Map. History of Iraq conflict

21 October 2017
Iraqi ministry says 125,000 displaced after military clashes in Kirkuk
Iraq Security Forces entered the Gwer town.
Iraqi army continues to progress towards Turkish border
Clashes resume in Altun Kupri northern Kirkuk. Peshmerga heavily shelling PMF positions.
President says ISIS defeats in Mosul and Raqqah reflect "more progress" made "in the past several months than in the past several years."
PKK handmade mines being cleared in Northern Iraq.
Iraqi Fed Forces take control of Tagtaq area between Sulaimaniya and Erbil provinces.
Saudi energy minister @Khalid_AlFalih speaks at the opening of Baghdad International Fair earlier today —SPA
Saudi oil minister makes high profile visit to Iraq, calls for oil supply cooperation
Protest now in front of US Consulate in Erbil
PUK Intelligence "Zanyari" affirm in a Statement; no Kurdish parties from Rojhalat/ Iran are in danger inside green borders (2003)
Protest in front of UN compound in Erbil, protesters will march towards US consulate after a while
Operation command announced opening of all roads between towns where control gained from Peshmerga in Nineweh province
A force belonging to PUK "70" force is heading from TaqtTaq to Shiwa Sur. while a small Iraqi Army Unit is in Shwuna, wich was 2003 border
After the PUK withdrawal from Taq Taq, KDP-I and PMF positions are facing each other.
Iranian and Iraqi militias have been deployed in the vicinity of one of PDKI’s bases outside the city of Koya Sanjaq
Erbil Council calls on Kurdish MPs in Iraq Parliament to boycott meetings in response to Baghdad's military ops.
Baghdad provided following conditions for dialog with KRG: Control over airports, natural resources, borders, Peshmerga and security forces
Main Kurdish checkpoint today (entry/exit point KRG). Lot's of Peshmerga here but very quiet, no shelling.
Iraq Rapid Response Division arrived in Ain Zalah and will make it way to the new border crossings between Turkey and Iraq.
Iraqi military is starting to move towards the Kurdish village of Chamchamal on the between Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah
Iraqi Army is now moving towards Chamchamal, with coordination with Bafel Talabani run Peshmerga (PUK).
Islamic State Claims 2 Suicide Bombing Against ISF In Anbar
Iraqi forces advance on Kuwayr/Gwer, town is already empty
Iraq increases oil exports from south by 200,000 bpd to make up for Kirkuk fields shortfall
Iraqi forces control 44 oil wells and the Zammar and Ayn Zalah districts north-west of Nineveh
Iraq intelligence official: “Iran played a decisive role in making the PUK chose the right course with Baghdad”
PUK's Pavel Talabani says leaders in Kurdistan rejected "a historic" proposal by the US on the future of Kurdistan.
US calls on Iraq forces to limit movements in disputed areas to those coordinated with Kurds
Iraqi sources say Al-Qosh, Shexan and Zelkan will be taken tomorrow. Peshmerga has not retreated from Al-Qosh, contrary to "the agreement".
US Department of State: We are concerned by reports of violent clashes near Altun Kupri in northern Iraq. We are monitoring and call on all parties to restore calm.
State Dept: US remains committed to united, stable, democratic, and federal Iraq. We will continue working to encourage dialogue