Map. History of Iraq conflict

26 Peut 2019
2 mois il y a
Iraqi security forces "fiercely" repelled an attack staged by ISIS militants on Alas oilfield in Salahadin province yesterday.
A bridge between Kalar and Darbendikhan has partially collapsed due to heavy rain and flash floods. The road is closed.
Iraqi former PM Abadi warns of coming war in Kirkuk Province due to PM Abdel-Mahdi's neglect of the situation.
Le poste frontière de Peshabour entre le KRG et le nord de la Syrie est fermé jusqu'à présent et peut-être davantage à cause des fortes pluies. Le pont est débordé
Heavy rain causes flooding in Sulaimani
The majority of the blocs in Iraqi Parliament are agreed to vote in favor of expelling PKK from Shingal in coming weeks, including the Kurdish blocs (except for Neway Nwi). PKK has clashed several times with Iraqi forces/PMF during the past weeks in Shingal Yezidis hometown.
The Iraqi ministry of interior on Sunday declared that federal police units destroyed 4 hideouts used by ISIS in Kirkuk.2 mois il y a
The Iraqi ministry of interior on Sunday declared that federal police units destroyed 4 hideouts used by ISIS in Kirkuk.
A child was killed and one person was injured in an air strike carried out by US forces on a house in Al-Oudan district, north of al-Rutba district in Anbar province, and a number of family members were arrested.
2 mois il y a
Clashes between Iraqi forces and ISIS near Khanasor town in north of Shingal, our corresp. confirmed. PMU forces located/attacked a group of ISIS who have crossed the Syrian border into Iraq. 2 militants were said to have been killed, another blew himself up. #Sinjar
2 mois il y a
Trois kamikazes se font exploser à Sinjar dans le nord de l'Irak après avoir fui la Syrie
Turkish warplanes bomb Sharansh village in Duhok's Zakho district2 mois il y a
Turkish warplanes bomb Sharansh village in Duhok's Zakho district
PMU transports military reinforcement towards Sinjar
2 mois il y a
4 people were kidnapped from the desert of Qa'im while searching for truffles near Umm Al-Awaz
One person was killed by militia fire targeting him in Muqdadiya district, northeast of Diyala.
Tous les territoires contrôlés par l'Etat islamique en Syrie et en Irak ont été capturés, selon @PressSec.
In Iraq, governor of Ninawa Province resigns a day before Iraqi Parliament was planning to debate his removal following ferry disaster.
2 mois il y a
A regiment from Special Division arrives to Sinjar region per the Army Cheif of Staff's orders
L'appel des Etats-Unis à la souveraineté israélienne sur GolanHeights contrevient au droit international - tweet du ministère des Affaires étrangères irakien
The Iraqi ministry of interior declared that security forces seized a homemade bomb making factory belonged to ISIS militants in eastern Mosul.
2 mois il y a
"Merci aux FDS d'avoir mené cette campagne de manière aussi efficace, en présentant ses condoléances aux personnes perdues et blessées au combat, et en soulignant cet exploit historique dans la défense du monde civilisé" de @brett_mcgurk
2 mois il y a
"Cette force diverse composée d’Arabes, de Kurdes et de Chrétiens s’est livrée à de durs combats et a fait des milliers de victimes pendant quatre années difficiles", selon @brett_mcgurk"Ils savent également mieux que quiconque que la défaite du" califat "physique ne signifie pas la fin de l'Etat islamique."
2 mois il y a
Félicitations de l'ancien envoyé spécial américain à la coalition pour vaincre l'Etat islamique, @brett_mcgurk "Félicitations aux FDS pour ce remarquable exploit historique", écrit McGurk sur Twitter
2 mois il y a
Turkish jets hit PKK terror positions in northern Iraq
Several Kurdish security sources that Iran is secretly using unmarked commercial trucks to ferry advanced missile parts across Kurdistan, as in other parts of Iraq, to unknown militia destinations—either inside or outside the country.
Iraqi Prime Minister asks Parliament to sack the current governor of Nineveh and his deputies.
Airstrikes targeting Makhoul range. So far a total of 4 strikes have taken place.2 mois il y a
Airstrikes targeting Makhoul range. So far a total of 4 strikes have taken place.
Angry protesters in Mosul refuse to welcome Iraqi President @BarhamSalih, following ferry sinking that killed about 100 people, forcing him to leave the city
Iraqi Kurdistan announces general mourning in Kurdistan region after ferry incident in Mosul.
The Iraqi president was evacuated by car after demonstrators tried to attack his motorcade in Mosul
The procession of the governor of Ninawa Nawfal al-Akoub run over 2 of the relatives of victims of the affected ferry while fleeing the scene after angry parents attacked his convoy
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