Map. History of Iraq conflict

24 September 2018
3 month ago
Turkey says it has penetrated 40 kilometers into north Iraq.
Iraq PM on Turkish military operations in north Iraq: no coordination between Baghdad and Turkey on Turkish Qandil operation. Turkey has not penetrated beyond the agreed limit. For 30 years there has been agreement about Turkish involvement in north Iraq.
3 month ago
Prime Minister Yıldırım on Qandil operation: we have no issues with Iran on this question
Top Iraqi court orders manual election recount
Iraq's supreme court rules it is unconstitutional to cancel overseas, displaced and Peshmerga votes in May parliamentary election
Brigade 16's Strength of the Imam regiment arrested 4 ISIS in Qara Taba village today.
3 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: We will continue to be guided by the constitution. Any electoral violation will be investigated as per our judicial process
3 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: The national meeting will be held soon; all the political parties and blocs have informed us of their willingness to attend the meeting
3 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: I call on all political parties and blocs to hold a meeting to discuss the best ways to work together in the national interest. I invite all political parties and blocs to attend
3 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: All parties should agree on a national document that sets out how we can best serve the Iraqi citizens and provide job opportunities. This document will focus on our vision for the future of the country rather than how we want to run the government
3 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: I thank and congratulate all our security forces, which protected our citizens during Eid
3 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: We are monitoring the security situation in the districts of Salah Al-deen and Diyala. Our security forces and intelligence services will continue to work together to dismantle terrorist cells inside and outside our borders
Iraqi Police have besieged main Iraqi Hezbollah headquarter in Palestine street, Baghdad. #Iraqi #Hezbollah handed over the shooters to Police, nothin worst happened. Life is normal now in #Palestine street, #Baghdad.
Iraq police in armed clash with pro-Iran militia in Baghdad: security official
Alms Fadil Aga demanded a joint operations room with the participation of Peshmerga and Asayish forces in Kirkuk.
Iraq oil minister says oil market has not yet reached stabilisation
Iraqi Interior Ministry spokesman: A joint force of the Salah al-Din police and during an inspection duty inside the city center of Tikrit find a BKC machine gun with three rifles and a 40-mm machine gun buried in the house of a wanted terrorist.
The sheep herders were taken from vicinity of Tharthar. As soon as the Shammari realized what was going on, they took up arms and went to Umm Aqarib bridge to block the ISIS
Iraqi Forces killed the terrorist known as Abuwhatim Al-Iraqi along with two others an explosive device. The terrorist called himself the "Emir" of Diyala.
A total of 31 Shammari tribesmen were taken by ISIS two days ago along with the attacks on Baghdad-Kirkuk. the militants have taken 5 more today.
PKK leadership member: the Turkish President's recent statements about Turkish forces entering Qandil mountains in north Iraq are just lies for the upcoming Turkish elections. Entering Qandil mountains will be very difficult.
[email protected] says the pro-government forces struck near Abu Kamal were not sent into Syria by the Govt of Iraq. "They said they did not send them"
Iraq Army started operation from Baghdad-Kirkuk road to Jalawla, Diyala Gov in search of the ISF who were kidnapped by ISIS 2 nights ago.
Yesterday Held a military intelligence meeting between Russia, Iran, Iraq and the Assad militia in the Green Zone in Baghdad to share intelligence/sensitive information,
US Embassy in Baghdad denies that US forces are responsible for strike in Syria near Iraq-Syria border on 2 Iraqi PMU (Hashd) Brigade HQs that killed 22 and injured 12 Iraqis.
Baghdad delegation arrives to investigate accusations that Iraqi Counter-terrorism service ISOF 2nd Brigade randomly fired on small group of civilians in Kirkuk and killed one. (No good can come of this misuse of Counter-terrorism service as responsible for overall security in Kirkuk city)
Iraqi PMU forces, after the loss of 22 militants, condemns the airstrike.
Iraqi Foreign Ministry denounces the recent air attack on Iraqi Forces regardless of whether they were in Syria or Iraq. (At same time, Iraqi Joint Operations Command says there are no official Iraqi Forces in Syria)
DeirEzzor: Iraq|i Kata'ib Hezbollah condemns the Israel|i airstrike and says that militants are ready to confronts US and Israeli forces.3 month ago
DeirEzzor: Iraq|i Kata'ib Hezbollah condemns the Israel|i airstrike and says that militants are ready to confronts US and Israeli forces.
At least 30 people from one tribe in western Iraq were kidnapped by ISIS, seven bodies found so far
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