19 September 2021
Al-Kazemi: We call upon our youth and our people to contribute to building Iraq
Al-Kazemi: The government is keen to support peaceful protest and support the just demands of youth
Al-Kazemi on Nasiriyah: The committee will oversee the protection of peaceful demonstrators, institutions and property
Al-Kazemi on events in Nasiriyah: Forming a high-level committee from the central government
Iraqi Prime Minister: The unfortunate events of Dhi Qar require a responsible position
Iraq Security forces dispersed protesters by Heavy gunfire in In Nasiriyah's Haboubi Square in and the protesters withdrew from it
Iraq sending two military brigades to Dhi Qar to maintain security
A hundred and four people exhumed from mass graves of Islamic State (ISIS) group victims in Shingal have been identified, an official told Rudaw English
At one killed and seven more were wounded in a firefight that broke out between two tribes in Basra, Iraq
The US Embassy in Iraq condemns the violence against peaceful demonstrators in Nasiriyah
Anti-government protesters defied lockdowns and the threat of violence to demonstrate on Saturday in several Iraqi cities, with new clashes with security forces claiming the life of one protester
Video shows civil protester run over by security forces vehicle in Kut, Iraq
A curfew has been declared in Wasit Governorate, Iraq
Heavy rain, which came pouring down for about two hours, left several areas in Iraq's Najaf airport caught fire & flooded
Homes in Iraq's southern Najaf province have been swept away by severe flashfloods
The British ambassador calls on the Iraqi authorities to protect demonstrators from attacks
British Ambassador to Iraq: There is no justification for this irresponsible killing
The British ambassador to Iraq condemns the violence against the demonstrators in Nasiriyah
Zet Avia Ilyushin Il76 climbs out of Erbil likely en route to Kuwait City. This is former Sigma Airlines UP-I7601. It frequented Sidi Barrani AFB for Libya war
7 dead, the outcome of the confrontations in Nasiriyah, southern Iraq
Deputy Islamic Prosecutor Setayeshi says the commission investigating the assassination of Gen.Qassem Soleimani may extend work to investigate assassination of Fakhrizadeh. Led by Sayyed Ashrafi, commission has already identified 45 US officials as suspects in Soleimani's case
Supporters of @Mu_AlSadr celebrating in Nasiriyah's Al Haboubi square after setting fire on protesters tents
Iraq Security forces breaking the demonstrations in Kut and controlling the main square of city
Kataib Hezbollah issues a statement on the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadah, accusing "Zionist, American & Saudi Front" of the attack vowing that "the price will be high" and all three are going to be target of "revenge and response
9 month ago
US media: The return of Nimitz was previously scheduled due to the withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan and Iraq
9 month ago
The USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group is heading back into the Persian Gulf to provide combat support and air cover as US troops withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan by January 15
Militias affiliated to Muqtada al-Sadr continue firing live ammunition at protesters in Nasriya following a statement from Sadr's spokesperson calling supporters to "continue the cleaning of al-Haboubi square
Iraqi government imposes curfew in Nasriya and replaces the city's Police commander after the attacks by Muqtada Sadr's supporters/militias on protesters and burning their tents at al-Haboubi square
Major General Oudeh Al-Battat was appointed as commander of Dhi Qar police
Masked militias taking the streets of Nassriya city to chase down activists and protesters after killing 3 and wounding 50 others at al-Haboubi square today
Dhi Qar Police Chief was sacked, Brigadier General Hazem Al-Hazem
4 dead in confrontations with the Sadrist movement and Nasiriyah protesters
Three people were shot dead and dozens wounded in southern Iraq on Friday, medics said, in clashes between anti-government protesters and supporters of firebrand Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr
Renewed confrontations in the city of Nasiriyah, amid intense gunfire
Turkish army seizes a PKK hideout in Kurdistan Region's Khakurk mountain. Its length is 300 meters and it includes eight rooms, according to Turkish defense ministry @tcsavunma
Video: Followers and armed militias affiliated to Muqtada al-Sadr opened fire at protesters at al-Haboubi square in Nasriya, killing one and wounding dozens
Genel Energy said production has started at the Sarta oil field in the Kurdistan Region
One person was killed and 35 wounded in Al-Haboubi Square, southern Iraq
10 demonstrators were wounded in Al-Haboubi Square
At least 1 protester killed by @Mu_AlSadr supporters in Nasiriyah, Iraq
Iraqi security forces are working to resolve tensions in Nasiriyah
Clashes continue between Al Haboubi square protesters and @Mu_AlSadr supporters in Nasiriyah, Iraq
Tents torched demonstrators of Al-Haboubi Square in southern Iraq
Reports of casualties among protesters in Nasiriyah, southern Iraq
Shooting and clashes between Sadr supporters and demonstrators in Nasiriyah
Supporters of @Mu_AlSadr setting fire on protesters tents in Nasiriyah's Al Haboubi square, Iraq
Supporters of @Mu_AlSadr attacking protesters in Al Haboubi square of Nasiriyah, Iraq
Muqtada al-Sadr is showing his readiness for the snap election scheduled in June 2021
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