8 December 2021
8 month ago
Four IED attacks on US convoys: A logistical convoy in the Baghdad province, a logistical convoy in Hillah area, a logistical convoy in Diwaniyah area and another logistical convoy in the Dhi Qar province were targeted by roadside bombs
8 month ago
In Iraq, an improvised explosive device targets International Coalition logistics convoy in Yusufiya subdistrict south of Baghdad. 3 vehicles damaged
The Sadrist Movement: The Hashd militias that showed their strength in Baghdad must be punished
IED attack US Army logistical convoy in Nasiriyah southern Iraq
US Ambassador to Iraq: militias supported by Iran have conducted 24 attacks against diplomatic missions & International Coalition
Iraq: The security forces have carried out an operation since March 9 against militants of the Islamic State group, in conjunction with air support from the coalition, which carried out 312 air raids on the Makhmour mountains. The operation would have killed 27 militants
Qatar's Foreign Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Mohammad bin Abdulrahman Al Thani arrive in the Kurdistan Region's capital Erbil
8 month ago
US to renew strategic dialogue with Iraq next month, says @PressSec in a statement
The Counter-Terrorism Service in Iraq: Trapped militants from the remnants of ISIS in the Makhmour Mountains
The White House: The dialogue with Iraq will also focus on the role of the coalition in ensuring that ISIS does not return
The White House: The dialogue with Iraq will focus on the role of the coalition forces in training the Iraqi army
Basra. Renewed clan strife in the 5-mile area near the prayer square
Looks like a wreckage of an US MQ-1C drone has been found reportedly near Qayyarah, Iraq
Chaos inside Ibn Nafis hospital as Iran-backed Shia militias prevented Iraqi security forces from arresting the wounded person who, with his dead aide, were planned to attack liquor stores in Baghdad but the grenades exploded at their possession after having a car accident
Civil defense teams are trying to extinguish a large fire that broke out in the Alawi district of Baghdad
"There's no greater long term challenge than climatechange" US Amb to Iraq Matthew Tueller tells @USIP "Climate change is a real problem in Iraq, which is already affected by water scarcity&limited access to potable water. Temperatures are rising & droughts are more frequent"
US @StateDept marks two years since the territorial defeat of ISIS' self-declared caliphate in Iraq, Syria @SecBlinken calls it "a major milestone in the effort to ensure the terrorist group's enduring defeat" But he notes, "our mission is far from complete"
OIR spokesman col Wayne Marotto: In support of our Iraqi partners ground ops in remote areas, the Coalition jets conducted another 18 precision airstrikes pummeling 39 Daesh dwellings in the far Qarachogh MTN. This coop reflects our close partnership with the ISF & their success
8 month ago
The Internal Security Forces in Syria's Hawl Camp found the body of a 23-year-old Iraqi refugee in the first sector of the camp today, the third murder in the camp this week
Two ISIS suspects arrested by Iraqi CT forces
According to al-Sumariya, the motorcycle driver and another person were carrying some grenades that exploded due to technical issue. They were planning to target liquor stores in Baghdad. It seems they're affiliated with Shia militias
An IED attack has taken place at the Al-Jadidah to Al-Mashtal interesection in Baghdad, Iraq. Initial reports talk of 4 injured and it appears a motorcyclist was the target of the attack. Reason is currently unknown
A motorcycle exploded near Al-Mashtal Bridge in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad
The Popular Mobilization Forces and the Iraqi army launch a security operation to pursue ISIS remnants east of Anbar Governorate, Iraq,
1820Z Coalition conducts at least 3 airstrikes on ISIS positions in Makhmur mountains, Iraq
Driver ram a traffic policeman after refusing to obey his orders in Basrah, southern Iraq
ISIS has claimed responsibility for abducting, interrogating, and summarily executing two "apostate Shiites" in the village of Al-Hadd Al-Akhdar in the Al-Abara district of Iraq's Diyala Province
A side of the demonstrations and protests of the people of Karbala Governorate; Demanding to hold the protesters' killers accountable.
Iraqi 14th Division arrests 2 ISIS women in Hawija district of Kirkuk Province
Video shows an Iraqi ship had been robbed and kidnapped by pirates along the Iranian coast8 month ago
Video shows an Iraqi ship had been robbed and kidnapped by pirates along the Iranian coast
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