19 September 2021
8 month ago
U.S. Central Command: "The United States will hold Iran accountable for the deaths of any Americans that result from the work of these Iranian-backed Rogue Militia Groups," following rocket attack on U.S. embassy in Baghdad, the largest in a decade
8 month ago
Karma Brigade Tribal PMU just blocked an attack by ISIS near one of their barracks north of the town
8 month ago
[email protected]: Our embassy in Baghdad got hit Sunday by several rockets. Three rockets failed to launch. Guess where they were from: IRAN. Now we hear chatter of additional attacks against Americans in Iraq
Axios website: Washington is considering closing its embassy in Baghdad after a series of missile attacks on the Green Zone
Top U.S. national security officials agreed on Wednesday on a proposed range of options to present to the President aimed at deterring any attack on U.S. military or diplomatic personnel in Iraq. (Reuters)
Qassim Jibereen claims 2 attacks on Iraqi contractor convoys in Babil
US President Donald Trump met with senior National Security officials at the White House to discuss options for deterring Iran from attacking American assets in Iraq
Iraqi Security Media Cell: National Security Agency killed an ISIS leader in Diyala Province in coordination with the 5th Division
Airstrikes were carried out on Hamrin range, targeting 2 dens. At least 2 ISIS were killed in the strikes
According to reports IRGC Quds Forces Commander Esmail Ghaani was in Baghdad, Iraq earlier today "for several hour"
In Iraq, PMF (Hashd) 314th Brigade kills group of ISIS in rocket attack north of Samarra
An IED attack on a convoy of the US Army and Coalition Forces in Babylon
Iraqi media: the deployment of security forces in the Karrada area in central Baghdad
ISOF carried out a raid this morning in Shay Valley southwest of Daquq, killing 2 ISIS. One of the militants was identified as "Shaalan Al-Iraqi" who was the "Assistant Governor" of Baghdad in ISIS
Iranian Media, Fars News Agency have released the final footage of the Qassem Soleimani assassination at Baghdad Intl. Airport, Iraq
An Iraqi army operation kills a senior ISIS leader and arrests others in Abu Ghraib
9 month ago
Head of CENTCOM tells @ABCNews over 20 rockets were fired at the U.S. embassy in Iraq on Sunday, saying it was an escalation as it was the largest such attack since 2010
Trump pardoned participants in the Baghdad massacre
Patrol from Imam Al-Baqie MOD PMU struck an IED near Muqdadiyah, resulting in 1 fighter being severely wounded
2 more M16s seized by Imam Al-Baqie MOD PMU (Defense Mobilization) during an operation on Hamrin range in Diyala today
KRG asks US forces to deploy along Kurdish-controlled part of Iraqi-Syrian (Kurdistan Region-Northern Syria ) border
ISIS released photos about this attack, claiming he was a member of Tribal PMF. The incident took place within Dibis subdistrict, the locals are on an armed civilian status, not Tribal PMF.
The Kurdistan Region announces an agreement with the Baghdad government on the 2021 budget
Secretary Pompeo:A pleasure to speak with Iraqi Kurdistan Region Prime Minister @masrour_barzani and to thank him for his steadfast partnership. We remain supportive of media freedom in Iraq and look forward to our continued close cooperation under the U.S.-Iraq Strategic Framework Agreement
A commander of Iran backed PMF Militia detained by Security forces due to recent attacks against US embassy in Baghdad
Iraq bans travel from the UK, Japan, Iran, South Africa, Australia, & Belgium, & any other country that the Ministry of Health specifies, as measured against new coronavirus strain
Iraqi Army: 12 ISIS militants were killed in a military operation west of Mosul
Iraqi security forces start an operation in Za'faraniyah neighborhood to find those who launched rockets toward US embassy in Baghdad
Joint Operations Command: We are working to secure the Iraqi border with Syria
9 month ago
The blast took place specifically near Mukhisa village which is known for ISIS activity on a regular basis
2 police were injured following an IED blast this morning near Abu Saida in Diyala. 1 of the injured is an Officer
Bomb Damage Assessment currently in progress on Badush range after last night's airstrikes against the ISIS dens
Qassim Jibereen cell just claimed 2 IED attacks against logistics convoys in Babil Governorate. No comments from Iraqi media yet
Now airstrikes on Badush range, northwest of Mosul
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