Map. History of Iraq conflict

21 Peut 2019
6 mois il y a
Khamenei: I sincerely thank Iraqi nation, government and brethren who hosted, welcomed and treated with love the pilgrims as well as the Iraqi prominent and political figures for facilitating the ArbaeenWalk. They did a great job.
Here is a video that shows the scale of this disaster. Thousands of fish die mysteriously in Babylon province, Iraq
Explosion rocks Hizbollah Movement office in Tuz Khurmatu resulting in human casualties. The building is believed to be a Hashd al-Shaabi weapons cache. Iraq
An explosion rocks the town of Khurmatu in Iraq's Salahuddin province.
Central Bank of Iraq has sanctioned the Cham Wings Airlines "Belong to Rami Makhlouf", Syrian Arab Airline, and My Aviation Company Limited because of their role in supporting the terrorist groups.
Only a few months after Basra water crisis spilled over, thousands of carp have died south of Baghdad in fishy circumstances. @AFP drone footage
Only a few months after Basra water crisis spilled over, thousands of carp have died south of Baghdad in fishy circumstances. @AFP drone footage
ISIS militants killed 6 Iraqi soldiers near Rabia, north western Mosul.
6 mois il y a
eir ez-Zur Baghuz: L'armée irakienne et le PMU (Hashd al Shaabi) ont lancé des tirs d'artillerie et de mitrailleuses lourdes vers les collines de Syriatel, Baghuz-Tahtani et Farazat à Badia al-Baguz depuis le territoire irakien situé à la frontière entre Baguz et la frontière entre la Syrie et l'Iraq.
@VegetaMoustache L'@EtatMajorFR dément l'allégation de l'EI concernant « la mort d'un soldat français à Tozkhormato Salaheddine Irak
6 mois il y a
ISIS claims killing a French soldier and 3 Peshmerga injuring a fourth in clash near Balkana village Salahuddin province yesterday
6 mois il y a
ISIS attempts to infiltrate from Syria into Iraq in Rabii'a subdistrict 130 kilometers west of Mosul. In following clash, 4 Iraqi soldiers killed and 2 ISIS near Iraqi border
6 mois il y a
Turkish Armed Forces hit PKK in Metina and Gara areas in North Iraq
6 mois il y a
International Coalition in Iraq aircraft kill 19 ISIS in Makhmur district in southeast Ninawa Province in support of Iraqi Federal Police security operation.
Nineveh is the worst affected province, with 65 civilian casualties (29 killed, 36 injured), followed by Baghdad.
6 mois il y a
Two power supply towers blew up by ISIS in Hawija, SW Kirkuk.
Les unités de la eme division arrivent à la frontière syrienne
Inherent Resolve:A New Zealand army instructor assigned to Task Group Taji, teaches building clearing drills to Iraqi soldiers from 3rd Battalion, 41st Brigade at Camp Taji, Iraq, Sep. 22.
Footage of the ongoing clashes between Arab and Kurds farmers in Daquq, southern Kirkuk.
Failed assassination attempt on Salahuddin Governor just now.
La Syrie orientale. La coalition dirigée par les États-Unis a mené plusieurs frappes aériennes sur Baghuz Tahtani qu sud-est d'AbuKemal, confirmant que l'Etat islamique a pris le contrôle de la frontière avec l'Irak après le retrait des FDS.
6 mois il y a
Arab farmers attacking Kurdish farmers in Daquq, southern Kirkuk. asking them to leave the lands which originally belongs to the Kurds. clashed reported.
Kirkuk acting Governor Rakan Saeed al-Jabouri, has signed an executive order for more than 80 mostly-Shia Arab families to be settled in Shanaga, a Kurdish village in the province.
Federal Police carried out searches in Abbassi subdistrict today and arrested 3 ISIS hiding with their families.
6 mois il y a
En Syrie, un responsable américain confirme que les forces démocratiques syriennes ont transféré un petit nombre de combattants de l'Etat islamique capturés en Irak via les États-Unis. Donc, FDS les ont remis aux forces américaines, qui les ont remis aux Irakiens
Irak: L'armée irakienne et PMU envoie plus de renforts à la forntière avec la Syrie dans la zone Qaim
23 suspected PKK militants were killed in Turkish airstrike in Qandil, Avashin, Gara and Metina in Northern Iraq
6 mois il y a
The Iraqi federal government shut an oil pumping station in a Kirkuk oilfield due to a crack in a key crude pipeline, two official sources from the state-owned North Oil Company (NOC) said on Wednesday.
6 mois il y a
L'armée irakienne frappe Daesh sur des positions bāghūz avec de l'artillerie de la frontière
A few dozen of people, affiliated to PKK protest near Um al-Shababik check-point [at Shingal entrance] against the return of the legitimate (pro-KRG) administration to the areas.
PKK and PMF not allowing Legitimate Sinjar Mayor to enter the city.
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