28 November 2021
US condemns rocket attack against US embassy in Baghdad, the pro Iran militia groups continue to destabilize Iraq and threat Iraq's sovereignty. US also call on the Iraqi government to arrest those who commit violence against the Iraqi state
The US Embassy in Baghdad: We call for the perpetrators of acts of violence against the Iraqi state to be held accountable
US Embassy in Baghdad: Iran-backed militias destabilize Iraq
The US Embassy in Baghdad condemns yesterday's missile attacks on the Green Zone
Airwars: Following several years of patient engagement with the US-led Coalition @CJTFOIR in Iraq and Syria, Airwars has obtained the close locations of 99% of all officially confirmed or 'Credible' civilian harm events. It's a major transparency breakthrough
Iraqi Foreign Minister: We will continue to cooperate with the International Coalition to train and support our forces
Iraqi Foreign Minister: The attack on the Green Zone has traveled and is targeting the Iraqi government and people
Iraqi Foreign Minister: We condemn the blatant attack on the Green Zone, and we will continue to pursue those responsible for it
Iraqi Foreign Minister: Joint work will continue with Washington to secure the air cover and the intelligence and training side
Fouad Hussein: Future work with the American side continues in the field of intelligence information, military advice, and training of Iraqi forces
Iraqi FM: The dialogue referred to the redeployment of US forces outside Iraq, and we emphasized the scheduling of withdrawal
Iraqi Foreign Minister: The US forces that will remain in Iraq do not have a combat character
Egypt expresses its strong condemnation of the missile attack that targeted the Green Zone in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad
1 year ago
Iraq: The opening of the Arar crossing between Saudi Arabia and Iraq
The British Ambassador in Baghdad: We condemn the attempt to target the US embassy in Iraq
1 year ago
Anbar Governor, told Al-Hadath: The opening of the Arar crossing is very important for the Iraqis and a step on the road to the economic relationship
1 year ago
The Iraqi Interior Minister arrives at the Arar border crossing with Saudi Arabia in preparation for its opening
High-Level Joint Meeting on the Implementation of Sinjar Agreement
Iraqi military said total of 7 rockets were fired, 4 landed inside the Green Zone and 3 outside of it. One female child killed and 5 others were wounded. All civilians
A US official said US personnel moved to shelters as rockets were fired on the Green Zone in Baghdad. The US has yet to complete a damage assessment
Al-Kazemi: There is pressure to release detainees accused of corruption
PM Al-Kazemi: Everyone called for fighting corruption, and some protested the arrest of suspects
PM Al-Kazemi: We are discussing with an American team a final formula for withdrawing the forces
Images of some damage and shrapnel from tonights rocket attack in Baghdad, Iraq
A missile launcher mounted on a white Kia carrying vehicle that targeted the Green Zone in central Baghdad
Security Media Cell says 4 rockets were fired at Baghdad's Green Zone from Ameen al-Thaniya neighborhood
Iran backed Ashab Al Kahf militia group announced the adoption for targeting US embassy in Iraq. They added that the attack was because of detaining 3 members of group near Fallouja southern Baghdad, yesterday
Video of the US embassy defenses confronting the missiles fired at the Green Zone in Baghdad
Katyusha rockets fell inside the Green Zone in Baghdad, targeting the American embassy
Bursts were fired from the Ceram system after a number of rockets landed in the vicinity of the US embassy in Baghdad
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