Map. History of Iraq conflict

4 Temmuz 2020
Unidentified aircraft attacked a base in western Iraq: reports
9 ay önce
Irak'ın kuzeyindeki Haftanin bölgesinde 7 PKK'lı terörist hava harekatıyla etkisiz hale getirildi. Pençe3
The ISIS Emir of Tal Afar is arrested in the Turkish city of Kayseri9 ay önce
The ISIS "Emir of Tal Afar" is arrested in the Turkish city of Kayseri
ISIS claims responsibility for the attack that killed 12 people near the Iraqi city of Karbala yesterday
ISIS burned 3 homes and killed livestock last night in the village of Ma'dan within Khanaqin subdistrict
A car bomb exploded in Kirkuk on Friday, killing at least eleven people and injuring 12 others, a security source said.
At least eight people have been killed and six people have been wounded in a blast from a bomb planted on a bus near the Iraqi city of Karbala
Iraqi Falcons Intelligence Cell: ISIS leader Baghdadi is in west Syria
Iraq and Turkey are building a brand-new pipeline that will transfer Kirkuk oil to Turkey and tie into Iraq's existing pipeline
9 ay önce
Turkish army ve MİT koordinesinde 16 Eylül'de Irak kuzeyindeki Gara'ya düzenlenen hava harekatında en az 15 militanların etkisiz hale getirildiği tespit edildi
Pentagon: States of the region must stop the Iranian threat
The Pentagon: We have made significant progress in Syria and Iraq in terms of stability and security
Iraqi National Oil Company denies Saudi Arabia's request to Iraq to provide crude oil
Iraqi security forces kill 3 militants in Salah al-Din province
Iraqi Interior Ministry arrests two ISIS members south of Baghdad after they being involved in carrying out terrorist operations
Iraqi Foreign Ministry: We will not join any international force to protect the Gulf waterways and reject Israeli participation in it
Iraqi Foreign Ministry: The protection of the Gulf lies with the countries bordering it
Unidentified aviation targets two Iranian militia positions on the outskirts of Albukamal city in Deir Ezzor countryside
"A sign of strength" how he's held back against Iran, says @POTUS to reporters. "How did going into Iraq work out?"
Marsour Barzani: I welcomed today Iraqi President @BarhamSalih and Finance Minister @Fuad_Hussein1 to Erbil — We agreed on the path towards a stable and constructive relationship that recognizes the parties' rights and duties under the Constitution
Pompeo: There is no evidence that Iraq is the source of the attack on Saudi Arabia
Fatemiyoun Brigade released the photos showing the aftermath of 16 Sep airstrikes on their positions near AlBukamal. No one injured or killed, according to Fatemiyoun
9 ay önce
Khamenei: If Islamic countries' capacities are collected, if Iran, Iraq & other countries of West Asia & North Africa get united, then the Islamic ummah will show what IslamicDignity is, & will show the world the IslamicCivilization. Arbaeen march can be a means of achieving this goal
9 ay önce
Khamenei: In a few minutes: Statements in the ceremony of honoring Iraqi mawkib organizers of Arbaeen who host and welcome ImamHussain's (a.s.) pilgrims
9 ay önce
Milli Savunma Bakanlığı: "Son 4 ay içinde 111'i Pençe Harekatı'nda olmak üzere Irak'ın kuzeyinde 417 PKK'lı terörist etkisiz hale getirildi."
5 Turkish UAVS on the missions over Syria and Iraq
KRG Minister of Peshmerga meets with Iran's Consul General in Erbil
9 ay önce
Al Mayadeen: no victims after attack that targeted sites at the Iraqi-Syrian border along the Qaim-Albukamal
ISIS claims killing and injuring at least 24 Shiites in Baghdad with a multiple IED attacks
9 ay önce
Al-Bukamal: At 11:45 p.m. Monday, 16 September, Unidentified aircraft carried out four strikes on the border area of Al-Bukamal, targeting points of (Iraqi Hashd Al-Shaabi - IRGC) in Al-Hari area. the bombing targeted an ammunition depot and a garage for vehicles
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