Map. History of Iraq conflict

4 Temmuz 2020
Iraqi forces arrest ISIS leader in Kirkuk
Cheers on student marches to support the sit-in of Nasiriyah
Demonstrators cut through the burning tires the intersection of "Cordoba" in the middle of Baghdad in front of the traffic movement, which led to the exit of the traffic from the "Muhammad Al-Qasim" Highway towards the "Bab Al-Sharqi" area
Muqtada al-Sadr's (Khomaini/ Islamic Revolution-inspired) motto: "Neither East, nor West, the revolution is an Iraqi one," as he's leading "million-strong" protest against US military presence on Friday. — "Neither East, nor West. Islamic Republic."
Iraqi PMF (Hashd) 30th Brigade: US occupation forces are moving their sleeper cells in Shurqat & Hadr districts in Ninawa Province to create chaos & instability
Zardasht Shingali, Chief of PKK's affiliated group YBS killed in latest Turkish airstrike near Sinjar5 ay önce
Zardasht Shingali, Chief of PKK's affiliated group YBS killed in latest Turkish airstrike near Sinjar
5 ay önce
Turkish Defense Minister: We have not received a formal request regarding the Iraqi parliament's call for the withdrawal of foreign forces from the country
From Iraq, the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs: The region today is passing through a very tense phase and all countries should seek calm
5 ay önce
Turkish strikes at Sinjar: At least 8 killed and several wounded - source
5 ay önce
Turkish warplanes strike PKK affiliated groups near Sinjar, western Mosul
5 ay önce
Unknown war jets conducts an air strike in Snune town near Sinjar in Musul
Qatar foreign minister arrives in Baghdad- Rudaw reporter
Iranian Foreign Minister: We did not ask for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq
Video shows Iraqi security forces clash with IS militants after attack against Checkpoint in Dujail near Baghdad, which caused 2 kills and 5 wounded including an officer.
Report of an explosion in Baghdad and heavy gunfire
Security Media Cell: ISIS attacked one of the points in Dujail / Salahuddin Fourth Emergency regiment, in the Sheikh Ibrahim area near Baghdad, which resulted in the killing of two affiliates and wounding Five others, including an officer.
US defense official tells @CarlaBabbVOA rocket attack targeting Camp Taji hit so far off base that it wasn't even considered a threat to US forces.
Najaf: Protesters leave for march after the power cuts at sit-in area
5 ay önce
ISIS has carried out two attacks on Iraqi posts along the border with Syria following the US decision to suspend counter-ISIS missions, according to a US defense official and Iraqi security officials
An explosion hits Iraqi capital Baghdad. The explosion was in Al Waziriyah neighborhood
Clashes between ISIS and security forces in the Dujail district
Iraqi CTS force arrests three members of Iranian backed al-Nujaba group and seizes weapons and equipment in their possession in Al-Karma western Baghdad, according to some sources they launched 8 rockets toward Taji military base which hosts US & German trainers
5 ay önce
No casualties after Taji camp north of Baghdad was targeted with few projectiles
Muqtada al-Sadr, from Iran, calls for million-strong protest to condemn "the US presence and its violations," in Iraq. Says the move will be followed by other popular, political and parliamentary moves to protect "Iraq's dignity and sovereignty."
Saudi Council of Ministers: The Kingdom confirms its support for Iraq after Iran targets two Iraqi military bases in which the international coalition forces are located
Basra.The release of detained students
Security reinforcements after gatherings of protesters in Samawah
Explosions heard in the city of Nasiriyah.
Office of @VP tells @VOANews that @Mike_Pence "did not travel to Iraq" - knocking down this bit of disinformation being spread by an Iranian news agency
The US Secretary of State: We can reduce the number of our forces in the region and achieve security for our interests at the same time
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