Map. History of Iraq conflict

1 Haziran 2020
1 yıl önce
Turkish shelling killed three in Kurdistan Region's Amedi: official
Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi orders security forces to rapidly address deteriorating security situation caused by ISIS cells.
Iraqi federal police safely detonated a truck loaded with explosives in Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk province.
1 yıl önce
Iraqi Army 20th Division conducts sweep in desert of Hadr district 90 kilometers west of Mosul in Ninawa Province. Finds 7 ISIS tunnels filled with weapons, ammunition and explosives. Finds ISIS trenches recently dug.
Baghdad is seeking US approval for an agreement with Iran to exchange food for gas after US sanctions are imposed on Tehran
1 yıl önce
Iraqi security media center on Tuesday said Diyala operations command units discovered 10 ISIS hideouts which contained 3 explosive vests, 6 IEDs and military uniforms.
Kurdish Regional Government Security Council says ISIS has conducted 240 operations in Mosul, Kirkuk, Hawija and Makhmur in the last 3 months.
On the way to Baghdad for a meeting of provincial governors, vehicles in the convoy of Kirkuk's acting governor Rakan al-Jubouri was involved in an accident, killing one guard and injuring two more.
Brigadier Afrasiab Kamil, spokesman for the Kirkuk police said ISIS militants executed two people, one of them was a member of (Hashd al-Ashayari) forces, after they were kidnapped south of the province.
Iraqi Speaker of Parliament al-Halbousi: paying each MP 3 million dinars a month is a natural matter. Most of them come from the provinces and they have living expenses in Baghdad.
Iraqi Popular Mobilization forces (Hashd al-Sha'bi) say they have aborted an attempt by ISIS militants to infiltrate into Al-Sa'diya, northeast of Diyala province.
In areas around Mosul, ISIS kidnapped a federal police fighter and executed him after several hours.
Iraqi Army and PMF (Hashd) start large security operation to clear ISIS cells from Jazira al-Tharthar north of Ramadi in Anbar Province. 80% of area cleared so far and 6 ISIS safe houses destroyed.
One person was killed by gunfire by militias targeting him with stun guns in the area of ​​Saab Al Bour north of the capital.
Kurdish Media: One of the 5 people injured in a shooting at a wedding party in Kasnazan suburb has died in hospital in Erbil
Armed attack of Isis on the village of Bani Weiss in the villages of the Saadia district of the province of Khanaqin
Iraqi and KRG customs officials agree on removal of recently installed customs checkpoints on Kirkuk-Erbil, Kirkuk-Slemani and Mosul-Duhok main roads.
1 yıl önce
Irak'ın kuzeyindeki Hakurk bölgesine yönelik hava harekatında, üs bölgelerine saldırı hazırlığındaki 4 terörist etkisiz hale getirildi.
1 yıl önce
Iraq has halted oil exports to Iran, says official
1 yıl önce
Şırnak'ta el yapımı bomba patladı: 2 asker hayatını kaybetti, 5 asker yaralı
Inherent Resolve:Iraqi Security Forces and Iraqi Counter Terrorism Services, supported by Coalition forces, conducted multiple strikes against ISIS targets, Oct. 30, resulting in the death of 5 senior ISIS leaders and more than 30 other militants.
Irak'ın kuzeyindeki Avaşin bölgesine yönelik hava harekatında 14 terörist etkisiz hale getirildi.
US SPE @brett_mcgurk meets with Iraqi PM Abdul-Mahdi , President Salih vowing to 'accelerate operations in east Syria'
1 yıl önce
A spokesman to the Iraqi security media center on Saturday announced that 14 ISIS militants have been killed in Coalition airstrikes targeting ISIS hidouts in Ninawa's Atshana monutainous area.
Iraqi president @BarhamSalih to visit Kuwait tomorrow . According to statement from the Iraq's presidential palace Barham Salih will visit other gulf countries during his journey.
Iraqi President Barham Salih, PM Adel Abdul Mahdi and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Halboussi hold an important meeting discussed completion of Govt cabin and the disturbing terrorist activities on the border between Iraq and Syria
Suicide Bomber taken down in Tarmiyah, north of Baghdad.
Peshmerga forces on alert as the Coalition warplanes pound ISIS targets near Makhmour
1 yıl önce
Turkish army keeps destroying terror spots one by one in northern Iraq, Erdogan says
1 yıl önce
Irak kuzeyi Gara, Zap ve Avaşin-Basyan bölgelerine 09 Kasım 2018 tarihinde düzenlenen hava harekâtları neticesinde bölücü terör örgütüne ait sığınak ve mühimmat depoları imha edilmiş, üs bölgelerine saldırı hazırlığında olan silahlı 15 bölücü terörist etkisiz hale getirilmiştir.
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