8 December 2021
Statement by a group of Iraqi civil activists detailing what they have been going through in Iraq
Iraqi source: Al-Haboubi Square explosion resulted in burning two sit-down tents
Stun grenade exploded near Al-Haboubi Square, and there were reports of injuries among the demonstrators
The Turkish army wounded a young man in Sîdekan in Kurdistan region of Iraq
4 soldiers wounded after striking an IED outside of Muqdadiyah in Diyala
The demonstrations were dispersed by the security forces without clashing with the protesters in Nasiriyah and Basra
Village Pêndro is being bombarded by Turkey1 year ago
Village Pêndro is being bombarded by Turkey
The fire that broke out in the parliament office in Basra was extinguished
Demonstration condemning the killing of Iraqi activists in Basra
Large demonstration in Basra
Huge crowd of Iraqi protesters in Basra city are marching toward Basra police department demanding to reveal the killers of slain activists Riham Yaqoob and Tahseen Osamah who were killed this week by unknown individuals.
Iraqi PM: we have reached an agreement with the US for it to move its forces outside of Iraq. Committee formed to develop mechanisms of execution
COVID19: Iraq recorded 4,288 new cases of coronavirus, 3,246 recoveries, and 75 deaths in the past 24 hours - Iraqi health ministry
COVID19: The Kurdistan Region recorded 535 new coronavirus cases, 326 recoveries, and 26 deaths in the past 24 hours - KRG health ministry
Joint statement by Baghdad-based embassies
One civilian killed in an IED attack in southern Baghdad targeting local contractor company transporting equipment to the US-led coalition
PM Al-Kazemi, to the Iraqi News Agency: The meeting with Trump was successful and important
Iraqi Security Media Cell: A CTS officer was killed in a raid operation in Salah al-Din Governorate
1 year ago
Turkish Defense Ministry reports neutralization of 5 PKK militants as part of Operation "Tiger's Claw" in northern Iraq
Iraqi pro-Iranian factions: If there is no agreement on withdrawal, then we have the right to move to escalation and target US interests in Iraq
Iraqi pro-Iranian factions: We were surprised that the prime minister's visit did not include the implementation of the decision to remove the American forces in Iraq
US State Department: We strongly condemn the assassinations of activists and the targeting of demonstrators in Baghdad and Basra
Trump asked Iraqi PM to dissolve Hashd al-Shaabi (PMF) militias that alligned with Iran - source
Tonight Iraqis & protesters held a ceremony for the slain Riham Yaqoob, the activist who was assassinated in Basra yesterday night. The coffin of Riham carried by protesters inside a shrine in Najaf tonight with chants "If you kill 10 or 100 of us, we will continue" #IraqProtests
Iraqi Security Media Cell: improvised explosive device targets 2 civilian vehicles in Dujail district of Salah ad-Din Province. 2 police & 4 civilians killed. 7 injured
Iraqi Foreign Minister: We are in one trench with Washington to fight ISIS
"We look forward to the day when we don't have to be there," @POTUS said of US troops in Iraq but doesn't state a specific time frame.
Iraq hopes to reach "an understanding" with Turkey "I know PKK forces are still in Iraq & PKK forces, in principle, are fighting against Turkish army" per Iraq Foreign Affairs Minister Fuad Hussein
Al-Kazemi, following the Trump meeting: We thank President Trump and our American friends for helping in our fight against ISIS
Al-Kazemi: I agreed with the US President to strengthen the economic partnership
Al-Kazemi: I finished a meeting with Trump and we agreed to continue pushing back the remnants of ISIS
Joint US-Iraq statement issued
Iraqi Foreign Minister: We seek to deal with neighboring countries without interference in our internal affairs
Trump: We have started with the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq
"You're very hard to understand," @POTUS tells Iraqi reporter asking question in Oval Office
Iraqi Foreign Ministry: We assured Washington of the need to unilaterally reduce the Turkish escalation
The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The continuation of the Turkish operations has major adverse repercussions
Iraqi Foreign Ministry: We will strengthen the strategic partnership with the United States
The representative of the European Union demands accountability for those involved in the assassination of Iraqi activists
The European Union condemns the assassination campaign of activists in Iraq
1 year ago
Iraq records 87 deaths and 3,995 new cases of Coronavirus
Iraqi President: We will hold early elections to curb corruption and build a strong democracy
US-Iraqi statement: Affirmation of the commitment of the two sides to a strong and fruitful relationship
Washington renews its support for economic reforms in Iraq
The Iraqi government affirms its commitment to fruitful relations with Washington
The US embassy in Baghdad condemns the recent assassinations campaign
Spokesman for the Commander in Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces: Corrupt men trying to destabilize security in Basra
30 people were wounded in last night's protest at Ibrahim Khalil border crossing. Director of Zakho Hospital said 26 of them are security forces and 4 from protesters. All have left the hospital after getting treatment last night1 year ago
30 people were wounded in last night's protest at Ibrahim Khalil border crossing. Director of Zakho Hospital said 26 of them are security forces and 4 from protesters. All have left the hospital after getting treatment last night
Turkish surveillance drone reportedly shot down by PKK near Shiladze, northwestern Duhok1 year ago
Turkish surveillance drone reportedly shot down by PKK near Shiladze, northwestern Duhok
1 year ago
Villager killed by Turkish airstrikes in Duhok province: local official
Turkish Ministry of Defense: "Four more PKK militants detected by reconnaissance and surveillance tools in the northern Iraq's Gara and Avashin regions and determined to be in preparation for an attack were neutralized by air operations."
1 year ago
Four PKK members, were killed in air strikes in Northern Iraq
Suspected ISIS militants have reportedly carried out a bombing near a Shiite religious shrine in Dujail in Iraq's Salahudeen Province and clashed with Shiite militiamen in the area
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