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26 Peut 2019
Airstrikes targeting Makhoul range. So far a total of 4 strikes have taken place.2 mois il y a
Airstrikes targeting Makhoul range. So far a total of 4 strikes have taken place.
Angry protesters in Mosul refuse to welcome Iraqi President @BarhamSalih, following ferry sinking that killed about 100 people, forcing him to leave the city
Iraqi Kurdistan announces general mourning in Kurdistan region after ferry incident in Mosul.
The Iraqi president was evacuated by car after demonstrators tried to attack his motorcade in Mosul
The procession of the governor of Ninawa Nawfal al-Akoub run over 2 of the relatives of victims of the affected ferry while fleeing the scene after angry parents attacked his convoy
Number of victims of capsized ferry in Mosul rise to 103
2 mois il y a
Rapports de luttes intestines dans le camp d'Al-Hawl entre des réfugiés syriens et irakiens, Asayish intervenant pour faire cesser les conflits internes
Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has arrived in Mosul to review situation as death toll rises to 93 in Mosul ferry disaster
Death toll from ferry sinking in Mosul rises to 85 persons.
2 mois il y a
Iraq Army 16th Division 91st Brigade sent troops to Makhoul range for a search operation.
Brigade 56 mobilized it forces for a sweeping operation near Hawija after reports of 3 ISIS being sighted in the vicinity.
Iraq Ministry of Health: 33 women, 12 children and 10 men drowned in the ferry drowning accident
At least 60 people died as ferry capsized in the Tigris River in Iraq
Deputy governor of Nineveh for Sky News Arab: the number of people on board of the ferry were 75 people, of which 20 people were rescued.
At least 45 dead as overloaded ferry sinks in a Tigris river near Mosul
The ferry was overloaded with about 100 people
At least 40 dead as overloaded ferry sinks in Tigris river near Mosul – Iraqi police and medical sources
Turkish warplanes bomb foothills of Qandil Mountain, say authorities2 mois il y a
Turkish warplanes bomb foothills of Qandil Mountain, say authorities
The situation in Shingal is 'under control,' said PM Abdul-Mahdi after clashes between Yezidi militia YBS and Iraqi army
Today Kurds in Kirkuk wanted to celebrate Newroz (New Year) peacefully and enjoy the spring with Kurdistan flags, however Iraqi Counter Terrorism forces takes every Kurdistan flag from the civilians and says that it's illegal to raise Kurdistan flag. Video from Facebook
Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces PMF discovered a weapons and ammunition cache belonged to ISIS in Sadiya northeast of Diyala.
. @ realDonaldTrump tient une carte indiquant le nombre de combattants d'EI en 2017 par rapport à 2019 en Irak / Syrie. (EI en rouge) 
In Iraq, armed group arrests 3 persons in al-Nabi Sheet area in middle of Mosul. Group believed to be from Asa'ib Ahl al-Haqq militia.
Iraq is granted 90-day waiver to purchase energy imports from Iran - State Department official
2 mois il y a
Following meeting between Chief of Staff of Iraqi Armed Forces and Joint Forces Command, Iraqi Security Forces go to high level of alert in Sinjar. Committee formed to detain those responsible for recent attacks on Iraqi Army.
2 mois il y a
New clashes between Iraqi Army, YBS in Sinjar
"Dans les prochains jours, les frontières entre la Syrie et l'Irak seront rouvertes et le commerce entre les deux pays reprendra". Othman al Ghanimi, chef d'état-major des forces irakiennes, a déclaré à l'issue d'un entretien avec le ministre syrien de la Défense, Ayoub, et le chef d'état-major iranien Baqri
2 mois il y a
In Iraq, clashes renew between Iraqi Army and PKK in Sinjar area of Ninawa Province.
2 mois il y a
Reports that PKK attacked an Iraq Army patrol near Umm Ziban area in Sinjar region
According to ROJNEWS sources the Iraqi army has sent military reinforcement to Sinjar after clashes with the local Ezidi force YBŞ few days ago
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