19 September 2021
KRG asks US forces to deploy along Kurdish-controlled part of Iraqi-Syrian (Kurdistan Region-Northern Syria ) border
ISIS released photos about this attack, claiming he was a member of Tribal PMF. The incident took place within Dibis subdistrict, the locals are on an armed civilian status, not Tribal PMF.
The Kurdistan Region announces an agreement with the Baghdad government on the 2021 budget
Secretary Pompeo:A pleasure to speak with Iraqi Kurdistan Region Prime Minister @masrour_barzani and to thank him for his steadfast partnership. We remain supportive of media freedom in Iraq and look forward to our continued close cooperation under the U.S.-Iraq Strategic Framework Agreement
A commander of Iran backed PMF Militia detained by Security forces due to recent attacks against US embassy in Baghdad
Iraq bans travel from the UK, Japan, Iran, South Africa, Australia, & Belgium, & any other country that the Ministry of Health specifies, as measured against new coronavirus strain
Iraqi Army: 12 ISIS militants were killed in a military operation west of Mosul
Iraqi security forces start an operation in Za'faraniyah neighborhood to find those who launched rockets toward US embassy in Baghdad
Joint Operations Command: We are working to secure the Iraqi border with Syria
9 month ago
The blast took place specifically near Mukhisa village which is known for ISIS activity on a regular basis
2 police were injured following an IED blast this morning near Abu Saida in Diyala. 1 of the injured is an Officer
Bomb Damage Assessment currently in progress on Badush range after last night's airstrikes against the ISIS dens
Qassim Jibereen cell just claimed 2 IED attacks against logistics convoys in Babil Governorate. No comments from Iraqi media yet
Now airstrikes on Badush range, northwest of Mosul
Iraqi PM Kadhimi: we made arrests last night & confiscated a number of rockets which stopped a second attack on Green Zone
PM Kadhimi mentioned in the latest press conference that a group of suspects have been arrested in connection to the Green Zone strikes
Iraqi PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi says some suspects have been arrested over last night's rocket attack on Baghdad's Green Zone
First time Iraqi PM labels rocket attacks on Green Zone as "terrorist," — Main (official) Shia militias disowning and rejecting the attack made Kadhimi's change of tone easier
ISIS attack in progress near Muqdadiyah in 5 Bridges area. Imam Al-Baqie MOD PMU reporting mortar strikes
Iraqi Joint Operations Command announces it is taking increases effort to protect diplomatic missions after yesterday's rocket attack. Groups conducting attacks described as criminal
Hashd al-Shaabi is set to start investigating "rocket attacks" targeting Baghdad's Green Zone. Abdul Aziz al-Muhammadawi (aka Abu Fadak or al-Khal), Head of Iran-linked Kataib Hezbollah have been assigned to lead the investigations
Salahuddin Commandos suffered 1 Killed in Action and 3 Wounded after striking an IED in Meteibeja sector today
President of the Kurdistan Regional Government: We call for the exit of all illegal forces from the region
Another IED attack by Qassem al-Jabbarin targeting US Army's logistics convoy (operated by local contractors) in Baghdad minutes ago
According to reports militant group Qassem al-Jabbarin targeted two US Forces logistics convoys in Baghdad, Iraq with IED's in the last 30 Minutes. The reports coincide with explosions heard near 62nd street in the Karada District
9 month ago
The @cmoc_SDF, with air support provided by the Global @coalition to Defeat ISIS, conducted an operation east of Shaddadi near the Iraqi border, which resulted in three arrests
KSA condemned last evening's rocket attacks on Green Zone
Protests in front of Basra's education ministry, closing its gate, and preventing employees from working hours
Inherent Resolve: Yesterday the Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army, Gen Abdul Amir Yarallah met with the Commander of @CENTCOM, Gen Kenneth F. McKenzie and his delegation. During the meeting they discussed their ongoing cooperation and coordination
1 municipal worker was wounded in last night's blast targeting the liquor store
Pompeo: We strongly condemn the recent attack by Iran-backed militias on the International Zone in Baghdad
Pompeo: Iranian-backed militias again blatantly launched an attack in Baghdad, wounding Iraqi civilians
9 month ago
US Central Command commander: We are ready to respond if Iran attacks us on the first anniversary of Soleimani's killing
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