15 Травень 2021
Armed militias stormed a house; and stole money and gold jewelry, in the "Diyala Bridge" south-east of Baghdad.
Erbil police warns of robbery tricks in exchange offices.2 рік тому
Erbil police warns of robbery tricks in exchange offices.
2 рік тому
IS Kills One Policeman, Injures Six Civilians in Northern Diyala
2 рік тому
One killed and six more civilians wounded in ISIS mortar attack in the town of Qarah Tapah, in Iraq's Diyala province
Turkish warplanes bomb Matin Mount in Kurdistan Region2 рік тому
Turkish warplanes bomb Matin Mount in Kurdistan Region
2 рік тому
A Turkish delegation led by Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal on Wednesday visited the Kurdistan Region to discuss bilateral trade, investment, and current developments in the country with @masrour_barzani.
Sulaimani security recovers stolen funds, arrest local gang
2 рік тому
Airstrikes east of Hawija in the Albu Hamdan areas near Akula village and Mount Butma
The Iraqi ministry of interior on Wednesday announced that Ninewa directorate of intelligence units arrested 9 suspects in western Mosul city accused of drug dealing and human trafficking.
MQ9 activitly over Khanaqin and north Diyala increased , 2 strikes occurred to prevent Daesh movements - this area has seen increase in the groups activity in recent weeks.
2 рік тому
ISIS claims that it killed 3 ISF personnel few kilometers south of Baqubah, while destroying their 4X4 military vehicle, before escaping deeper into Diyala province.
Iran President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Zarif met Ayatollah Sistani at his office in Najaf today2 рік тому
Iran President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Zarif met Ayatollah Sistani at his office in Najaf today
ISIS support media claims that the group killed 2 ISF personnel and wounded another 2, five kilometers into the south-western areas of Baghdad , assailants were on several motorbikes carried automatic weapons. Iraq
ISIS support accounts and media claim that they have killed 3 PMU personnel and destroyed their vehicle as it travelled in Hawija, Kirkuk. Dozens of Daesh fighters were seen in the area by locals before the attack.
2 рік тому
8 militants taken out today airstrike near Rashad town, in southwest Kirkuk.
Heavy tribal clashes in Basra, Iraq2 рік тому
Heavy tribal clashes in Basra, Iraq
Armed men fired at the ambulance that was carrying the cash, forcing the driver to stop, before driving off in the vehicle. Took place near Shahid [Martyr] Abay Mala Park in Sulaimani's Malkandi neighborhood.
Over one billion dinars of employees' salaries stolen in robbery in Sulaimani: police
Hassan Turan, deputy leader of the Turkmen Front has emphasized that security responsiblities in Kirkuk should stay in federal government hands.
2 рік тому
Iran's CBI announces that Iraq has paid first installment of its gas and electricity debts to the Iranian Central Bank, without going into details.
У наметовому містечку бойовиків ІДІЛ в Багхузі виявили номерний знак з провінції Амбар в Іраку
Iran's Rouhani signs trade pacts in Iraq to help offset US sanctions
2 рік тому
Office of Iranian President announces free VISAs for travel between Iraq and Iran starting next month.
U.S. special envoy to Iran, Brian Hook: Iran wants to turn Iraq into an Iranian province
Iraqi President: Relations between Baghdad and Tehran are beneficial to the region as a whole
Iranian president Rouhani has arrived to Baghdad
2 рік тому
1 fighter from Brigade 31 was killed during EOD operations near Baiji. 3 wounded.
Iraqi Civil Defense recovers 15 bodies from Old Mosul neighborhood in West Mosul, 4 of them children. Human Rights Commission says 4720 bodies recovered through 1 March. 851 of theses were children. There are still 100s of unrecovered bodies in Mosul.
Bomb blast kills two Iraqi PMF soldiers in Baghdad
Iraqi Security Forces arrest 18 ISIS in East Mosul after yesterday's car bomb attack.
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