Map. History of Iraq conflict

21 Peut 2019
Peshmerga forces on alert as the Coalition warplanes pound ISIS targets near Makhmour
6 mois il y a
Turkish army keeps destroying terror spots one by one in northern Iraq, Erdogan says
6 mois il y a
Turkish air operations held on November 09, 2018 to Gara, Zap and Avaşin-Basyan regions in the north of Iraq, destroyed the bunker and ammunition depots belonging to the PKK, and 15 fighters of PKK killed
Fighter jeys of the International Coalition bombard Daesh targets near Makhmour southeast of the Iraqi city of Mosul for the second time today
Iraqi source says there is a breakaway division within the Badr Organization led by Qasim al-Araji, former Interior Minister. Badr leader Hadi Ameri is trying to satisfy him by giving him Interior Ministry a 2nd time.
US-led coalition warplanes over the past hour have repeatedly bombarded Islamic State remnants in villages near Makhmour's Mount Qarachukh, located on the outskirts of Erbil.
Coalition warplanes have bombarded ISIS targets in Bor, Shor and Bchuk valleys beneath Qarachokh mount, Makhmour, Erbil.
Turkish artillery fire hits Ava Mark resort in Duhok province, Kurdistan region. No casualties reported, big material damages. Video: the moment picnickers flee the resort
6 mois il y a
3 civilians killed, several wounded in an ISIS attack in Khurba Hamad village in al-Khudhar district, southern Mosul. ISIS fighters retreated to the desert areas following the attack.
Video from today's protests in Basra. Protesters chanted against the Dawa Party, accusing the party of climbing on the backs of ordinary citizens through fraudulence and theft.
Turkish artillery shelling touristic sites near Duhok in Kurdistan region of Iraq.
The Coalition of State, led by Nuri al-Maliki, is gathering support for the establishment of Basra federal region in southern Iraq. Maliki opposed the idea during his 2 terms in power.
Happening now: Civil Movement of Basra says there will be street protests to demand formation of semi-autonomous region in-line with the Iraq constitution
Iraqi Security Media Center gives final total of West Mosul car bomb attack: 2 killed and 11 injured.
Le gouvernorate oriental de Deir ez-Zor: Les avions de guerre de la Coalition ont attaqué Hajin, Ash Shafah le village Abu Hassan
In Iraq, bomb in West Mosul near restaurant on Baghdad Street kills several civilians.
Kurdistan is ready to start talks with Baghdad to resolve issues: PM
Peshmerga on alert for growing ISIS threat
Iraqi High Judicial Council orders the release of Basra protesters and the closing of unproven legal cases against them.
In Iraq, 2 journalists working for PMF (Hashd) news agency go missing in Mosul. They are believed to have been arrest by security forces in Zuhara neighborhood but nothing else is known.
US says it's granted Iraq sanx waiver on importing Iran electricity; Well-informed Iraqi source tells @AFP US gave Baghdad 45 days to come with plan to wean off Iranian power
Iraqi PM Abdel-Mahdi says Iraq is not a part of organized sanctions against Iran. Says Iraq's position is similar to China, Russia and Japan.
Le rapporte: le contact perdu avec un groupe de militants du PMU irakien lors d'affrontements contre Daesh dans l'est de Deir-ez-Zur
Qatari Foreign Minister Mohamed bin Abdelrahman al-Thani is in Baghdad to be the second Arab foreign minister and first GCC minister to visit #Iraq since the new cabinet was formed.
Iraqi MP says US is responsible for the death of fish in Iraq.
Iraq Army Aviation deploys to Diyala countryside to evacuate stranded residents after floodwaters engulfed at least 6 villages today.6 mois il y a
Iraq Army Aviation deploys to Diyala countryside to evacuate stranded residents after floodwaters engulfed at least 6 villages today.
Un nouveau rapport de l'inspecteur général @DeptofDefense sur @CJTFOIR conclut qu '"une organisation clandestine efficace de l'Etat islamique semble s'implanter" en Irak et en Syrie, et "en Syrie, elle fonctionne comme une" organisation hybride "capable de combattre à la fois comme force conventionnelle et comme insurgés
Les forces irakiennes sont entrées en Syrie et ont pris des positions policières et militaires abandonnées par les FDS
Le rapport indique que le PMF irakien (Hashd) contrôle 30 positions fortifiées en Syrie à environ 100 mètres de la frontière irakienne. Le PMF s’est installé en Syrie lorsque les forces démocratiques syriennes se sont retirées de la région.
Newly-appointed Kurdistan Region MPs take their oaths of office
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