Map. History of Iraq conflict

24 September 2018
Matches reports about huge losses of PMU recently in Salahuddin and Diyala
IS claims six suicide bombings on PMU north-west of Baiji Iraq
PMFs kill 3 Islamic State suicide bombers in Hawija
Two persons killed, seven wounded in bomb blasts in Baghdad
Spokesman: Iraq must cancel measures against Kurdistan after federal court’s ruling
Greater Ali Brigade uncovered an array of decoy vehicles during Day 1 operations in the Badia / Tharthar region, part of a training camp that ISIS had been running in recent years
Shaikhan, Sheikha, Malha, Sabeeha, Ali Al-Mani, Arab Abdullah Al-Furaiji, Beir Aziz, Umm Al-Akarab, Masilil, Kheila, Al Radarra , Albu Rahman, Sarjaimah, Beit Al-Fawadi, Abdullah Al-Obaidi, and Sabihat al Badwa were freed by Iraqi Forces.
14 PMU Brigades supported by Iraq Army and Federal Police freed 56 villages within an area of 4500km2, control 3 bridges, and gained access to the Tharthar Valley. 8 VBIEDs, and 4 Technicals, 3 vehicles captured, and destruction of mortar units along with supplies and HQs.
PMU Brigade 1 killed 3 ISIS attempting to cross the border from Syria today.
[email protected] to @USMC service members in Iraq: "We have to let you win and we weren't letting you win before, they were letting you play even."
.@POTUS to @USMC service members in Iraq: Major to you and all your Marines doing this great work in delivering defeat after defeat to ISIS is being talked about.10 month ago
[email protected] to @USMC service members in Iraq: "Major to you and all your Marines doing this great work in delivering defeat after defeat to ISIS is being talked about."
[email protected] to @USMC service members in Iraq: "I have a great Marine who is the chief of staff as you know, John Kelly, doing an incredible job just like any Marine would"
Video: Iraqi forces launch a major offensive to flush Islamic State group fighters out of a desert region near the border with Syria
Algeria expels Iraqi Ambassador Abdul-Rahman Hamed al-Hussaini with claim he was trying to promote Shi'ism in Algeria with help from at least one member of the Algerian National Assembly
Iraqi forces begin anti-ISIS operation to clear desert areas of Anbar province reaching to Saudi, Syrian and Jordanian borders. Forces involved include Army, Tribal Forces and PMU (Hashd). Extensive use of Coalition air power.
10 month ago
Iraqi PM have rejected a German initiative to resolve the disputes between Erbil - Baghdad - Der Spiegel
ISIS Poster boy Abu Hamza al Beljiki aka Tarik Jadaoun held by Iraqi Intel Agency Facron in Baghdad.
Iraq announces operation to clear last ISIS holdouts from desert
15th Division's Intelligence section seized 20 suicide belts, 8 bags of C4 material, 10 rounds for drones, 12 hand grenades, 60 pressure plate IEDs, and 2 spools of Det Cord in Ayadiyah today.
Barzani Hussein:KRG delegation to head to Baghdad next week to discuss outstanding issues.
3.7 earthquake hits Kermanshah province, Iran. No casualties reported yet.
Security forces close 40 night clubs/bars in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad tonight. Iraq
The defeat of ISIS in Iraq means the victory over Al-Saud, US and Israel - PMF Qais al- Khazali
Another mass grave containing remnants of 73 massacred Ezidis by ISIS was found in Shingal, near Gir Izer in the south today. Among the victims are at least 6 children and 36 eldery women/men. Rest has not been identified yet.
US calls on Baghdad to lift air travel ban imposed on Kurdish region.
Iraqi PM: Our Political Disagreements Serve ISIS
US Sec of State Tillerson said US will not be doing major rebuilding in Iraq
Brigade 28 destroyed several ISIS vehicles on the Syrian side to include a 120mm Mortar unit and a 23mm Technical. ISIS Elements had been targeting them and attempted to send suicide bombers beforehand.
10 month ago
UN says referendum issue is resolved, urges KRG to accept court ruling
Abadi: We will announce the final victory over the ISIS after the completion of the cleansing operations in the western desert of Anbar
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