Map. History of Iraq conflict

26 Peut 2019
Coalition survey flight was spotted over Hawija headed for Hamrin at time of photo taken:4 mois il y a
Coalition survey flight was spotted over Hawija headed for Hamrin at time of photo taken:
Iraqi Parliament ends meeting without completing vote on filling vacant cabinet positions, Education, Justice, Defense and Interior.
Two Kurdish civilians (beekeepers) were killed and at least three wounded this evening as a result of Turkish jets bombing Diraluk area in Duhok province in Iraqi Kurdistan
Turkey shells Iraqi Kurdistan's Amedi areas, killing at least four civilians.
L'armée irakienne pilonne les cibles d'AAS en Syrie4 mois il y a
L'armée irakienne pilonne les cibles d'AAS en Syrie
An Iraqi lawmaker said the parliament will hold a session Tuesday to vote on whether to approve new education and justice candidates for Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi's cabinet.
Iraqi troops killed on Tuesday a senior Islamic State leader during a security campaign in Baghdad, the Interior Ministry said.
PMU irakien attaque avec l'artillerie lourde contre la ville d'Al-Baguz dans la campagne de l'est de Deir Al-Azur
4 mois il y a
PMF says that the Coalition struck one of its units in the Tharthar area near the provincial border with Anbar Reports of 30 Dead as a result (more details pending)
Basra demonstrations started again, and the protesters burned a Police Station in the city.
One fighter from Martyr Sadr Forces out of Tuz was killed in his place of residence at Hawija town.
Kurdish Regional Government Security Council announces the arrest of 2 ISIS members in Erbil. 6 other suspected ISIS members also arrested.
Le président français: Les troupes françaises resteront en Syrie et en Irak au cours de la prochaine année pour combattre Daesh
BBC: Dans cette base d'artillerie américaine située à la frontière irako-syrienne, vous constateriez clairement que la lutte contre l'Etat islamique se poursuit jour et nuit.
Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces (Hashd al-Sha'abi) on Thursday said their units have dismantled more than 130 IEDs in clearing operations inthe surrounding villages of Ninewa's Tlkef district.
4 mois il y a
Reporter of Kurdistan 24 channel Khoshavi Mohammed was severely beaten and hospitalized in Moscow
4 mois il y a
Le source de PMF irakien dit que PMF prépare de mener les opérations contre l'EI en Syrie. Pas les mots si le gouvernement soutien cet opération
Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has denied that he was urged by Washington to disarm Shiite paramilitary groups in the country as angry lawmakers called for the withdrawal of all US troops. Iraq
A fire broke out in an IDP camp in Erbil province on Wednesday. No casualties have been reported.
Kirkuk security forces arrested two suspects accused of stealing cars after chase near Daquq south of the province
Head of NRT office in Erbil detained
Iran is a reliable friend of the Kurds - @JZarif
Du 30 décembre au 1er janvier, la coalition militaire dirigée par les États-Unis et combattant l'Etat islamique a mené 575 frappes aériennes et d'artillerie en Syrie et 13 en Irak. Les frappes en Syrie ont détruit 105 systèmes de mortiers, de roquettes et d'artillerie, 50 sites de fabrication d'EEI, 26 véhicules, 19 caches d'armes et 2 systèmes d'UAV.
Le 3e Régiment de cavalerie mène des tirs d'artillerie contre des cibles de l'Etat islamique de la base de feu Saham.4 mois il y a
Le 3e Régiment de cavalerie mène des tirs d'artillerie contre des cibles de l'Etat islamique de la base de feu Saham.
Masoud Barzani: Pleased to receive @JZarif today. We spoke of the bilateral relations between the Kurdistan Region and the Islamic Republic of Iran and how further enhancing those relations will be of the mutual benefit of both sides
Iranian Foreign Minister @JZarif downplays Trump claiming Kurds sell oil to Iran. Zarif said "It has nothing to do with Mr. Trump. Together with the Kurds, we have relations dating back centuries. These governments come and go."
French FM @JY_LeDrian, in a meeting with the KDP President @masoud_barzani, reiterates France's support for the Kurdistan Region. "France will continue military and political cooperation and will develop cultural and economic relations [with the Kurdistan Region]," LeDrian said.
KDP delegation heads to Sulaimani to meet with Gorran regarding steps toward KRG formation
PM Barzani stresses that the KRG is supporting Iraqi PM Adil Abdul-Mahdi and his cabinet
PM Barzani thanks Iranian firms working in the Kurdistan Region for not abandoning it while engulfed in recent economic woes.
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