Map. History of Iraq conflict

16 August 2018
The moment masked PUK security forces go to NRT TV building and shut down the channel
Three killed, 80 wounded during protests in Ranya, Iraqi Kurdistan
Request to detain New Generation president cannot be implemented unless reviewed by court, Sulaimani Public Prosecutor says
Iraqi Special Forces officer was killed yesterday in an attack in Al-Qaim town on border of Syria - Iraq.
Iraqi Forces begin wide security campaign S of Mosul after detecting ISIS movements and communications.
Declaring its support for the protesters' demands, the Kurdistan parliament called for an end to violence that 'derails the genuine objective of the people'
Kurdish protesters in Koya city Erbil province burn Masoud Barzani KDP leader poster. The protesters are blaming KDP for the financial crisis in Kurdistan north Iraq.
Angry protesters torch PUK office and bureau in Rania, sound of gunshots heard
Iraqi Defense Ministry denies it is concentrating forces in Makhmur district of Ninawa province (SW of Erbil) in order to attack Peshmerga.
People protested against delay of salaries and lack of services in Kifri southwest of Sulaimani and shots were fired while they protested
Arrest warrant issued against NewGeneration president over protests
KDP forces (Masoud Barzani) are threatening to arrest the New Generation party leader Shaswar Adbulwahid. Shaswar has been accused of asking his supporters to protest against the corruption in Kurdistan region north Iraq.
Peshmerga commander claims they killed 5 ISIS militants near Makhmur. One Peshmerga killed during the clashes
At least ten people have been injured including four from security forces in the ongoing anti-corruption protests in the Iraqi Kurdistan's second largest city, Sulimania.
Peshmerga commander Sirwan Barzani claims they are engaged in fighting against an ISIS group near Makhmour. Rudaw earlier mistakenly reported the clashes happened against Hashd al-Shaabi
ISIS militants attacked Peshmerga forces beneath Karachukh mount, Makhmour. The attacked have been foiled, couple militants killed - Peshmerga Commander
Peshmerga repelled an attack by PMU on Makhmour front after warning from Kurdistan Region Security Council
Protesters try to enter KDP office. Kurdistan People want to overthrow the Barzani government.
Iran to reopen the closed border gates with Kurdistan Region next Saturday
Security forces in Sulaymaniyah fire in the air to disperse protesters on the policies of the Kurdistan Regional Government
Protesters in Kifri town remove PUK flag
Tensions erupt during protests in Ranya northeast of Sulaimani
Clashes in Sulaymaniyah between security forces and demonstrators against the Kurdistan Regional Government
Sounds of shooting is heard in Kifri as protesters try to enter KDP office in the district
Demonstrators take over township building in Koya, Erbil.
In Kifri district in North Diyala province, Iraq, teachers protest and demand Kurdish Regional Government pay their salaries and ensure basic services such as water and electricity are provided, and accuse Regional Government of hoarding money to pay Peshmerga.
Sounds of shooting is heard in Sara Square in Sulaimani as large number of security forces deployed to the area
A queue of hundreds of trucks, all laden with scrap metal pulled from the tangled rubble of a ruined city, waiting to leave Mosul
Iraqi military command "ready to defend Kurdish people" amid protests
8 month ago
KCNA: "U.S. media are claiming 'the war chariot of the Trump administration began to move' and 'it is reminiscent of the Bush administration preparing for a war against Iraq.'"
5 party offices burned in Pirmagun: KDP, Gorran, PUK, Yekirtu and Komal office burned
The "wali" of Kirkuk, one of Da'ish's highest-ranking commanders in the area, has been killed by an airstrike in a village 45km south of Kirkuk city. 4 of his aides have also been killed
Wounded protester taken away by ambulance, anti corruption protest against @Kurdistan across the Kurdish region . This one at Mawlawi street in Sulaymaniyah Iraq
Kurdistan Region Security Council: Intelligence shows in the last five days Iraqi Army, PMU, Federal Police and ERD deployments plan to attack the Gwer-Dibege-Dibis road connecting Mosul to Kirkuk.
Kurdistan Region Security Council: We are alarmed by significant Iraqi military buildup in the vicinity of Makhmour, South West of Erbil, in preparation for an attack on nearby Peshmerga positions
Protestors set Change Movement (Gorran) office on fire in Piramagroon northwest of Sulaimani
Security forces (Asayish) have surrounded NRT office in Erbil
Protests are ongoing in Sulaimani city as public anger mounts against Kurdish gov't reducing salaries, Baghdad refuses negotiations with Erbil.
8 month ago
Germany's Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel urges Baghdad to enter into dialogue with Erbil.
8 month ago
German FM says Germany wants to continue aid to Iraq, but insists it must solve internal conflicts diplomatically
8 month ago
PM Barzani: We will never forget Germany's role in the fight against ISIS.
PM Abadi meets Yezidi leader, vows to provide safe return
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