Map. History of Iraq conflict

20 Лютий 2020
Iraqi PMF (Hashd) battalion commander from 110st Brigade killed in security operation in south Khunaqin district in Diyala Province.
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A civilian killed 2 others injured in a roadside bomb explosion northeast of Diyala on Wednesday.
Video shows Iraqi security forces attacking citizens in oil rich city of Kirkuk while they were gathered for taking their share of oil.
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The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Massoud Barzani: the organization of ISIS is heavily returning to some areas
Iraq loses 2,500 megawatts of electricity imported from Iran due to damages in pipelines caused during the last earthquake. Iraq's Ministry of Electriciy
Iraqi source says Qasem Soleimani of Iranian Revolutionary Guards will act as mediator to settle dispute about nomination of Falih Fayyadh as Interior Minister.
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Армія Іраку обстрілює бойовиків ІДІЛ у місті Аль-Багуз в передмісті Абу-Камаль
Операція «Непохитна рішучість»: бойовики ІДІЛ втратили більшу частину фінансових ресурсів, які вони раніше контролювали, щоб розширити свій вплив, вони покладаються на СВП та печерні мережі, в спробі зберегти свій вплив
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Fierce clashes have erupted between security forces and dozens of protesters outside an oil company in the oil-rich Iraqi city of Basra over high unemployment rates in the country.
Iraq forces kill senior ISIS leader in Saladin: Coaliton
Two persons have died in hospital and +100 have been injured in Kelar, Garmiyan areas of the Kurdistan region.
Kurdish Media: 26 people have been hospitalized in Kalar city in Kurdistan region due to the earthquake.
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Magnitude 5.3 quake has hit Iraq-Iran border region — USGS
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Large earthquake aftershock felt in Erbil
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Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes 114 km northwest of Ilam, Iran, depth 65 km
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Earthquake hit Iraqi capital Baghdad and a number of Iraqi provinces
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Strong earthquake 6.7 on the Iran-Iraq border
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An earthquake hits Baghdad, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk in Iraq
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Light earthquake hit a number of Iraqi provinces
Earthquake felt in Baghdad Iraq
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Turkish aircraft kill 6 PKK in Iraqi Kurdish Region.
Міністерство оборони Іраку: армія Іраку, спільно з французькими та американськими військами, обстріляли з артилерії позиції бойовиків Даєш на кордоні з Сирією
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U.S. Rifles Troopers in Iraq are supporting the fight against ISIS. Steel Squadron and Task Force Thunder Troopers fire an M777A2 howitzer while supporting Iraqi Security Forces during combat operations against ISIS, Nov. 20, 2018.
Iraq Health ministry' spokesman says rain and flash floods have killed 17 and wounded 178 others across the country in the last few days.
Students of Sulaimani University protest shortage of services and insults against female students
PUK asks PKK affiliated parties in Sulaimani to close their offices within 24 hours
Iraq: Iraqi forces arrest local leaders of the Daash during a security operation based on informing the people in the district of Tal Afar west of Nineveh
A Kirkuk police officer shot dead, two others wounded by unknown gunmen shot as they were riding in a car near Takya, on the Kirkuk Sulaimaniyah road late on Friday.
.@Pontifex Francis welcomes new Iraqi President @BarhamSalih to the Vatican1 рік тому
[email protected] Francis welcomes new Iraqi President @BarhamSalih to the Vatican
At least 4 thousand people were forced to leave their homes due to flooding caused by heavy rains in Shirgat, Salahadin province.
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