20 September 2021
8 month ago
IED attack US Army logistical convoy in Yousufiyah near Baghdad, Iraq
Anthony Blinken: American soldiers were injured after Soleimani was killed
PM ⁦@masrour_barzani⁩ stressed that the implementation of the Shingal treaty & the removal of unlawful militias are necessary measures to normalize the situation in the area & ensure the safe & dignified return of IDPs to their ancestral homes
8 month ago
Britain: We are concerned about Iran's financial and military support for armed groups in the region
The Iraqi government sets October 10 as a new date for early elections
Images circulating social media of the electrical pylons targeted last night by ISIS which got misreported as an airstrike
Last night's "US airstrikes on PMF/Iraq Army positions" in Jurf al-Sakhr was an explosion that targeted a transmission tower. No casualties
Iraqi Security Media Cell: last night's explosions in Bahbahan area northern Babil were ISIS attacks targeting electricity lines. Babil Police: Some areas near Jurf al-Sakhr were shelled last night. Shia militias account: Airstrikes targeted Iraqi army
ISIS has claimed responsibility for an IED attack targeting an Iraqi army vehicle in the Iraqi village of Al-Sharaya north of Tal Afar, killing 6-including regimental commander Lieutenant Colonel Haidar al-Arkwazi and the local mayor of Al-Sharaya
Iraqi MoD denies any airstrikes last night against security forces
U.S. Central Command:"Explosions reported earlier today about 40 miles outside of Baghdad, Iraq, in the town of Jurf Sakhar were not the result of U.S. military action." - CAPT Bill Urban, U.S. Central Command spokesman
Iraqi Shiite militia Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba has announced that it has launched a Hebrew-language section of its propaganda website
Shiite insurgent faction "Ahl al-Marouf Brigades" has claimed responsibility for bombing yet another accused liquor store in the Al-Karkh neighborhood of the Iraqi capital Baghdad
In Iraq, 6 ISIS infiltrating into Jalawla subdistrict of Diyala Province are met with ambush by security forces
Iraq: IED attack on logistics vehicle of American subcontractors in Al Diwaniya governorate reported
Turkish defense minister arrived in Erbil, received by minister of Peshmerga
A second IED attack by suspected Shiite insurgents targeting a convoy supplying U.S. military forces has reportedly taken place near As-Samawah, but it is not yet clear whether this latter attack was also the work of the "Brigade of the Martyr Karim Daram"
Iraqi Shiite insurgent faction "Brigade of the Martyr Karim Daram" allegedly comprised of ex-Mahdi Army fighters has reportedly carried out a new IED attack today targeting a convoy supplying U.S. military forces as it traveled on a highway near the Iraqi city of An-Nasiriyah"
Two explosions target a convoy to support the American forces in Dhi Qar, southern Iraq
Rafidain Bank, the largest bank in Iraq, has announced they will open a branch specifically for Iraq's Shiite militia umbrella the Popular Mobilization Forces (Hashd al-Shaabi), "granting loans to its members and providing them with other financial services"
4 explosions targeted liquor stores in different areas in central and western Baghdad
Iraqi Foreign Minister: We are working to prevent fugitive weapons in early elections
Iraqi Foreign Minister: Iraq needs coalition forces to confront ISIS and to train
Iraqi Foreign Minister: The missile attacks on the Green Zone are embarrassing for the government
8 month ago
Iraqi Shiite militia leader Falih al-Fayyadh has given a speech in Iraq's western Anbar Province in support of Sunni Tribal Mobilization Forces: "The Popular Mobilization Forces are not a Shiite entity because sons of the provinces confronted ISIS with us
Iraqi residents of Syria's Hawl Camp demand repatriation amid violence, terror and chaos in the camp8 month ago
Iraqi residents of Syria's Hawl Camp demand repatriation amid violence, terror and chaos in the camp
An explosion in a Liquour store hits Bat Awin neighborhood central Baghdad, Iraq
Eight people killed in explosion: Shingal Police "Eight people died in the incident. Seven of them are members of the army's demining team of engineers, and the other is a civilian," a spokesperson for Shingal Police said
In Iraq, Army Battalion Commander & 2 others killed by improvised explosive device in Tall Afar district of Ninawa Province
Eight Iraqi soldiers and a civilian were killed in an explosion in the city of Shingal (Sinjar) in the Kurdistan region of Iraq
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