Map. History of Iraq conflict

20 April 2021
7 killed in protests in Baghdad and Nasiriyah today
Demonstrators in the Iraqi city of Karbala surround the Iranian consulate and chant slogans against Tehran
Iraqi security forces are shooting live ammunition at protesters and toward the air on the Jimhuria bridge near Tahrir Square in Baghdad.
Muqtada al-Sadr calls on the Iraqi government to resign, warning that Iraq is sliding into civil war
Protesting ongoing in Tahrir Square in Baghdad. Video: Laith Jarallah
"Tuk Tuk", the popular ambulances in the streets of the protests
Video taken Tahrir Square showing crowds on Joumhouria bridge and before tear gas resumed.
ISIS killed a shepherd in Garmiyan area, kidnapped a child.
Iraqi government: imposing curfews in some provinces was a precaution to prevent the worsening of the situation
A video in front of the loyal movement in Maysan completely burned after armed confrontations lasted for more than 6 hours
Huge deployment of Iraqi army in Amarah, Maysan after violent overnight clashes between militias.
Baghdad starts the second day of 2nd wave of #IraqProtests in Tahrir Square. Photo: Tahrir Square account
Happening now in Nasriyah: protesters chanting slurs against political parties and Asaib Ahul Al Haq
Curfew imposed in Babil and Al Diwaniyah.
30 dead and more than 2,000 injured in demonstrations in Iraq
Increasing numbers of protesters in Tahrir Square in Baghdad
Kataiab Hezbolla office in Nasriyah was torched down
Curfew announced in Dhi Qar province in southern Iraq
Iraqi Observatory: 21 dead in Baghdad and the rest of the provinces and more than 1779 injured
Basra demonstrators burn two cars of riot police at the gate of the governorate building
Demonstrations at Najaf in 3 places: Najaf ceter, Sadr Square and Kufa Some peoples distribute free food to protesters.
Demonstrators in Tahrir Square in Baghdad erect tents in preparation for an open sit-in
Unknown vehicle in Baghdad runs over protesters as they run in a panic mode
1 year ago
Masked attack with grenades headquarters of the Asaib militia in Maysan province of Iraq and wounding 15 members, including 5 in critical condition
Protesters stormed the headquarters of the Supreme Council in the province of Wasit
Video: tear gas is being used against demonstrators in Basra
Four killed and more than 20 injured in Nasiriyah city amid protests sweeping Iraq.
Moments ago protesters burned part of the Governorate building in Basra.
Tahrir Square right now. More protesters arrive amid shots and more tear gas
Security Forces arrested a person carrying a weapon shooting at both protesters and ISF on Sadoun Street / Nasr Square in Baghdad
Protesters set fire to the building of Dhi Qar Governorate
Protesters stormed and destroyed Al Nahj Al Watany headquarters in Muthanna
Burning the local government building in Nasiriyah / Dhi Qar
Protestors occupied the sniper position overlooking Tahrir Square.
The SDF-Controlled territories of DeirEzZor: The Pro-Revolution people of DeirEzZor are saluting the Lebanese protests. "From Beirut to DeirEzZor until Baghdad, we are rejecting pernicious presence of Iran"
Turkish army is bombing Bradost area in northern Erbil city the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, The location exactly is near Iran and Iraq border
Masked gunmen shooting tear gas canisters straight into the protesters near Green Zone in Baghdad.
Demonstrators shut down the border crossing with Kuwait in Suwfan after mass demonstrations
Both protesters and riot police are running away as some armed forces are turning violent against the protesters in Baghdad
Burning @alhikmamovement party building in the city of #Samawah
Protesters in Muthana burned the offices of Al-Hikma and Asaid ahl al-Haq in the town. Protesters are very anti-political parties.
Baghdad: Numbers growing in Kilani area near Mohammad al Qassem bridge. Saraya al Salam also here but "waiting for order" as one man said. Ambulances still coming from Al Joumhouria area- where tear gas been used.
Protestors entering Muthanna Governorate building.
Demonstration in Basra today
Basra demonstrations
Today's protests death toll in Baghdad rises to 3
Iraqi security forces completely closed the Jumhuriyah bridge in the capital Baghdad
Number of injured demonstrators increased to 90. Tear gas is being heavily used against demonstrators.
Protests underway in Al-Najaf, 160 km south of Baghdad with "save the Iraqi people" slogans
Riot police used live bullets near Baghdad's Green Zone gate.
"Iran out out, Baghdad will be free" chants in Nasriyah(Southern Iraq) moments ago
Iraqi security forces use live bullets to disperse protesters, 9 people injured.
Iraq: A demonstrator killed by injuries sustained near the Jumhuriya bridge
Number of protestes growing at Al Joumhuria bridge that leads to Green Zone. Tear gas used.
Baghdad: protests at Bab al Sharqi
Tear gas canisters were fired in an attempt to disperse protesters near the Al Jumhuriyah Bridge in central Baghdad
1 year ago
Iraq - Demonstrations start in Rifai district west of Nasiriyah
Iraqi security forces fire tear gas to disperse demonstrators in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad
Baghdad Protesters getting ready. Driving through streets, ones I have been to empty for now, protesters seen heading to Tahrir Square.
Protesters are seen entering the Green Zone in Baghdad from the gates near the MOD
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