Map. History of Iraq conflict

15 Травень 2021
Iran's Ambassador to Baghdad: Any targeting by us of the US presence in Iraq will not be considered an interference in the affairs of Iraq
Iran will target US forces in Iraq if any attacks happen against them - Iranian ambassador in Iraq
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Anbar: Eight IS Insurgents Killed
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The Baghdad Operations Command says the explosion northeast of the capital was the result of cooking gas cylinder malfunction
Iraqi Interior Ministry announces arrest of 3 man ISIS sleeper cell in Kirkuk city
Kurdsat (close to PUK) shuts down due to lack of funding
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Al-Jazeera Ops Command & Albu-Nimr Hashed carried out a joint op to search areas north of Anbar & west of Salahuddin. Iraqi forces fought & killed 12 militants & 3 vehicles filled with ammo & explosives. Iraqi forces were supported by the Iraqi Army Aviation & @CJTFOIR aircrafts
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Saudi Arabia King Salman meets Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in Jeddah
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In rare comments on the subject, Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif accuses Israel of carrying out strikes in Iraq
2 ISIS were killed last night near the village of Qabr Abed south of Mosul
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Al-Jubeir: Iran benefited from the nuclear deal to finance its militias in Yemen, Iraq and Syria
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Al-Jubeir: Iran must act as a good neighbor and respect the sovereignty of its neighbors
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Jubeir: Qatar provides millions of dollars to Hezbollah and the PMU in Iraq
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Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to visit Saudi Arabia on Wednesday
US Embassy in Baghdad tells US citizens in Iraq to be on alert for terrorist attacks in major cities
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Iraqi Army Aviation striking ISIS positions near Qara Tabah in Diyala
Iraq increases electricity production to 19,000 MW per day: official
ISI satellite images: The new Iranian border crossing is under intense construction. The official Iraq-Syria wasn't yet inaugurated
3 suspected PKK militants were killed during the Turkish airborne operations in Avashin region in northern Iraq in the scope of Operation Paw
[email protected] statement on yesterday's mortar attack in Baghdad "The CJTF-OIR continues to work by, with, and through our Iraqi Security Forces partners to ensure the enduring defeat of Daesh (ISIS). There have been no claims of responsibility, for the recent attack in Baghdad"
US-led coalition in Iraq says any attacks on its personnel 'will not be tolerated' after Baghdad rockets - statement
1 civilian was killed last night during an armed attack near Abarra northeast of Baqubah
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Reports of mortar attack on Iraqi army/Hashd al-Shaabi base near the town of Riyadh in Kirkuk province
Iraq: Security source says one rocket landed near embassy & foreign diplomats near the US mission tell @AFP sirens still going off after 2 blasts heard
Two mortar shells landed in an empty area in the vicinity of the Green Zone and the other in the bank of Tigris River in Baghdad, without causing any damage of casualties, official security source told CNN
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Two Turkish soldiers killed in northern Iraq
3 PKK militants were neutralized in the air campaign in Avaşin region in the north of Iraq in scope of the operation of Pence
Reports of drone attack on Hashd al-Shaabi base near Al-Rutba district in western Anbar Province. Hashd al-Shaabi denies drone attack, confirms sounds of explosions near its base. Iraq
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The leaders of Egypt, Jordan and Iraq: the importance of a comprehensive political solution to the crises of the region in accordance with the resolutions of the Security Council and the face of external interventions aimed at destabilizing Arab national security
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PMU / PMF senior, Jawad Kazem AL-Rabi'ei denies airstrikes on PMU base in Al-Anbar Iraq
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