8 December 2021
PKK-linked PJAK in a statement today announced that two of its members were assassinated by Iranian government in Penjewin district of Slemani in Kurdistan Region. The assassination happened on 4th of February 2021
Deployment of Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) in Baghdad today, days after military parade by Kataib Hezbollah
8 month ago
An Iraqi Shiite faction calling itself the "Shadow Cell" has issued threats to Saudi government officials and claiming to have shot down a Saudi military reconnaissance drone in Iraq's Karbala Province "trying to attack the holy city of Karbala and searching for our personnel
Iraqi army's deadline for pro-PKK groups in Shingal over. The Prop-PKK administrative council in Shingal denied its security forces called (Ezidkhan Asayish) to leave the town per Iraqi army request which set March 26th as deadline
In Iraq, improvised explosive device in Samawah City in Muthanna Province injures two
According to accurate intelligence from the @iraqicts Counter-Terrorism Service and the Joint Operations Command intelligence cell, the Air Force, with Iraqi F-16s, carried out 19 air strikes last night and this morning, destroying a number of caves and dens in the Hamrin mountain range, within the Salah al-Din operations sector.
8 month ago
"Iraqi officials say militias are massing near the border with Saudi Arabia, armed with 1,400 missiles
Large deployment of Iraqi army in the streets of Baghdad tonight
Video: Heavily-armed Shiite militiamen and insurgents deploy on the streets of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, demanding vengeance against the Iraqi Prime Minister and his allies.
Turkish helicopter shelled PKK targets around a village nearby Batifa, Zakho8 month ago
Turkish helicopter shelled PKK targets around a village nearby Batifa, Zakho
Iraqi PM says today's demonstration by a militia in Baghdad is designed to confuse the situation & divert Iraq from its true role. PMF (Hashd) denies it was involved in the demonstration
Iraqi PMF (Hashd) Council denies there are any PMF movements in Baghdad today
Government forces have arrested 43 people in Salah al-Din and Muthanna governorates, during the past 24 hours
The person responsible for the assassination of Iraqi intelligence officer is a member of Kataib Hezbollah and got arrested in Karbala today
8 month ago
Four IED attacks on US convoys: A logistical convoy in the Baghdad province, a logistical convoy in Hillah area, a logistical convoy in Diwaniyah area and another logistical convoy in the Dhi Qar province were targeted by roadside bombs
8 month ago
In Iraq, an improvised explosive device targets International Coalition logistics convoy in Yusufiya subdistrict south of Baghdad. 3 vehicles damaged
The Sadrist Movement: The Hashd militias that showed their strength in Baghdad must be punished
IED attack US Army logistical convoy in Nasiriyah southern Iraq
US Ambassador to Iraq: militias supported by Iran have conducted 24 attacks against diplomatic missions & International Coalition
Iraq: The security forces have carried out an operation since March 9 against militants of the Islamic State group, in conjunction with air support from the coalition, which carried out 312 air raids on the Makhmour mountains. The operation would have killed 27 militants
Qatar's Foreign Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Mohammad bin Abdulrahman Al Thani arrive in the Kurdistan Region's capital Erbil
8 month ago
US to renew strategic dialogue with Iraq next month, says @PressSec in a statement
The Counter-Terrorism Service in Iraq: Trapped militants from the remnants of ISIS in the Makhmour Mountains
The White House: The dialogue with Iraq will also focus on the role of the coalition in ensuring that ISIS does not return
The White House: The dialogue with Iraq will focus on the role of the coalition forces in training the Iraqi army
Basra. Renewed clan strife in the 5-mile area near the prayer square
Looks like a wreckage of an US MQ-1C drone has been found reportedly near Qayyarah, Iraq
Chaos inside Ibn Nafis hospital as Iran-backed Shia militias prevented Iraqi security forces from arresting the wounded person who, with his dead aide, were planned to attack liquor stores in Baghdad but the grenades exploded at their possession after having a car accident
Civil defense teams are trying to extinguish a large fire that broke out in the Alawi district of Baghdad
"There's no greater long term challenge than climatechange" US Amb to Iraq Matthew Tueller tells @USIP "Climate change is a real problem in Iraq, which is already affected by water scarcity&limited access to potable water. Temperatures are rising & droughts are more frequent"
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