Map. History of Iraq conflict

20 Eylül 2018
With video, a group opened fire on the security forces which led to clashes tonight in Basra
Protests continue in Najaf against corruption and the lack of basic services. The protesters are calling for dissolution of Iraqi Government and Parliament
Today's protest in Nasiriyah: #IraqProtests
Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq militia violently clampdown on peaceful protesters in Najaf: #IraqProtests
Today's protest in Najaf
Today's protest in the city of Amarah: #IraqProtests
Today's protest in Wasit, southern Iraq: IraqProtests
Today's protest in Babylon in central Iraq: #IraqProtests
Today's protests in Basra, where the protests first began: #IraqProtests. In several of the southern and central provinces, including Baghdad the protests continued until 9-10 pm local time.
Al Badr Militia Fighters opening fire against protesters in Diwaniya southern of Iraq, till now 1 protester have been killed and many injured.
Footage shows the protester who have been killed in Diwaniyah southern of Iraq by Iranian backed Al Badr Militia fire.
A protester in Al-Diwaniyah, south #Baghdad, was shot dead from inside the headquarters of Badr Organization according to eyewitnesses.
IraqProtests expand in Baghdad and southern Iraq today over lack of basics services including electricity and clean water. The video below is of Baghdad, security forces block protesters as they try to cross al-Jumhuriyah (republic) bridge toward Green Zone, seat of government
Thousands of protesters are gathering in Al Tahrir Square in Baghdad . Iraqi anti riot police trying to break the protest
There was an explosion east of Karbala, the equipment belonging to Greater Ali Brigade has been damaged.It was probably from the heat like yesterday in Mosul.
Protests continue in Najaf against unemployment , corruption and the lack of water and electricity.
Explosion of a equipment store belonging to one of the factions (Hashd Al Shebi ) east of Karbala
Protest at Haboubi Street in Dhi Qar
Protests resume in Basrah, Najaf, Baghdad and Dhi Qar
The protests in Baghdad have been postponed to 6:00 PM today.
2018'in Haziran ayında ABD Ordusu Taliban ve IŞİD'e karşı saldırılarda 572 bomba kullandı.
Protests began in Basra southern Iraq. The protesters surrounding the governorate of Basra.
Hizbullah militanları Ebu Kemal'den Irak'a çekildiler (Deyrizor)
Protesters block Al Shaib border crossing between Iraq-Iran.
Turkish jets bomb Qandil and Mount Karox
So far 98 protesters have been arrested by the security forces in Wasit province. Iraq
Musul'un batısında Hayy Araby mahallesinde Haşdi Şabi kontrol noktasında patlama meydana geldi
Cleric Sadr backs Iraq protests, calls for delay in government formation
Sadr calls the political blocs winning in the elections to suspend political dialogues until the demands of the demonstrators are met
Military reinforcements arrive in southern Iraq. The demonstrators are determined to achieve their demands
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