8 December 2021
Video: Footage of today's IED attack by Iraqi Shiite insurgent faction "Brigades of Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas" targeting a convoy supplying the U.S. military as it passed through the As-Samawah area of Iraq's Muthanna Province
Video: Footage of today's IED attack by Iraqi Shiite insurgent faction "Brigades of Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas" targeting a convoy supplying the U.S. military as it passed through the Al-Diwaniyah area of Iraq's Qadisiyah Province
Iraqi Shiite insurgent faction "Brigades of Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas" has claimed responsibility for yet another IED attack today targeting a convoy supplying the U.S. military as it passed through the western part of the town of Hamza al-Gharbi in Iraq's Babil Province
In Iraq, ISIS attack on security checkpoint in Riyadh subdistrict in Kirkuk Province kills 2 Federal Police & 1 PMF (Hashd)
In Iraq, ISIS attacks Federal Police commando battalion in Riyadh subdistrict in Kirkuk Province. No further details
In Iraq in East Mosul, tens of protesters burn tires in street as a sign of protest against poor electricity service
Iraqi President Barham Salih says Iraq has no intentions of reaching a peace agreement with Israel. Palestinians must achieve their national rights. There will never be peace in the region as long as this issue is unsettled
In Iraq, International Coalition logistics convoy hit with 2 improvised explosive devices. Convoy has hit once in Diwaniya Province & once in Muthanna Province. No damage
A demonstration by students in front of the building of the Sulaymaniyah Governorate Education Directorate in northern Iraq
The Iraqi President: There is a decision to end the presence of American and foreign forces in the country
Iraq to impose curfew starting Thursday in response to coronavirus spike
Video: Social media footage allegedly showing armed clashes between Iraqi Shiite militiamen and ISIS militants in the Al-Tarmiyah area north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad
ISIS has claimed responsibility for an IED attack targeting Iraqi Federal Police forces near the village of Al-Mirbat in the Al-Rashad area of Iraq's Kirkuk Province
8 month ago
ISIS has claimed responsibility for bombing two electrical power transmission towers on the outskirts of the Al-Khalis area of Iraq's Diyala Province
In Iraq, International Coalition aircraft hit ISIS tunnels in Makhmur district in Ninawa Province on border with Erbil Province. Counter-terrorism service has been carrying out a series of operations in Makhmur supported by International Coalition
Iraq: A fire is reported in the Araba market in Sadr City. This is the second fire targeting a Baghdad commercial market in 24 hours
8 month ago
An explosion targeting Iraqi Army's 17th section western of Baghdad, Iraq
Iraqi Shiite insurgent faction Saraya Awliya al-Dam has issued a new communique claiming that it aborted a recent operation out of concern for the safety of nearby Iraqi army forces, and the group further warned Iraqis to stay 1000 meters away from U.S. interests in Iraq
Iraqi Prime Minister: Security leaders should go to the square during the demonstrations
The Iraqi Prime Minister calls for not using live ammunition during securing protests
Iraqi PMF (Hashd) Council announces number of deaths it has suffered since 2019. 208 killed in 2019. 146 killed in 2020. 42 killed so far in 2021
In Iraq, 2 ISIS killed north of Baghdad at security checkpoint. 1 Army soldier & 1 Tribal PMF (Hashd) injured
A resident of Savannah, Georgia, has been indicted for attempting to illegally export pistols and rifles to Iraq. The firearms were falsely described as 'Spare Auto Parts" in shipping documentation, a commonly used tactic by US-based traffickers
8 month ago
A bomb attack targeted an electrical supply line extending from Iran to Iraq, an Iraqi security officer said on Wednesday
Iraq: Fire reported to affect stores at Sayed Mamoul shopping center in Karrada, Baghdad
In Iraq, protesters in Dhi Qar Province block bridges in Nasiriya city. Say there will be severe consequences if one of their nominees is not selected to be governor. Demand government & parties not decide who will be new governor
Iraqi PM Kadhimi says plan to attack electricity towers have been foiled. Calls on electricity minister to prepare for summer
Video of the residental building in Albu Hassan hit by one of the rockets launched towards Balad Airbase this evening
8 month ago
IED attack US Army logistical convoy near Saba oilfield in Basra southern Iraq
7 rockets were reportedly launched in total. Two landed in the vicinity of Balad Airbase, one on the perimeter. Mixed reports on the other 4, one reportedly landed in a house adjacent to Balad Airbase in the village of Albu Hassan
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