Map. History of Iraq conflict

2 Haziran 2020
10 ay önce
Turkey killed 72 militants since start of Operation Claw in northern Iraq – Turkish defense ministry
Family struck an IED near Baiji, resulting in one dead and 3 wounded. Killed: Abdullah Al-Salman Sukeb Al-Shammari
USAF KC135 57-2603 tracking over Iraq10 ay önce
USAF KC135 57-2603 tracking over Iraq
More than 7 mortars fell on the village of Tabazawa Al-Kakayin south of Daquq earlier
Trump: ISIS sites in Syria and Iraq were completely destroyed by our military forces and our allies
10 ay önce
Turkish source says Turkish aircraft have killed 2 individuals who planned the assassination of a Turkish diplomat in Erbil, Iraq, last week. The 2 were killed in cars in 2 separate air attacks in north Iraq
10 ay önce
Milli Savunma Bakanlığı: "Yurt içinde ve Irak'ın kuzeyindeki operasyonlarda son üç ayda 24'ü sözde lider kadroda 489 terörist etkisiz hale getirildi"
Recently sanctioned by @USTreasury, Chaldean PMF commander Rayan Kaldani accuses US of "trying to bring war to Iraq"
Iraqi Prime Minister: We are cooperating with Europe on how to deal with the detainees
Iraqi Prime Minister: There is no integration of the PMU with the army or the police
Iraq to reopen investigation into 2007 Blackwater shooting in Baghdad - lawmaker
Rights Group Slams Mismanagement of Water Crisis in Iraq's Basra
10 ay önce
The Iranian president during his meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister: We have been and still maintain the security of navigation in the Gulf
Iraqi PMF (Hashd) investigation reveals that there was no drone attack on PMF base in Salah ad-Din Province, rather damage was caused by a fire
10 ay önce
Turkish aircraft strike PKK targets in north Iraq
PMF cleared 12 villages north of Tarmiyah during the searches
A joint security operation targeted ISIS cells north to Baghdad
10 ay önce
Iraqi security information cell: 10 militants killed in an air strike of the International Coalition on the Iraqi-Syrian border
10 ay önce
U.S. Central Command:We are aware of the reports of an attack against the Iranians and a Popular Mobilization Force unit in Salah ad Din. US Forces were not involved, and we have no further information at this time.
The Pentagon denies any involvement in bombing the PMU militia camp in Iraq
Iraqi Army: "Martyrs camp" of the PMU was bombed by an unknown UAV
Pro Hezbollah media deny claims made by Saudi TV @AlArabiya @AlHadath that a number of Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guards were killed in a suspected US, airstrike on an Hashd Shaabi camp east of Salahuddin where Iran allegedly moved ballistic missiles to Iraq
Turkish warplanes bombing PKK targets around the Christian populated village of Hêzankê eastern Duhok.
This is also Spindarê, the village that was bombed by Turkey yesterday. Turkey targeted a PKK car, wounded three PKK fighters in the car and three civilians on the side road. One civilian is a German citizen.
Kurdish party HDP confirms that the wanted man from Wednesday Erbil restaurant shooting Mazlum Dağ is the brother of @HDPgenelmerkezi MP @Dersimdagg from Diyarbakir10 ay önce
Kurdish party HDP confirms that the wanted man from Wednesday Erbil restaurant shooting Mazlum Dağ is the brother of @HDPgenelmerkezi MP @Dersimdagg from Diyarbakir
Photos of base of pro Iran militias in Iraq on fire as result of overnight raids by unknown UAVS
Drones attack base of pro Iran militias in Iraq believed to house balletic missiles deployed recently by Iran. Hezbollah and IRGC believed to be among the dead.
Iraq - Council of Arab tribes: an unknown aircraft targeted a PMU camp east of Salah al-Din
Iraqi Security Media Cell: Turkish aircraft violated Iraqi sovereignty when they struck area near Makhmur refugee camp and injured 5.
Turkish army's jets have bombed the vicinity of the Martyr Rüstem Cudi Refugee Camp in Maxmur, Iraq last night, injuring two civilians. The attack started at 00:10 local time and at least 3 bombs were dropped.
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