15 Травень 2021
Iraq: footage reportedly shows Iraqi protesters storming the Iranian consulate in Basra, trashing the Iranian flag1 рік тому
It's old information
Iraq: footage reportedly shows Iraqi protesters storming the Iranian consulate in Basra, trashing the Iranian flag
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Turkish jets bombard Akre region in Iraq
VIDEO: Armed men storm Al Arabiya and Al Hadath offices in Baghdad yesterday
Governor of Baghdad resigns amid protests, violent crack-down
Protesters in Rusafa caught an individual carrying a weapon who was inciting violence and destroying public property. He was handed over to the security forces after the clashes
Iraq Council of Ministers announces package of 17 reforms in response to recent violence. Includes distribution of 17,000 housing units to those on low incomes in Basra and a monthly unemployment grant to 150,000 people. Says more to come
Iraqi Prime Minister: We are implementing several pilot projects to improve the situation of the country and raise the level of the economy
Protests in #Baghdad continues tonight, as now the amount of gun fires is unbelievably massive
Iraqi parliament speaker condemns attack on Al Arabiya and al-Hadath offices
NRT Arabic on attack: Several of the employees of the channel were severely beaten. The gunmen were driving several white Toyota Land Cruiser GRX SUVs and also attacked local police that were in the area.
A witness in one of the attacked media channels tonight: they were 12 white cars without number plates with armed men in black & balaclavas. The cars blocked the road, the men lined up the staff on the floor. They beat the staff up, took their wallets & phones.
There are wounded among civilians in Sadr city in Baghdad after shelling
Reporter of @AlGhadTV Channel got injured after an attack on the channel's office by armed people in Baghdad
Multiple blasts heard in Sadr city, Baghdad
Dozens of unknown shells landed in Sadr City in Baghdad
Protesters are calling the shooters "Shoot ISIS, don't shoot us" the tweet says that the Iraqi soldiers and protesters are on one side and unidentified gunmen on the other side are shooting them
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The head of the local council in al-Bahar area of Basra province was killed by unknown gunmen
Dhi Qar Province: 21 dead
The death toll from Saturday's protests in Iraq rose to 19
Gunmen on 3 armed cars attacked the office of the @AlHadath in Baghdad and assaulted journalists
Kurdish media outlet NRT says its Baghdad office was "shut down by force" by "security forces," while news channel al-Arabiya says masked gunmen ransacked its office in Baghdad. The gunmen "prevented the federal police from helping us," al-Arabiya added
Gunmen in balaclavas attacked the offices of the following TV stations in Baghdad: Dijla, NRT, Arabiya, Arabiya Hadath, Fallouja, Alghad Alaraby, Al-Sharqiya and Skynew Arabia. They ransacked the offices, destroyed their equipment and broadcast facilities
Al-Arabiya correspondent in Baghdad: Black-clad gunmen attacked company office and staff
Al-Arabiya correspondent in Baghdad: colleagues were injured during the storming of gunmen to our office
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Najaf government lifts curfew and announces tomorrow a working day
Protest in Nasiriyah just before
A demonstrator was killed and two others wounded in clashes in front of Badr Organization headquarters in Nasiriyah, southern Iraq
Police and medical sources: the death toll of the protests in Baghdad today rises to 8
Demonstrations start in Al-Ialam neighborhood in Baghdad
6 demonstrators injured by government forces in the southern Iraqi city of Diwaniyah
Limited clashes in Baghdad and police prevent demonstrators from reaching Tahrir Square
Reuters, citing Iraqi police sources: 5 people were killed in clashes between security forces and demonstrators in Baghdad
Demonstrators burn the office of the National Wisdom Movement in the province of Dhi Qar in southern Iraq
The meeting between the speaker of the Iraqi parliament and representatives of the demonstrators ended without results
OHCHR: Protester killed in protests today in Baghdad
Large demonstrations start in Diwaniya towards the governorate building
Live bullets were fired at demonstrators and injuries were reported near Al-Nakheel Mall in Baghdad
Representatives of demonstrations reportedly asked Al Halbousi to restore the internet access
Unknown militants firing on Dijla channel office in Baghdad after covering the demonstrations in Iraq
US helicopters land in the "Green Zone" in the capital Baghdad, just before
Iraqi PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi and President Barham Salih promise to fulfill the demands of the protesters - Iraqi media
Iraq protest death toll nears 100, almost 4,000 injured: rights panel
Security forces in the Iraqi province of Dhi Qar impose a curfew from 1 pm until further notice
Death toll from Iraqi protests rises to 73, more than 3,000 injured
Iraqi security forces are trying to prevent the arrival of hundreds of protesters to the gathering areas of demonstrators in Baghdad despite the lifting of curfew
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