20 September 2021
Single interception reported over Riyadh, KSA/SaudiArabia7 month ago
Single interception reported over Riyadh, KSA/SaudiArabia
The director of the election campaign for the Iraqi parliamentarian, Raad Al-Dahlaki, and his brother were shot dead by unknown persons in Diyala governorate
The United Nations condemns the attempt by the Houthi militia to target Riyadh and calls for compliance with international law
Unspecified Shiite insurgents have carried out another IED attack targeting a convoy supplying U.S. military forces near the town of Al-Batha, about 25 miles west of the Iraqi city of An-Nasiriyah
7 month ago
Local Iraqi official in Rutba district of Anbar Province: ISIS attacks Iraqi military convoy in northern Rutba district. No casualties. We need more air support
Iraqi Military Intelligence arrests trainer of elite ISIS veteran units in Makhmur district of Ninawa Province
ISIS has claimed responsibility for an IED attack targeting an Iraqi Federal Police vehicle in the village of Al-Hasiwat in the Ar-Riyad area of Iraq's Kirkuk Province
7 month ago
ISIS has claimed responsibility for clashes with an Iraqi army convoy near the town of Ar-Rutbah in Iraq's western Anbar Province, allegedly killing 3 soldiers
7 month ago
Turkish authorities have reportedly raided 13 homes in Turkey's northern Samsun Province and arrested a group of 4 Syrians and 10 Iraqi nationals accused of being affiliated with ISIS
7 month ago
The Security Media Cell in Iraq: The International Coalition bombed a site where members of the ISIS were holed up in Salah al-Din
Perpetrators of deadly Baghdad attack were Iraqis: army
Suspected Shiite insurgents have bombed a store accused of selling alcohol in the Al-Adl neighborhood of the Iraqi capital Baghdad
There are reports that suspected ISIS militants have once again sabotaged power transmission lines in the area of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul
Images: Mourners march at a funeral for a group of 11 Shiite militiamen killed yesterday during clashes with ISIS fighters east of the Iraqi city of Tikrit
IED attack targeting closed liquor shop in Baghdad's Al Karkh side
Iraq- Iraq's president ratified more than 340 death sentences for people with terrorism and other criminal charges, state media reported on Sunday, just three days after ISIS suicide bombers killed dozens of civilians in Baghdad
The U.S. Embassy in Riyadh issued a warning today to Americans calling on them to "stay alert in case of additional future attacks."
A new militant group called righteous promise brigades has taken responsibility for the attempted drone attack against Riyadh, SaudiArabia/KSA earlier today7 month ago
A new militant group called "righteous promise brigades" has taken responsibility for the attempted drone attack against Riyadh, SaudiArabia/KSA earlier today
On Saturday, a security source in Salah al-Din reported the killing of 3 members of the Popular Mobilization Forces (Al-Badr Organization), including the commander in ISIS attack on the outskirts of al-Dawr district, east of Salah al-Din. Iraq
Images: Purportedly leaked Iraqi government documents posted on social media warn of the possibility of follow-on ISIS suicide bombing attacks today in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, including the northwestern Al-Shuala neighborhood
Iraqi Foreign Minister: We will ask the Biden administration to select a new team to negotiate the presence of American forces in Iraq
Iraqi Foreign Ministry: We will discuss with the Biden administration the file of the presence of US forces in Iraq
Iraqi Counter-terrorism service conducts 3 missions as part of Operation Revenge of the Martyrs. 3 militants arrested in missions in Radwaniya in west Baghdad & Fallujah district & Karma subdistrict in Anbar Province
The international coalition kills 7 militants with two air strikes in Iraq
On Saturday, the Security Media Cell reported that 7 ISIS members were killed in two air strikes by the International Coalition against the Qarah Jouj mountain range of Makhmur district near the Erbil governorate, the capital of the Kurdistan Region
The Security Media Cell announced that three rockets were fired at Baghdad International Airport late last night. "Two rockets landed outside the airport, and the third landed on the home of a citizen in the Al-Jihad neighborhood." Iraq
The United States on Friday suspended a program that granted Iraqis refuge in the US in exchange for aiding American troops in Iraq, according to a statement from the state department. [after densifying individuals stealing documents]
Inherent Resolve:The Iraqi security forces received land cruisers valuing nearly $1 million through the recent CTEF divestments for essential transportation use needed in our combined mission to DefeatDaesh
The Iraqi Security Media Cell: Three rockets were fired at Baghdad International Airport late last night, with no casualties reported
8 month ago
ISIS has claimed responsibility for an IED attack targeting an Iraqi army vehicle in the Kilo 35 area near the town of Al-Rutbah in Iraq's western Anbar Province
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