14 Квітень 2021
The New York Times: The headquarters that was bombed north of Baghdad was used by the Revolutionary Guard to transport weapons to Syria.
Official head of Iraq paramilitary forces walks back his deputy's accusations that the US was behind a string of recent explosions at bases
Israel PM Netanyahu tonight: "We are not giving Iran immunity anywhere, We are operating in many places against a country who wants to destroy us" (Netanyahu in an Interview to Israel Channel 9)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that the military is operating in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries where Iran is "setting up bases against Israel."
ISI assesses: the sites attack aimed to destroy the Iranian land bridge from Tehran to Syria and Hizballah, as well as to prevent the Iranian capability of conducting attacks from Iraq against the surrounding countries
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Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades: "We send a final warning to the American enemy that any new targeting will be punished by a harsh and brutal response by the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades to the Americans."
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Targeted UAV flying over the base of the 12th Brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces PMF (الحشد الشعبي) near Baghdad
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Iraqi Shi'ite Militias say they have targeted a drone over one of its bases in the Baghdad area Iraq
Iraq, North Baghdad – Iran-proxy Shiite-Iraqi Militia Base Within Balad Airbase strike (20 August 2019) – Aftereffect
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Two French Rafale jets flying with the US-led coalition conducted an airstrike 14 August targeting an ISIS tunnel in northeastern Iraq, according to the French military
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German Defense Minister: Creating a safe area in Syria is important to ensure security and stability in the region
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Pentagon official: "The US is not involved in the recent warehouse explosions; we support Iraq's sovereignty and we are complying with Iraqi government directives about the use of their airspace"
Trump: At some point, the rest of the countries, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, should take responsibility for fighting IS
Iraq paramilitary force says US allowed Israel to put four drones in its bases, after transferring them via Azerbaijan
Iraq paramilitary force says US 'responsible' for base attacks
An Iraqi MP says the latest attacks were carried out by Israeli aircraft
Xinhua quotes an Iraqi official saying two members of the Popular Mobilization Units were killed and five others wounded in the blast near the Balad airbase
Boom, screenshot from video alleging to show the explosion at the PMU base struck tonight in Iraq near Balad AFB
Photos shared also claim to show Iraqi fire services fighting the fires amidst the containers that were at the site of the explosions
Minister of Defense and Army Chief of Staff arrived to Balad AB earlier
Iranian media: Iraqi intelligence suspects that the explosion of the country base was carried out by a drone
The fall of the projectiles is due to their explosion after the massive fire in the stores of the PMU
Dozens of projectiles fall on areas near the site of the explosion of weapons stores of the Popular Mobilization near Balad airbase in Salah al-Din province
Pompeo: IS is gaining strength in some areas
Turkish warplanes strike PKK targets near Babire village, Duhok1 рік тому
Turkish warplanes strike PKK targets near Babire village, Duhok
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5 suspected PKK militants reportedly neutralized in Turkish army air operations as a a part of Operation Paw in Metina area in northern Iraq
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Kurdistan Regional Government: The foot of Mount Qandil was attacked today by Turkish airstrikes
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Kurdistan Regional Government: We demand Ankara and the PKK not to endanger the population of the region
New German Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer arrives in Baghdad in her first visit to Iraq. She's expected to visit the Kurdistan Region where a number of German troops are training and advising the Peshmerga forces
In Iraq, officer and 4 soldiers injured by 2 improvised explosive devices in Abi Sida subdistrict in northeast Diyala Province
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