Map. History of Iraq conflict

21 Peut 2019
6 mois il y a
Reports that Kata'ib Hezbollah ambushed a stray group of ISIS near the Iraqi border, leading to the militants retreating back towards Baghuz.
Les frappes aériennes sur la ville Baghuz, dans la campagne orientale de Deir Ezzor
ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on Shiite pilgrims in Khanaqin
KRG and Iraq agree on return of Sinjar administration, says official
6 mois il y a
ISIS militants attacked several villages in Hawija's Abbasi sub-disrtict southwest of Kirkuk. One civilian was killed in the attacks.
6 mois il y a
Les avions irakiens continuent de larguer des tracts sur les zones contrôlées par Daesh dans l'est de Deir ez-Zur, exhortant les militants à se rendre
Iran's first vice-president Eshaq Jhangari arrived in the holy city of Najaf Tuesday for a one-day visit to Iraq. He also visited the holy city of Karbala after paying tribute to the shrine of first Shi'a imam in Najaf.
In Iraq, local government official in Sinjar says ISIS activities south of Sinjar and in Plains of Ninawa have greatly increased in the past 10 days. He has informed Baghdad numerous times in the past week but without response.
12 million visitors entered Karbala in the past 10 days alone, for Arbaeen according to official figures based on Electronic Monitoring
New Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi ultimately plans to withdraw Army from all cities and turn over internal security duties to Interior Ministry. Will cancel Army's regional operations commands. Army will focus on external threats.
Iraqi PMF (Hashd): the US is behind the return of ISIS to the Syria-Iraq border. The US is doing this to pressure the new Iraqi government so it will not discuss removing US Forces from Iraq.
Heavy airstrikes on Makhoul range today.
F16 irakien frappe VBIED de Daesh dans la zone de Baghuz du côté syrien de la frontière entre la Syrie et l'Irak
Judicial Council of Kurdistan approves the final results of Parliament elections.
6 mois il y a
Italy to end military presence in Iraq by early 2019
At least two people killed, one wounded in a bomb attack in the Kurdish city of Khanaqin, in Diyala province.
A short clip of some of the Mechanized detachments leaving for the border earlier tonight after orders were passed down from the Prime Minister6 mois il y a
A short clip of some of the Mechanized detachments leaving for the border earlier tonight after orders were passed down from the Prime Minister
Le PM Mahdi demande à l'ISOF, appuyée par des forces blindées et mécanisées, de sécuriser la frontière syrienne opposée à Baghuz
6 mois il y a
ISIS militants attacked a village near Abasi town, western Kirkuk. Killed two persons and ran away.
L'Ei attaque la ville Al Bukamal en Syrie que est près de la frontière avec la province Anbar
La Syrie orientale: pour la deuxième fois cette année, des forces pro-Assad dirigées par la brigade Al-Quds et la 11e Division blindée se préparent à lancer des opérations pour nettoyer S-E de Homs de la présence d'EI (T-3 - T-2 - frontière irakienne).
Baghuz/Albukamal: Selon des informations non confirmées, l'État aurait utilisé un missile ATGM contre une camionnette de l'armée irakienne stationnée à la frontière irako-syrienne, qui aurait coûté la vie à quatre soldats irakiens. Les sources officielles d'EI n'ont pas encore confirmé ce rapport.
Baghdad Operations Command Forces kill suicide bomber attempting to target Arba'een visitors in Tarimiya area in north Baghdad.
The International Coalition continues to carry out air raids by bombing a number of areas in Anbar province in western Iraq6 mois il y a
The International Coalition continues to carry out air raids by bombing a number of areas in Anbar province in western Iraq
Firefighters are extinguishing flames from an overturned oil tanker near Domiz refugee camp in Duhok Kurdistan
6 mois il y a
An Islamic State bomb maker lost his life Monday while trying to manufacture explosive charges in Diyala province.
PUK asks Baghdad to handover the security dossier in Kirkuk to the local police and allow Peshmerga forces return to areas it controlled before 2014.
PUK: the Peshmerga will return to Kirkuk.
Les forces Hashd annoncent l'état d'alerte sur la frontière irakinne-syrienn
Iraqi MP says all MPs from Basra Province will suspend their membership in Parliament due to lack of ministers from Basra in PM Abdel-Mahdi's new cabinet. Will try to force PM to select Oil or Transportation Minister from Basra.
Baghuz/Albukamal: Des hélicoptères irakiens larguent des tracts près du village de Baghuz Al-Tahtani dans lesquels ils demandent aux combattants de l'EI d'abandonner et de se rendre. Le même témoin oculaire qui a filmé cela a déclaré que l'EI avait levé ses drapeaux à Baghuz Tahtani.
Deir ez-Zur:L'armée irakienne lance des tracts en papier sur les Baghuz et Sousse dans la campagne de Boukamal, appelant les membres de Daesh à se rendre.
[email protected]_barzani and the Russia n envoy stressed the importance of strengthening ties between Erbil and Moscow.
15 officers from Iraqi Security Forces arrested in Kirkuk and charged with corruption.
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