul joined by artists, activists and poets from south Iraq
Iraq's armed forces have captured the Baydh and Ras Jaddah areas in Mosul's old city district.
ISIS controls less than 2 square km of Mosul
Images for Iraq Federal Police Units inside Mosul Old city
26 Jun: ISF make big progress in Old Mosul as evac civilians
Iraq forces kill a number of ISIS trying to infiltrate from West Mosul to East Mosul
Zarif: Another dangerous US escalation in Syria on fake pretext will only serve ISIS, precisely when it's being wiped out by Iraqi and Syrian people.
IS claimed to have killed and injured 20 after (indeed) motorcycle exploded in Fallujah
June 26, Coalition forces conducted 31 strikes consisting of 45 engagements vs. ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq
ISF in Mosul are using extraordinary consideration for the local population and clearing the city block by block
Iraq federal police units captured Al-Zewani Mosque in Mosul Old City
Iraq 3rd ISOF BDE Commander: Most civilians fleeing Old Mosul are in poor health due to life under ISIS occupation.
International Coalition in Iraq: there are only about 200 ISIS left in Mosul.
Only few streets are between Iraq Security Forces and remnants of al-Nouri mosque in Mosul
Iraq PM: announcement of victory in Mosul soon.