Map. History of Iraq conflict

27 Лютий 2020
US national security advisor John Bolton has welcomed the restart of oil exports from Kirkuk after a deal was struck between Baghdad and Erbil, calling it a promising step.
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6 suspected militants were neutralized in northern Iraq in Turkish airstrikes
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Basra activist dies day after shot by unknown gunmen: report
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Iraqi security kill 10 IS militants in Salahuddin province
Iraqi federal police command on Saturday said they have arrested a wanted terror suspect and safely detonated 3 roadside bombs west of Kirkuk.
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Khamenei: Some states inside and outside the region hold strong grudges against Islam, Shias, Sunnis, and Iraq and meddle into Iraq's internal affairs. They should be powerfully confronted and there should be no compromise in resisting the blatant, shameless enemy.
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Khamenei: While after eras of rule of arrogance, Iraqi nation owns the country and is independent, some spiteful govts seek to deprive Iraqis fr joy of victory, rob Iraq and region of peace. Only way to defy such plots is securing unity among Iraqis including Arabs, Kurds, Shias and Sunnis.
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Khamenei: The bond between the Iraqi and Iranian nations is peerless and the great ArbaeenWalk is one example of it. Upon their return, the hearts of the Iranian pilgrims were filled with gratitude for the hospitality of the people of Iraq.
KDP, PUK, Gorran begin government formation talks KDP delegation visited PUK and Gorran headquarters in Slemani today.
Iraqi Ninawa Police arrest 6 ISIS in East Mosul.
In Iraq, spokesman for Arab Tribes in disputed areas says PMF (Hashd) is arresting, kidnapping and torturing residents in parts of Ninawa Province, mentions Sinjar and Tall Afar.
Іракські Сили Народної мобілізації обстріляли ракетами збори бойовиків ІДІЛ в районі Абу-Камаль
Clashes erupt between two Shia militias in Khurmatu: One militia commander from Asaib Ahl al-Haq group wounded; Iraqi army intervened. Arrested some fighters; Kirkuk-Baghdad road closed.
Iraq Islamic State Releases Pictures Showing Fires Of Katyusha Rockets Attack Near Al-Shirqat Of Tigris In Saladin Governorate.
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Close relations between Iraq and Iran are a 'fixed principle': Iraqi President Barham Salih.
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Iraq has assigned relevant authorities to work on establishing a free trade zone on the Iraq-Iran border: @BarhamSalih says in press conference with @HassanRouhani
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Iraqi President Salih said he came to Tehran with a clear message that Iraq cares about its relations with Iran, rooted in shared history, faith, and geography.
Iraqi president @BarhamSalih visits Iran and welcomed by iranian president @HassanRouhani in Tehran.1 рік тому
Iraqi president @BarhamSalih visits Iran and welcomed by iranian president @HassanRouhani in Tehran.
KRG @PMBarzani and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran @AndrewLPeek welcomed the resumption of Kirkuk oil exports that will 'benefit Iraq as a whole': KRG1 рік тому
KRG @PMBarzani and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran @AndrewLPeek welcomed the resumption of Kirkuk oil exports that will 'benefit Iraq as a whole': KRG
Between 50,000 and 200,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Kirkuk oil are expected to be exported under a new arrangement between the KRG and Iraqi government.
Схід Сирії: іракські Сили народної мобілізації регулярно обстрілюють бойовиків ІДІЛ з тих пір, як захопили деяку територію на сході Дайр-Ез-Заур у Демократичних сил Сирії. Відео: транскордонний обстріл бойовиків Катаїб Саїд Шухада на початку цього місяця іранськими ракетами 107-мм калібру
Iraqi MP says PM Abdel-Mahdi is threatening to immediately resign unless political blocs cease infighting and agree on unfilled cabinet positions. After 6 weeks, key minister positions still unfilled, among them Defense and Interior Ministers.
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Turkish shelling killed three in Kurdistan Region's Amedi: official
Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi orders security forces to rapidly address deteriorating security situation caused by ISIS cells.
Iraqi federal police safely detonated a truck loaded with explosives in Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk province.
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Iraqi Army 20th Division conducts sweep in desert of Hadr district 90 kilometers west of Mosul in Ninawa Province. Finds 7 ISIS tunnels filled with weapons, ammunition and explosives. Finds ISIS trenches recently dug.
Baghdad is seeking US approval for an agreement with Iran to exchange food for gas after US sanctions are imposed on Tehran
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Iraqi security media center on Tuesday said Diyala operations command units discovered 10 ISIS hideouts which contained 3 explosive vests, 6 IEDs and military uniforms.
Kurdish Regional Government Security Council says ISIS has conducted 240 operations in Mosul, Kirkuk, Hawija and Makhmur in the last 3 months.
On the way to Baghdad for a meeting of provincial governors, vehicles in the convoy of Kirkuk's acting governor Rakan al-Jubouri was involved in an accident, killing one guard and injuring two more.
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