Map. History of Iraq conflict

17 April 2021
Turkish warplanes bomb foothills of Qandil Mountain, say authorities
The situation in Shingal is 'under control,' said PM Abdul-Mahdi after clashes between Yezidi militia YBS and Iraqi army
Today Kurds in Kirkuk wanted to celebrate Newroz (New Year) peacefully and enjoy the spring with Kurdistan flags, however Iraqi Counter Terrorism forces takes every Kurdistan flag from the civilians and says that it's illegal to raise Kurdistan flag. Video from Facebook
Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces PMF discovered a weapons and ammunition cache belonged to ISIS in Sadiya northeast of Diyala.
[email protected] hold a map showing the number of ISIS fighters in 2017 vs 2019 in Iraq / Syria. (ISIS in red)
In Iraq, armed group arrests 3 persons in al-Nabi Sheet area in middle of Mosul. Group believed to be from Asa'ib Ahl al-Haqq militia.
Iraq is granted 90-day waiver to purchase energy imports from Iran - State Department official
2 year ago
Following meeting between Chief of Staff of Iraqi Armed Forces and Joint Forces Command, Iraqi Security Forces go to high level of alert in Sinjar. Committee formed to detain those responsible for recent attacks on Iraqi Army.
New clashes between Iraqi Army, YBS in Sinjar
"In the coming days borders between Syria and Iraq will be reopened and trade between the two countries will resume." The Chief of Staff of Iraqi forces Othman al Ghanimi said, speaking after a meeting with the Syrian Defense Minister, Ayoub, and Iranian Chief of Staff Baqri
2 year ago
In Iraq, clashes renew between Iraqi Army and PKK in Sinjar area of Ninawa Province.
2 year ago
Reports that PKK attacked an Iraq Army patrol near Umm Ziban area in Sinjar region
According to ROJNEWS sources the Iraqi army has sent military reinforcement to Sinjar after clashes with the local Ezidi force YBŞ few days ago
The roads leading to Tarmiyah have been closed by the Army after soldiers from 6th Division, 59th Brigade entered an abandoned house that turned out to be booby-trapped.
8 Iraqi soldiers killed and wounded in an armed attack on a patrol north of Baghdad
Iraq and Iran agree to abolish visa fee
One person was killed and another was injured in a clash between a group of people in Sadr City, east of Baghdad.
Counter terrorism units arrested a band in Kirkuk which kidnapped a girl in Baghdad.
Iraq Prime Minister @AdilAbdAlMahdi tells @VP he'll personally investigate security and economic impediments to the "return of many of Iraq's religious components and other displaced persons," according to @WhiteHouse.
Assad welcome a joint Iraqi-Iranian military delegation, cites string relations between Damascus, Baghdad & Tehran2 year ago
Assad welcome a joint Iraqi-Iranian military delegation, cites string relations between Damascus, Baghdad & Tehran
Belgian ISIS fighter Bilal al-Marchohi - among first foreigners handed over to Iraq by SDF - has been sentenced to death in Baghdad
ISIS calims that it killed 1 x ISF intel operative with a sniper in Diyala, another in northern Baghdad and one outside Ramadi - all in the last 24 hours.
ISIS claims attacking an ISF patrol HUMVEE in southern rural Mosul, killing 2, wounding 2, disabling / damaging the vehicle - locals observed that 4-8 Daesh operatives were waiting for the partol, means it was intel led.
Deir Ez-Zor Governorate: pictures of a number of Peshmerga fighters coming from the city of Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq in the farms of the town of Al-Bagouz, the last enclave of the ISIS
Spokesman for Arab Tribes in Baghdad-Erbil disputed areas says there are 5000 PKK fighters along with artillery and tanks in Sinjar mountains. Arab Tribes have repeatedly asked Baghdad that PKK withdraw from Sinjar.
In Iraq, Sinjar Council blames Iraqi Army for yesterday's clash with Sinjar Protection Forces. Says Army has provoked local residents and Baghdad has done nothing for the area except close 1 beneficial border crossing with Syria.
Explosion took place at a house in Rawa, leading to several people injured
Two Iraq soldiers were killed in clashes with PKK militants in Sinjar in northern Iraq, according to the Defense Ministry on Monday. Statement said clashes erupted late Sunday after PKK militants attacked a security checkpoint when they were stopped for security clearance.
2 year ago
Iraq Army 15th Division and YBS clashing on the northern side of Sinuni in Sinjar region
2 year ago
YBS fighter, Iraqi soldier killed, others wounded in clashes in Sinjar
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