Map. History of Iraq conflict

22 August 2017
U.S. Defense Secretary arrives in Erbil city, Kurdistan Region.
PKK's Kalkan calls KRG referendum "propaganda" and "cannot be done", says no democracy just decision by administration
Neighbourhood of al-Kifah on western axis also captured by Iraqi forces as Daesh completely collapse. Iraq
Iraq forces take first two Tal Afar districts from the Islamic State group: statement
Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi receives US Defense Secretary
PKK leader Duran Kalkan says President Masoud Barzani can not do a referendum as the PKK are the only ones who can do it.
The PKK announce they are against Kurdistan Region's independence from Iraq
3 Iraqi PMU (Hashd) BDEs operated with Emergency Response Div (ERD), concentrate in Husain Hospital in Telafar.
Tirmī captured this morning.
The Hashd forces have beseiged the industrial zone west of Tal Afar
PMU, the 9th Armoured Division and infantry divisions (2 - 11) of Iraqi Army captured Al-Nour district
Footage of car bomb exploded on ISF when its approached the Aljazira district east of Tal Afar few minutes ago
Special Forces from Belgium and USA setting up position near Iraq's city of TelAfar in order to assist ISF
Iraqi forces capture the village of Tishtah and Kasik refinery on the Kasik interchange approx. 30km northeast of TalAfar. Iraq
Push to the center of Tal Afar
PMU, Iraq forces backed by Iraq aviation continuously advancing towards Tal_Afer center through 5 axis; Daesh defense destroyed
Iraq CTService: so far in Telafar battle, we have suffered no casualties or equipment losses, ISIS is collapsing.
Iraq joint operations officially announced that Counter-terrorism, PMU, and Army 9th Div have successfully entered Tal Afar.
Iraq CTService: we have reached Kifah neighborhood of Telafar. We captured 7 villages and destroyed 7 car bombs.
Iraq Army 9th Div and PMU Abbas brigade has entered Al-Jazeera district south Tal Afar. The Urban warfare has started.
Independence referendum will not be delayed, Kurdish President Barzani reiterates ahead of visit by U.S. Defence Secretary.
President @masoud_barzani says independent Kurdistan will have new national anthem, new flag to include all components.
PMU and the federal police are engaged in violent clashes with ISIS in the first district of # Tal Afar from the west
Iraq Army Aviation is pounding ISIS in Tal Afar
Iraq joint operations officially announced Al-Sakak oil refinery east Tal Afar west Mosul completely captured.
First image of PMU storming Tal Afar west Mosul from the southern axes. Iraq
The US Defense Secretary arrived in Iraq for unannounced visit to meet Iraqi leaders.
Peshmerga, Iraqi forces on high alert around ISIS in Hawija
Iraq Army 15th Division killed 5 Suicide Bombers in the Southeast axis
New strike footage of apparent Iranian Shahed-129 drone strikes in support of Sayyid al-Shuhada
New strike footage of apparent Iranian Shahed-129 drone strikes in support of Sayyid al-Shuhada
ISIS today claimed responsibility for a number of suicide and IED ops on the outskirts of TafAfar, focused on the city's west and southwest.
Turkey's FM @MevlutCavusoglu will meet both Iraqi PM @HaiderAlAbadi and Kurdish President @Masoud_Barzani, as well as Turkmen parties.
Iraqi reporter in Telafar district: US bombardment has killed 38 Iraq PMU fighters and destroyed 20 vehicles